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									NEXTGEN NOW: The Big Build
Michael Dunn - Regional Manager
BT is committed to succeeding in super-fast
   £2.5bn investment to roll-out fibre to two-thirds of UK premises by the
    end of 2014
      – A radical transformation of the UK broadband network
      – Among the fastest and largest commercial roll-outs in the world

   Very positive marketing and pricing of the product at the retail level

   An ambition to go even further – 90% of the UK by 2017 with public
      funding support
        – Working closely with BDUK, devolved governments and local authorities

enabled for    1.5m premises     5m premises     10m premises     2/3 premises
99% of all     passed by         passed by       passed by        passed by end of
premises       summer 2010       Spring          2012             2014
Our deployment is a mix of FTTC and FTTP (and
Exchanges                       Homes/Businesses

                                             Copper (ADSL2+)                    ADSL 2+
                                             Up to 24Mbps downstream       90% UK coverage by
                                             Up to 2.5Mbps upstream           Spring 2013

                                             Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)
            Fibre             Copper                                         Up to 80Mbps
                                             Up to 40Mbps downstream
                                                                           downstream in 2012
                                             Up to 15Mbps upstream

                                             Fibre to the premise (FTTP)
                     Fibre                                                 300Mbps speeds from
                                             Up to 100Mbps downstream
                                                                               Spring 2012
                                             Up to 30Mbps upstream
We have built the network for open access,
to support competition and consumer choice
Commitment from the Government
 By this time last year…

By 2015                            “Our goal is simple: within this
                                    parliament we want Britain to have
                                    the best superfast broadband
                                    network in Europe”
                                    Jeremy Hunt,
                                    Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

 £830m public funding for superfast broadband
  in rural areas between now and 2017
 Wave 1 announced : Highlands and Islands,
  North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Herefordshire

 In the last 12 months…

 Wave 2 announced: Devon & Somerset,
  Norfolk, Wiltshire
 August: Remaining funding allocated
We’re not stopping there
 The final third              The story evolves                               The final 10%

                                                                     BT is trialling
     Public-private                                                   alternative
   partnerships can                                                   solutions to
   extend super-fast                                                 deliver faster
       broadband                                                   broadband to the
   coverage to 90%                                                 most remote rural
    of UK premises                                                     locations

                                                                                     Working with Avanti
                                                     White spaces
                                                  Trialling on Isle of Bute
          BT is prepared                                                            Early test connections
                                                                                          in Cornwall
             to commit
         additional funding
          to help achieve                                                4G/LTE trial
                                                                         In St Newlyn
                 this                                                   East, Cornwall
                                                                        200 customers
   Fibre: transforming small businesses

                                                                        • Faster speeds
                                                                        • Send & receive
• Enabling rural                                       Improving          large files in
                       competitive                                        seconds
  businesses to                                       productivity
  compete with city                                                     • Improved home
  based competitors                                                       working capability
• Improving web                                                         • Reliable service
  presence                                                              • Carry out bandwidth
• Improving customer                                                      hungry tasks
  experience                                                              simultaneously
• Enabling expansion

                                     • Hosted & site based VoiP
                                     • Improved video conferencing reduces need for
                                     • Eliminates need for rural businesses to relocate
                                       to city based offices
                                     • Utilise more cloud computing resources
The year ahead

Superfast broadband rolled out to millions more - 10m by end of 2012

Speeds rocketing

Public-private partnerships reaching the final third

Rising to the challenge of the final 10%

Roll-out of ADSL2+ and Ethernet continuing

Businesses competing more effectively and offering new services, connected
communities improving peoples lives

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