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Cert Template by Oq3cUKRk


									         Dear Affiliate,
         Please use this template to customize your Software Gift Certificates.
         Even though the text box positions are preset, we recommend that you first print
         on a BLANK PAGE to ensure your printer is configured to the proper margins.

         IMPORTANT: Remember to DELETE this text box BEFORE you print.

                                                                              Your name
                                                                              Your Business
                                                                              City, State Zip
                                                                              P: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
                                 PRICING UPDATE
                                                                              (Subscription includes 1x FREE copy of “How to Own
                   Please note: since the printing of this Gift Certificate
                     the retail price for a 12-month subscription to the
                                                                              Your Home Years Sooner” ($24.95 value) and s&h.
                    Speed Equity® Software program has increased to           Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.
                         $499. However you are still entitled to the
                   DISCOUNTED price as shown on this Gift Certificate.

$49.95                                                                                                       $49.95


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