Unity & Sectarianism (1:10-17, 3:1-9, 4:1-7)

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					Be Part of Them (I Corinthians 9:19-23)
Icebreaker: Name 3 sacrifices that you are willing to do for the people that you really love but
probably won’t do it for everyone:

1. Paul in v.19 said even though he is “free from all men” but he’s willing to be “slave to all men” –
for the sake of gospel or for the sake of other’s good.
Name one thing that you think you can do better in terms of helping others (and at the same time
involves some self-sacrifice) :

2. Discuss in the following areas, how can you be more “beneficial” to other people? How can you
change/challenge yourself for the benefit of others?

   a)   Social circle / Closed circle of friends / Cliques :
   b)   Time Usage or Life Habits:
   c)   Willingness to take a break from what you are doing to help others:
   d)   Local Mission 社區/朋友宣教:
   e)   Oversea Short-termed Mission 海外短 宣:

3. Read v.20-23. Summarize Paul’s teaching in one sentence using your own words:

4. What does it mean by 「向什麼樣的人就作什麼樣的人 I have become all things to all men」?這
樣跟一個基督徒該有的道德觀/價值觀(該有分別為聖的生活)會有什麼衝突嗎?為什麼? 怎樣
應用在我們的學校/工作環境上? 順應潮流跟遷就人的習慣之間有什麼分別?這跟信徒與世
Does this bring conflict of a Christian’s “Holy Life” or Moral standards? Why or Why not?

5. To “be part of them”, there are 3 practical “A’s” that we can do better:
Acceptance Accommodations                 Accompany

Freely discuss & examine how 1) Christians in General and/or 2) you as an individual; can do better

   a) Accept people who believe in other religions, not look at them as “enemies” but willing to
      listen and have conversation with people with different religions. Lower the “Christian

   b) Accept people with different Philosophical belief, such as evolution vs. creation

   c) Accept people who have different values, for example, homosexuals, or who supports
      homosexual marriage.

   d) Accept people who have committed a sin that usually the “Traditional Chinese or Christian
      community” does not easily accept (for example: premarital sex or premarital pregnancy.

Now, accepts them = God loves them too, so I love them.

It does not mean we have to agree with everything they say or do, But we need to accept people first
before we find some chance to challenge people later
There’s a timing element involve – build relationship first

   e) Have more EMPATHY 同理心 when trying to understand or help other people

   f) Accommodations: Have more wisdom in talking to people who believe in different religion or
      different values.

   g) More Sensitive to people’s needs: practical or deeper emotional needs.

For Christians:
   h) Spend more time with our non-Christian Friends, hang out more with them (without sinning)

   i) Pray more for your non-Christian family or friends.


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