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									 Steve Kaufman - Master of the Screen print and pop art

Kaufman is widely regarded as one of the most famous pop artists in the
world. Kaufman’s style has evolved multiple times throughout his career,
keeping his art fresh and relevant to a modern audience.

Steve Kaufman’s art career began very early. He grew up with a love of
painting and his artistic skills were evident from a very early age. He officially
began his art career at 8 with his first art exhibit. By age 12, he was
painting Pet Rocks sold at Macy’s in New York City where he was born and
raised. But Kaufman first became a household name in the pop cultural art
community when he met Andy Warhol at Studio 54 in New York City and
began working as his apprentice in the famous Andy Warhol Factory. At age
29, Warhol went in his own direction and opened up his own successful art

Steve Kaufman art has a unique production style that sets it apart from the
work of other artist’s. His work is often compared to his mentor Andy Warhol
in style, and while the two share many things in common in terms of subject
matter and style, Steve Kaufman painting do have unique elements that
make them representative of the artist. Kaufman uses techniques of print
making and painting combined in a single image to create a mixed media
quality to the art. Even within the same series of prints, Kaufman will often
hand embellish each piece so that no work is exactly like any other. Some of
the most famous Steve Kaufman screen print includes Frank Sinatra, Marilyn,
and Cohiba.

Steve Kaufman’s artwork is not only socially popular, but is it also socially
relevant. Growing up in New York, he supports over 150 charities and
causes that are close to home. He is a major supporter of ending
homelessness and gang violence. He won the Underground Artist of the Year
Award for creating 55 murals supporting racial harmony. His famous art has
also been painted to support AIDS research, Meals on Wheels, and many
other social consciousness movements within America.

Steve Kaufman has also been commissioned to paint two portraits of famous
European artists. The Picasso Academy of Fine Art requested a painting of
the famous French painter. He is the only American that has been given the
Picasso Ring, which is an award given each year to the one artist the
association deems most in the spirit of the late artist. The Van Gogh
museum in Amsterdam also has a portrait of Van Gogh painted by Steve
Kaufman. He has also painted portraits of Rembrandt and Dali. Steve
Kaufman paintings hang in the Smithsonian and in the White House, as well
as in hundreds of museums and private collections around the world. His art
has recently become highly popular for collectors in their home thanks to the
popularity of buy art online and through public auctions.

Steve Kaufman passed away in 2009 at the young age of 49. The artist
suffered his second stroke and died from complications. Throughout his
career, Kaufman’s popularity remained constantly high and he produced a
shockingly large catalog of art during his short but prolific art. His art
remains as popular if not more popular while he was alive.

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