My Goals an Aspirations by 04t6jy


									                           My Goals and Aspirations
        The world of science fascinates me. I have always been interested in the
insects, snakes and other animal life indigenous to the park behind my house. As a
small child, I collected specimens in jars for observation and set them free a few hours
later so they wouldn’t die. I read every animal book I could get my hands on and
watched nature programs on TV. My family has had a variety of animals ranging from
guinea pigs to lizards. For several years we incubated duck, chicken and partridge
eggs through a county 4-H program. I attended a 4-H dog training program for basic
obedience and obedience trained two rescued German Shepherds we adopted.
I have taken several advanced level science courses including GT Biology, GT
Chemistry, and GT Physics, as well as AP Biology.
        I intend to pursue a four year college program earning a degree in animal
science, biology or wildlife management. Afterward I plan to apply to veterinary school.
Eventually I hope to own my own veterinary practice specializing in exotic animals or

                                Other Experiences
       I was in kindergarten when I became hooked on science. It was the year the
seventeen year cicadas came out. Hundreds of brown larvae climbed up onto the
playground equipment and came out of their shells. They were everywhere! To a five
year old it was magic. As I got older, my awe turned into curiosity. I needed to find out
what happened, how and why.

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