Principles of Best Practice for IT Professionals by zJZXZy


On April 4, 2008, the IT Governance Standards & Support (S&S) subcommittee presented
recommendations to the IT Governance Executive Committee on information technology (IT)
professional development. The executive committee, after hearing and discussing the
presentation, voted to defer voting on the recommendations. The executive committee directed
the subcommittee to return with a Principles of Best Practice for information technology
professional development.

Principles of Best Practice
The following Principles of Best Practice should be utilized for IT professional development and
training for campus IT professionals and end users.
Budget: Recognizing that IT training and professional development is essential for maintaining
high functioning services, managers should establish adequate funding support for training of IT
personnel and end-users.

Economize: Whenever possible, the type and place of training should be used as appropriate
for best economy and usefulness. Examples:
     o Local travel
     o eBook readers
     o Train the trainer
     o Webinars
     o Campus interdivision collaborations
                Vista-Office 2007 technical support training
                Office 2007 end user training
     o CSU collaborations
     o Collaboration with major vendors
     o On-site group training by vendors
     o Free on-campus technology events (Wireless Telecommunications Symposium, Cyber
        Security Fair)

Keep Current: Users should receive appropriate training to support emerging services.
   o Management should recognize which new services are mandated and direct staff to
      engage in training.
   o Users should be aware of mandated services and seek training opportunities.
   o University classes and degrees through the fee-waiver program should be utilized.
   o Computer Science, Computer Information Systems and Electrical and Computer
      Engineering professors should be used to teach campus IT professionals.
   o IT professionals should pursue online certifications and certifications through the College
      of Extended University.

Assess: Managers should regularly assess IT professional and end user training effectiveness.
   o Document participation by technical support personnel.
   o Assess training against key objectives in work plans.

IT Governance Executive Committee members should approve the above Principles of Best
Practice as a guideline for campus management.
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