Dealor No Deal Booking Game1 by Oq3cUKRk


									                                DEAL OR NO DEAL

I put about 15 lia sophia boxes in a basket. Inside the boxes are:

      5 gift certificates for a “Fun Girls’ Night Out Jewelry Party” + $25 in FREE Jewelry credit at
       your party!
      3 gift certificates for a “Fun Girls’ Night Out Jewelry Party” + $50 in FREE Jewelry credit at
       your party!
      3 gift certificates for $5 off their order tonight
      2 gift certificates for $10 off their order tonight
      2 have a collectors piece of jewelry
      You may need more boxes if you’re expecting a larger crowd.
      Some of the certificate boxes I add a piece of chocolate to, so if they shake them, they can’t
       really tell which have jewelry, etc.

Before the guests arrive, I explain the game to the hostess and let her know that during my
presentation I’m going to ask her to pass around a basket with boxes in it.

I do the presentation (company, lifetime guarantee, dress for success, customer save plan, monthly
specials) then BEFORE I start the hostess benefits, I ask the hostess to walk around to her guests
and let each person take a box. I tell the guests DO NOT OPEN THE BOX yet.

Then I explain the hostess benefits (I use the ladder and I “stack” my hostesses with boxes
representing the free jewelry benefits).

After I finish talking about all the hostess is going to get, I explain what is in the boxes on their

I tell the guests, “Some of the boxes that you are holding have gift certificates ranging in value
from $5 - $10 off your order tonight, some of the boxes have a collector’s piece of jewelry in it, and
some of the boxes have $25 -$50 in extra free jewelry credit for a FUN GIRLS NIGHT OUT JEWELRY
PARTY that you can use at YOUR show – in addition to all the other hostess benefits that you are
getting! “

I say the game is “Deal or No Deal”! “Hostess” is going to go around and ask if you’d like to open
your box or put it back. “I only ask that if you decide to open your box, you honor what is in the
box and I will honor what is in the box. If you absolutely, positively do not want to get any FREE
jewelry, please just put the box back, no deal!
If you decide to open the box and don’t get a show, but still want to earn FREE jewelry, of course
you can still book a show!!”
I usually let everyone who is going to put their box back do so, then go around the room and let
each person one at a time open their box. I make it VERY exciting when someone is opening their
box. “What’s it going to be??” And whatever it is, I clap and say yea! Especially if it’s a show!! Yea –
you won me!! And extra free jewelry credit, etc etc”

I usually end up with 2-4 bookings since I’ve been doing this. And people book even when they
don’t get a show certificate as well.

Maybe not something you want to do all the time, but I keep it very light and fun and usually
everyone has a great time. I’ve had one person open the box and not do a show. I figure if
someone does that, and if I don’t make a big deal out of it, then it’s not me who looks bad!

It takes the pressure off of the hostess to get bookings, it helps me when I need them, and it’s fun
if you make it fun!

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