Foreign Magazine Application form by zJZXZy


                                                 9th International Construction Exhibition
                                        20-24 September, 2012 @ Addis Ababa Exhibition Center

                                    Magazine Application Form
Name of the Companies:-_________________________________________________________

Address: Office (Tel):-__________________Fax:- _______________Mob:-_________________


Magazine Description:
     Full color ,laminated, A4 size , 250gm cover page& 150gm inside page with free
     Distributed to all construction and related business companies in the nation, embassies &
     diplomatic communities in Ethiopia as well as Ethiopian embassies abroad, throughout
     the Governmental and Non-Governmental offices, Universities and Colleges …etc

S.No                                                                  Amount(USA         Tick (√ )
                      Description                       Size
                                                                         dollar)           here
1       Logo on front Cover page                                      278 dollar
2       Front cover inside full page             20cm*27cm            547 dollar       Booked
                Special Inside full page:
3       Next page from front cover –Page 1       20cm*27cm            405 dollar       Booked
4       Next page from front cover –Page 2       20cm*27cm            339 dollar       Booked
5       Inside full page                         20cm*27cm            291 dollar
6       Inside half page                         20cm*13.5cm          205 dollar
7       Two middle pages of the book             (20cm*27cm)*2        555 dollar       Booked
8       Back Cover inside full page              20cm*27cm            480 dollar       Booked
9       Back Cover full page                     20cm*27cm            547 dollar       Booked
10      Special Insertion with tag and laminated                      833 dollar       Booked

I/ we agree to pay total advertisement fee of: ____________________in USA dollar and
expecting in order to receive five copies of the official magazine of The 9th International
Construction Exhibition “Ethio-Con.2012”

___________________                           ___________________             ____/____/_____

     Name and Title                             Signature and Seal                  Date

        The soft copy of the advertisement shall be prepared by the participant so as to avoid
        50% of the payment should be effected when you fill this form while the rest 50% shall
        be settled one week ahead before the opening date of the exhibition.
         The payment should be effective through bank account: Special account-472 Nib
        International bank Urael Branch

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