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     Beyond Incentives - Ways to Motivate Your Employees To Make
     Lifestyle Changes

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     Wednesday, October 31, 2012       10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
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     Duration: 60 Minutes              Instructor: Don R. Powell, Ph.D.

     Location: Online                  Price : $145.00   (for one participant)

                                                                                          Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                    Don R. Powell, Ph.D.
    It is one thing to know how to alter one's behavior, but it is an                             President & CEO, American
    entirely different matter to be motivated to do so. It is felt that                             Institute for Preventive
    employee motivation is the key factor in determining the success or                                     Medicine
    failure of worksite wellness programs and their ability to reduce
    health care costs and increase productivity.                                          Dr. Don R. Powell is the President
                                                                                          and CEO of the American Institute
    Health professionals have developed many behavioral techniques to                     for Preventive Medicine, a URAC
                                                                                          Accredited Wellness company
    help employees make lifestyle changes. Despite these
                                                                                          located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
    methodologies, the majority of employees are unsuccessful in
                                                                                          The Institute is a leading developer
    modifying their behavior long-term. In an entertaining and                            and provider of health and
    informative manner, this talk will present the key behavior                           productivity management programs.
    modification techniques, including the strategic use of incentives,                   It is internationally recognized for its
    that can help initiate and maintain employee motivation to make                       ability to present health information
    positive lifestyle changes and become wiser health care consumers.                    in a format that employees can
                                                                                          easily understand and are motivated
                                                                                          to follow; thereby reducing health
    Areas Covered in the Session:                                                         care costs and absenteeism. Over
                                                                                          13,000 corporations, hospitals,
                                                                                          MCOs, unions, and government
       l   Participants will be able to implement 5 strategies from the                   agencies use its health risk
           field of Behavior Economics.                                                   appraisal, lifestyle change programs,
                                                                                          health coaching, self-care guides,
       l   Participants will be able to state the 5 components of the
                                                                                          and health education materials.
           B.E.M.E.M. Model.
       l   Participants will be able to utilize 4 ways to increase employee

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       l   HR Titles
       l   All Benefits Titles
       l   Medical Director
       l   Occupational Health
       l   EAP
       l   Work Life

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