cultural background letter by 04t6jy


									A Note from Ms. Derbitsky

                                                                                September, 2011


Global community is an ongoing theme Division 9 focuses on. It covers both the social
studies and social responsibility curriculum. Furthermore, it is a theme that
compliments the language arts curriculum when it is integrated.
To cover these parts of the curriculum we will be looking at each student’s ethnic
background. Please fill out the following form and send it back to school as soon as
Please also send a photo of your child (you may choose to send a picture where your
child is wearing traditional clothes or not). Make sure the picture is only of your child
and is of standard 4 x 6inch size.

Here is an example of how I would fill out the form:

Student’s name: Ms. Derbitsky
Mother’s Ethnic Background: English and Irish
Father’s Ethnic Background: Ukrainian and Polish
Languages Spoken: English

Please feel free to include cities if you know your child’s ethnic background in such
detail. I appreciate your cooperation!
                                                                             Thanks again,


Student’s name: _______________________________________________

Mother’s ethnic background: _____________________________________

Father’s ethnic background: _____________________________________

Languages spoken: _____________________________________________

I have included a picture of my child

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