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                                      Spoke’n Word
    VOL. 35 NO. 4                          South Jersey’s Premier Bicycle Club                          May 1, 2012

                                                                                   Trail Magic!
                                                              From 4/12-4/15, numerous volunteers descended down
                        30th YEAR                             to Belleplain State Park to work on preparing 9 miles of
                                                              bike trails from concept to reality. The work was hard,
                    Date: June 2nd, 2012                      but the future payoff will be hours on enjoyable off road
               Registration: 8:00 -10:00 a.m.                 riding. With McLeod rakes in hand, volunteers cleared
               Location: Fort Mott State Park                 out miles of trails of shrubs, leaves and low hanging
                    Parking lot/Pavilion                      branches. At midday, Norma, Gary and Mary brought
                       Pennsville, NJ                         out the “chuck wagon” to feed the hungry volunteers.
               Ride Options: 31 or 62 Miles
                (remote start for second half)
Fees: Early registration $17:00 until 5/19/12, then
Tandem riders $25:00 until 5/19/12, then $30.00

    Get ready for the season by riding the Get Ready
 Metric! Loop one is 31 miles; beginning and ending at
Fort Mott with a water stop and port a pot near 15 miles.
   Loop two is a 31-mile remote loop beginning and
 ending at the 15-mile water stop. Loop two will have
             sag service, but no water stop.

Enjoy lunch after the 1st loop at the Riverview Pavilion
or wait till after you complete the 2nd loop. In addition
 to the food, the entry fee includes a gift, cue sheet and
painted road markings. Sag wagons are available if you           Al getting the crew assembled. More pictures on page 9.
  need aid. Stores and delis are located along the way.

                   No rain date
                                                                                  Breaking News
                                                                 The SJW club meeting will begin at 5:00 in May and June at the
          All services stop at 3:30 p.m.                         Sweet Life Bakery in Vineland.
Be a Devil-Pre-register to ride all 3 SJW Century events
for a one time fee of just $48:00!

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Minutes from the April 4th,
SJW Meeting
SECRETARY/MEMBERSHIP:                            CENTURIES:

Gary reviewed the March minutes. There were      We discussed changing the Metric water stop
no corrections. For membership, Glenn            to the Hancock House. Several people
reported a total of 89 members.                  expressed interest in the water stop change as a
                                                 means to support the Hancock House.
Norma reported this year as of 3/30/12 our
income is $5,666.77 our expenses are $1,518.53   Bethany Beach Delaware, October 12 to 14.
and a net balance of $7,422.12 (plus $5,008
CD).                                             OLD BUSINESS:

NEWSLETTER/WEB SITE:                             Al reported on the upcoming Belleplain trail
                                                 building weekend. As many as 30 volunteer
Newsletter was distributed to take to Bike       workers may show on Saturday. Dan, Walt,
Shops. No changes to the website.                Jim, and Al did Adopt a Highway clean up on
                                                 April 4.
                                                 NEW BUSINESS:
No report.
                                                 Gary will check if we could use Parvin State
BICYCLE ADVOCATE:                                Park for our August meeting.

No report.                                       SPECIAL EVENTS:

CLUB RIDES:                                      Scott again called the Inn at the Long Trail for
                                                 the Vermont Trip arrangements. He reserved
Ice cream ride should begin in May with most     15 rooms but did not get prices yet.
lead by Jim Costello. Dan described the rides
he plans for the May get together at his new
Delaware home. Dan’s party and rides will be     NEXT MEETING:
Saturday May 12. Walt will lead a short ride
before the July 4 meeting to be held at Eagle    Sweet Life Bakery: Wednesday, 5:00PM. *First
Manor.                                           half hour is social time.

      2012 NJBike&Walk Coalition Summit                       mentioned about another
                                                              resource to use while we all advocate for human powered
                     By Tom Garrett                           inclusion in infrastructural planning/projects supporting
                                                              cognitive-behavioral changes.
                                                              There were to be 4 “Break-out” Sessions (A, B, C, and D)
      February 25, 2012 New Brunswick, NJ (NBNJ)
                                                              for the day and are briefly outlined below. Each Session
South Jersey Wheelmen were represented at the 3rd
                                                              held 2 or 3 Options to attend. Each Option was about 50
annual NJ Bike & Walk Coalition’s Summit held from
                                                              minutes long.
8AM to 3:30PM. We were there for a shorter time due
                                                                                       Session A
partially to the 4 hour total transportation time to/from
                                                               Option A1 “Bicycle Friendly/Walk Friendly
event. There were approximately 150 bicycle and walkers
                                                              Communities” A presentation listed that NJ has one
present. The event was closed to walk-in attendees at day
                                                              Bicycle Friendly Community (West Windsor) and one
of event due to full capacity. This was held at the Rutgers
                                                              Walk Friendly Community (Hoboken). The panel
Voorhees Transportation Center Blostein School of
                                                              discussed the two national designations, how they were
Planning & Public Policy, New Brunswick.
                                                              achieved, and a path for other communities to do the
After a brief welcome from NJBWC’s CEO Jim
                                                              same. Presenters were-
Nickolson, there was Opening Address from Jon
                                                              Jerry Foster- President, West Windsor Bicycle &
Carnegie- Executive Director, Alan M Voorhees
                                                              Pedestrian Alliance
Transportation Center. We became seated while James
                                                              Ian Sacs- Director of Transportation & Parking, Hoboken,
Cahill- Mayor of NBNJ was speaking of changes he has
seen in the 5 mile square city including a 5 million dollar
                                                              Nicole Wynands- Bicycle Friendly America Program
grant they have received for Complete Street planning.
                                                              Specialist, LAB
This planning also includes their own adoption of 3 ft
                                                              Option A2 “Lessons Learned: Holding Large Bicycle
passing law, planned increase in bicycle lanes,
                                                              Events” listed that organizers of several of NJ’s large
metered/managed traffic flow, and his participation in
                                                              bicycle club rides discussed the lessons learned along
bicycling on these same streets. He also pointed to mass
                                                              with ways to make their rides successful. Presenters were:
transit (bus and train) presently incorporated in these
                                                              Jay Maronwitz- President, Morris Area Freeholders
plans where the community has ability to be self-
                                                              Bicycle Club
contained in Art Appreciation, education, and self
                                                              Jim Hunt- Chair, Morris Area Freeholders Foundation
improvement. Cities like Vineland have great distances to
                                                              Tom Garrett- Bicycle Advocate, South Jersey Wheelmen
reach for this model. I would like to see Mayor Romano
                                                              Bicycle Club
ride from city hall to Cumberland County College and
                                                              Mike Kruimer- President, Central Jersey Bicycle Club
see/feel the tension of share the road!
                                                              Option A3 “Bikes and Transit” listed how users of both
The Summit shifted to Keynote presentation from Jeff
                                                              bicycles and public transit experience problems of
Miller- President/CEO of Alliance for Bicycling and
                                                              merging the two modes of transportation, where both of
Walking after brief introduction from last year’s keynote
                                                              which should be perfect compliments to each other.
speaker John Pucher- Professor there at Bloustein School.
                                                              Presenters were:
Jeff’s speech was inspirational as an invitation for us to
                                                              Michael Dannemiller (Moderator)- Senior Planner, The
recognize that every one present are alliances for
                                                              RBA Group
bike/Walking planning-implementation. Trends were
                                                              Andrew Besold- Bicycle Instructor
observed in America over the past 30 years following
                                                              Jim Vance- Hoboken Sweet Streets
well presented graphs of obesity- BMI changes, state-
                                                              Mike Viscardi- NJ Transit
pedestrian/bicyclist fatalities, and funding restrictions-
                                                              I presented for SJW what I can recall in running our
redirections pending in Washington DC. He reminded us
                                                              larger events while plugging for our club! Common
to again thank (or remind) our representatives of the
                                                              thread was the need of having a designated leader,
importance to maintain the 1.9% Transportation
                                                              competent support crew, well planned route,
Enhancement portion of USA budget. This above listed is
                                                              communication with police, parks, and communities
only my interpretation of his speech. Much more insight
                                                              with-in the event. What differed for SJW was the fund-
can be found on these issues at:
                                                              raising part. There was much information to share. Go to- Bicycling and
                                                              The Breakout Session B held 3 options as are listed
Walking in the US: 2012 Benchmarking Report. Jeff also
                                                              below. I would have liked to been present in each of these
but we chose Option B2 on Recycling. These events are Organization was so displaced I could not ask for an
briefly listed here as well.                                    indication (raising of hands) of those present who were
                          Session B                             representative of the true Southern NJ. I will still list
Option B1 “Complete Streets” Presenters informed                below what we missed.
attendees how NJ is beginning to see Complete Streets                            Keynote Panel Discussion
laws and policies germinate at the local and county level.            Advocates and Legislators- An Ongoing Dialog
Leading the way is NJDOT, who has made great strides Charles Brown- (Moderator) Voorhees Transportation
in integrating their policy into the way they deliver           Center with John Sowell- City Council President
transportation projects. The panel showcased successful (Irvington, NJ), Paul Matacera- MBI-Gluck Shaw (former
projects and discussed some of the challenges faced along Mayor North Brunswick NJ), and Jerry Fried- Mayer
the way. Presenters were:                                       (Montclair NJ).
Sheree Davis- NJ State Bicycle & Pedestrian                     I think SJW has consistently been in contact with Frank
Coordinator, NJDOT                                              LoBiondo listing our interests/concerns on house bills,
Charles Brown- Senior Research Specialist, Voorhees             bicycle/pedestrian inclusions in planning, and strong
Transportation Center                                           advocacy in recent changes (thanks  SJW for your
Ranjit Walla- Founder, Civic Eye Collaborative                  calls/email to him as requested). Keep communicating for
Option B2 “Recycling Bicycles for Charitable                    bicycle/pedestrian - safety/planning and applications!
Purposes” There was shred information about how Bike We missed the next two Break-out sessions as listed.
Exchanges are opening in Trenton, Newark, and                                             Session C
Plainfield that are benefiting the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs Option C1 “League of American Bicyclists Education
in NJ. They centered on bicycle recycling as an aid to          Program” LAB’s newly appointed Education Director
charitable operations. Presenters were:                         discussed the League’s bicycle education program and its
Russell White- Executive Director, The Bike Exchange future direction. Presenter:
Petra Strickland- Newark Bike Exchange                          Alissa Simcox- Education Director, League of American
Joe Demaio- Plainfield Bike Exchange                            Bicyclists
Option B3 “BikePed Data Collection” This was a                  Option C2 “Mountain Bikers and Advocacy” The
description of how data is collected for bicyclist and          President of the Jersey Off-Road Bicycling Association
pedestrian use and applications. There were examples of (JORBA) discussed various ways that the mountain
collection and use from DVRPC projects and how to               bicycling community can advance the cause of bicycle
apply/collect data for other organizations. Presenter was: advocacy.
Dan Nemiroff- Transportation Planner, Office of Transit, Frank Harms- President, Jersey Off-Road Bicycling
Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning, Delaware Valley               Association (JORBA)
Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)                            Option C3 “A Tale of Two Bikeways: Community-
We participated in the “ReCycling” Option B2. We see Centric Bicycle Planning” This introduced participants
daily bicycles being transported to Giordano’s Re-cycling to a community-centric bicycle planning process
here in Vineland. I don’t think these bikes are being           displaying examples of North Jersey area specifics. With
repaired to be ridden again (on the hi-way to become            the inclusion of cultural diversity, people who
scrap metal). After talking with Russell to the side, he        participated in this held a border idea of needed research
mentioned the recycling projects he runs are taking off so and design of program development to implement similar
well that he will pay $5 per bicycle (that has life left in it, focus in their community. Presenters were:
not rusted out or stripped). He will come down to pick          John Pucher (Professor Bloustein School, Rutgers),
these bicycles up (minimal of 30 bikes). I plan to talk to MCRP Candidates at the Bloustein School- J. Hawkins,
Giordano Recycling again to see if they could assist in         A. Jefferson, D. Le, D. Nelson, T. Pryce, and S. Recaide
this noble cause. We could store the recycled (saved)
bicycles here for him to pick up. A seed was planted!

There was a sporadic lunch arrangement after Session B.
Compared to last year’s event this one seemed out of                             Session D
balance. We decided to depart after lunch, as did others. Option D1 “The 3 Foot Law: Lessons Learned from a
                                                          National Analysis of State Policies and Expert
Interviews” This was presented in a court-room style         and/or trails). We NEED to be heard and seen. Call,
debate that documented the current state of knowledge i.e. represent, and be active NOW. Tomorrow may not have
the “3 ft law”, highlight its perceived strengths-           bike lanes or 3 foot passing rules but pro-rumble stripped
weaknesses, and overall effectiveness in protecting          roads with “controlled access” abilities. What have you
bicyclists. The goal of this group was to provide support done for Bicycle Advocacy today? Speak-Up Now!!
for the identification and analysis of legislation/policy
intended to protect bicyclists from motorists in NJ. The
presenters were:
Charles Brown- Senior Research Specialist, Voorhees
Transportation Center
Patrick Farley, Jonathan Hawkins, Christine Orthmeyer
(with all Candidates at the Bloustein School and Research
Assistants at the NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource
Center at the Voorhees Transportation Center).
Option D2 “NJBWC Building a Strong Bike/Ped
Advocacy Organization” This session gathered
bicycling and walking advocates from local and state                                                         J 08034 | (Mon
wide organizations throughout NJ and neighboring states Fri) 10am - 8pm (Sat) 10am -
                                                                                      231 Tilton Road
for a discussion of the role of a statewide bicycle and                             Northfield, NJ 08225
pedestrian organization-what it does now, what it can do,                             (609)-641-9531
what it should do. They explored how various groups                                   Fax: 609-383-9166
could work together to support each other and improve
safety/mobility for the states cyclists and pedestrians. The                Email:info@beaconcycling.com6.7
presenters were:
Peter Kremer- Supervising Transportation Planner,
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Michael Dannemiller- Senior Planner, The RBA Group
                       Summit Close
There was a “Summit Wrap Up” lead by Karen Jenkins-
Chair, Board of Directors, NJBWC. This was followed by
choices of “Walking Tour of New Brunswick” led by
Robert Belvin- Director of the New Brunswick Public
Library or a “Bicycling Tour of New Brunswick” led by
League Cycling Instructors.

I regret not being able to attend Summit 1 (snow/new car)
but have hindsight from the past 2 Summit events (thanks
Ed- 2011 and Tami- 2012 for driving). Event 2011 felt
more organized (farfiggnuggenish :-) to Event 2012 but
we were there for only ½ of it = harder to measure.
Changes that we (bicyclists/pedestrians/Americans) are
facing in budget cuts and inclusive planning seem to be   Fuji, Scattante, Kestral, Focus, GT, Mongoose, Schwinn and
                                                                                    SE bicycles
reaching a turning point. Centering on success stories,
                                                                        1267 New Churchmans Road
bicycle and pedestrian projects continue. The key to this
                                                                               Newark, DE 19713
event was the urgency to voice our interests, concerns,
issues, support, and thanks to our local representatives.
Advocating for changes, our elected officials should
speak our entrusted voice. Without informing them of our
focused needs of representation, we (bicyclists) are
passively voiceless to our own legal presence (roads

                1st Annual Biking Delaware Day
     Saturday, May 12th 10:00AM /Rain date Sunday May 20th
 Join Dan in the State of Delaware for a beautiful flat ride along the coast. We will start in
 Historic Delaware City, at Fort Delaware Park, which is across from Dan’s house. Those who
   do not wish to ride can take the Ferry across to the Fort, relax in the water front park and
    marina, or walk along main street taking in antique, re-sale & coffee shops along with
   restaurants and a working blacksmith shop. Those who do ride will have the option of a
    leisurely C-pace 10, 15, or 35 mi ride. You can choose to leave from the fort which will
   include crossing the Reedy Point Bridge, a 2 mile long bridge with a pretty steep incline.
  Those who do not want to tackle the bridge can drive to the parking area at the base of the
   bridge 3 mi from the fort and meet us there. We will peddle quiet country roads starting
 along the scenic C & D canal. We will then pass farms and horse ranches before entering the
   town of Port Penn which has a pair of bald eagles who like to fly over the area we’ll be
  riding. Those wanting the 10 mi option will go back to Delaware City. Those continuing on
  will go along the bay into St. Augustine Beach. The beach area at the 12 mi. mark will be a
   rest stop. Port-a-pots are available. Those wanting the 15 mi option will ret to Del. City.
   Those continuing on will ride along the bay before going inland passing more beautiful
farms and ranches. Our 2nd rest stop will be a Christmas tree farm that has an ice cream shop
 open during the season. Our ride will continue into the town of Odessa before turning around
 and heading back. All 3 options will pass numerous bird nesting areas and you’ll see lots
   of our feathered friends. Hopefully, our club Ornithologist, Jim Gullo, will be along to
                point out all the different varieties of birds. (Just kidding Jim)
Afterwards, you’re invited to wash up or change at Dan’s place and then we’ll have lunch on
the deck at CRABBY DICKS RESTAURANT which is right across from the park. They have a
                                                 You’re encouraged to
wide variety of items on the menu including great seafood.
wear your SJW cycling gear since this is a popular biking area and we
want to show off our colors! Please RSVP or call 302-229-
5201. CUE SHEETS PROViDED - BUT, NO ONE WILL BE DROPPED! Longer distances will be
avail to those who want to go further.
Directions: X Del Mem Br., immed get over to the right and take Rt. 9 South/New Castle.
Road winds around for a few mi. stay on 9 past the refineries. Slow to 25 mi when you enter
Del. City. THIS IS NO JOKE/ POLICE HATE SPEEDERS! Just past Fire House turn Left at
light onto Clinton Street. Proceed ½ mi to 44 Clinton St. (Dans’ tan w/green house on Left,
Fort Del Park on right). GPS enter 44 Clinton Street, Delaware City, De 19706

                                 Additional 2012 Bicycle Rides with SJW

          As Spring approaches, look for bicycle rides with RePete, Rob Walsh and Al Jackson.
        For now, please feel free to join the group rides offered by Mojo bicycle shop in Vineland:
                                 Rides will be starting up again March 21.
                              Wednesdays: Leaves the shop at 5:30pm
                                                   25 miles
                                           B- pace=14-16 mph
                                          B+ pace=16-18 mph
                               Saturdays: Leaves the shop at 8:00am
                                                  28 miles
                                          B+ pace=16-18 mph

                                        Ride with Jim Costello

 Allen Jackson's Famous Ice Cream Ride out of the Custard Corral, 2100 Broad Street, Millville, NJ. E-
 mail ( or call 856/327-4861 if you are planning on attending. Bring money for food or
                   ice cream! Ride length will vary depending on weather and riders.

                                      Sunday May 20th, 10:00AM

Directions: Route 55 southbound, take exit 26 (Millville,Rt 555) to the right at the end of the ramp, go to
2nd street (Wade Blvd) and take a left (only about 200 yards from the ramp), go about 1 mile to the first
traffic light (Broad Street, Rt 552 spur) and take a left. Custard Corral is about 1/4 mile on the left. Park
to the far right in the parking lot.

                                                  Cherry Hill Shop:
                                        305 East Rt. 70 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

          No More Peanut Tour

                   By Jim Gullo
After 33 years, the Great Peanut Tour in
Emporia VA will no longer be held. As many of
you may recall, this annual event was one of my
favorite rides with scenic loops and of course
numerous rest stops with home made snacks.
Perhaps it was the economy or other ride events
in the area that slowly diminished the number of
cyclists attending the tour. Either way, the tour                       Crews hard at work on the trail.
was no longer financial sustainable and will not
be held this year. Hopefully, things will change
in the future and the tour comes back.
I know I will miss it along with those pickled
watermelon rinds and cucumber sandwiches!

                                                                                More work to be done!

     Norma, Mary and Gary at the chuck wagon.

                                           The Versatile McLeod rake!

                                                 To SAG or be SAGGED
                                                     By Rick Lentz

For several years I have been doing the SAG role at the three primary South Jersey Wheelmen events. In that time
 I have seen my share of flat tires, broken bike parts, minor nicks and scratches and some exhausted cyclists that
needed rides back to the finish. But I have no experience with any serious injury issues. Little did I know that the
                 first time I did it would be a role reversal where I was the one requiring the SAG.

   One of the down sides to being in a support role for the entire day of our events is that you obviously cannot
 participate in the ride. I’ve happily made that sacrifice as I satisfy my riding goals at Randonneuring events. But,
 every once in a while I like to participate in a club century ride. So I opted to enter the Icicle Metric Century put
  on by the White Clay Bike Club in Delaware. The weather forecast was for rain, and rain it did, starting around
 8:15 AM. About 37 miles into the ride I was coming down a descent and found myself immediately upon a metal
  grate bridge with a bit too much speed for the conditions. Trying to keep the bike upright on a surface that was
like Slick 50 on ice was a major challenge. After squirming across most of the length of the bridge, the bike ended
 up falling out from under me and down I went on the metal grate and slid onto the asphalt portion at the end of
  the bridge on my elbow. For the first time in my cycling career, I had managed to go down hard enough to get
                                                    seriously injured.

        With all of my previous falls over the years, I followed Rick’s 3 step post crash checklist as follows:

           1) Look around and make sure no one saw you crash (that must have looked embarrassing),
                     2) Check out the bike (those carbon parts can be really expensive!) and
                             3) Check your body to make sure you are not injured.

 But this time it was different. I am happy to say that when it counted most, I got the priorities correct. The first
thing on my mind was to yell back to warn my riding partner Jim of the danger on the slippery bridge. My second
thought was that my arm was burning so I must have scraped it up pretty bad. It never occurred to me to check if
  the bike was ok. In fact, Jim got it out of the road and told me the wheels still turned. Closer observation of my
arm revealed a nasty gash that was going to require stitches, so my day was over and the SAG was called. Once the
    SAG arrived, Jim saw I was in good hands and he continued on the ride. For the first time, I would get to be
 hauled back to the finish in the passenger seat of a SAG vehicle. It was a weird feeling, like the one you get when
you have someone else drive you in your own car. The White Clay SAG crew was very helpful and even guided me
  to the nearby medical center near the finish where I was treated. I got to see first hand how important the SAG
                                 service really is. I am thankful to everyone involved.

 I am hoping that my first experience with a serious cycling injury from either side of the SAG experience will be
                   my last. But if I have my choice, I’d much rather SAG than be SAGGED.

Note: Cost is based on signing up the day of the event. Items listed in gray have not been confirmed for 2012 as of the date of
this newsletter.

                           START                                                                              DESCRIPTION
  DATE         NAME                       COST      CLUB                   WEB PAGE
            Farmlands    Lincroft,        $40.00    CJBC                            18, 25, 38, 50 metric and
  5/5/12    Tour         NJ                                                                             century loops.

  5/5/12    Bike Eric    Florence, NJ       $45.00 Charity                  10, 20, 30 and 50 mile
  5/6/12    Tour De      Petersburg,        $30.00 Charity                       16,40 and 62 mile loops.
            Tuckahoe     NJ
 5/12/12    Quad         Green Lake         $30.00 SCU            Ride 21, 31, 45, 53, 68, or 76
                                                                                                        miles. The 53- and 76-mile
            County       Park,
                                                                                                        routes include the 8-mile
            Metric       PA                                                                             "Intensive Climbing Unit" extra-
                                                                                                        hilly segment with 1,200 ft
                                                                                                        additional climbing.
 5/12/12    Camp Edge Alloway,              $60.00 Charity           This ride offers loops
                      NJ                                                                       from 5, 10, 33, 66 and
                                                                                               100 miles through scenic
                                                                                               southern New Jersey.
  5/19/12 Triple Loop Batsto, NJ      $25.00 SSC                 3 Loops: 36 miles, 29
                                                                                               miles, and 35 miles.
  5/19/12 Rotary 100 Burlington,      $40.00 Charity 25, 50, 64 and 100 mile
                      NJ                             BikeTour.html                                         loops
5/25-28/12 KCSF       Chestertown, $322-$380 BBC                  Select from over 34
                      MD                                                                       different routes.
  5/25/12 Bonkers     Ridley Creek, $25.00 DVBC                    18, 35, 50, or 65 scenic
           Metric     PA                                                                       miles, 200-300 riders
  6/2/12 Get Ready Pennsville,        $20.00 SJW                         30 and 60 mile loops,
           Metric     NJ                                                                       150 cyclists
  6/2/12 Cory’s Ride Crosswicks,    $35.00 charity                           10, 20 and 50 mile loops.
  6/9/12 Longest      High Point,   $35.00 CJBC                                   100, 124 and 208 miles.
           Day        NJ                                                                       *Must be CJBC member
  6/9/12 Ride for     Lincroft,       $75.00 Charity                  Choose from seven
           Autism     NJ                                                                       routes ranging in length
                                                                                               from 7 to 100 miles.

 6/16/12    ALS Ride     Blackwood,      $100.00 Charity                         75 mile ride from
                         NJ                                                                             Camden County College
                                                                                                        to Wildwood, 400 cyclists
  7/1/12    Double       Middleton,                 WCBC                   31 and 62 mile loops.
            Cross        DE
  7/8/12    ACS          Phila.            $160.00 Charity                     Philadelphia to Mays
                         PA                                                                             Landing, 4,600 cyclists
  8/4/12    Princeton
 8/11/12    Green        Centerton,         $20.00 SJW                       25,50,75 and 100 mile
            Branch       NJ                                                                             loops, 200 cyclists
 8/19/12    Covered      Lancaster,                 LBC            Ride through 5 covered
            Bridge       PA                                                                             bridges in Lancaster,
            Metric                                                                                      3,400 cyclists
                          START                                                                                DESCRIPTION
  DATE       NAME                         COST     CLUB                   WEB PAGE

 8/25/12   Shorefire     Middletown,               WCBC                     35, 65 and 100 mile routes
           Century       DE
 8/25/12   Lake          Doylestown,      $30.00   SCU                25,50,75.100 and 107 mile
           Nockamixon    PA
  8/23-    Annual        Rutland,                  SJW
 8/26/12   Vermont       VT
           South         South                     None Ride options are a 10-mile
                                                                                                     route; a 25-mile route; and a
           Jersey Tour   Hampton, NJ                      m                                          62-mile route with stops at a
           Des Farms                                                                                     cranberry farm, vegetable
                                                                                                         farms, orchards, nurseries, an
                                                                                                         organic farm, and a community
                                                                                                         supported agriculture farm.
 9/8/12    Amish         Dover, DE         $50.00 charity 5, 25, 50, 62 and 100-
           Country                                        ketour/                                  mile loops
  9/15/12 Jersey         Centerton,        $20.00 SJW                          25,50,75 and 100 mile
           Devil         NJ                                                                              loops, 250 cyclists
9/29-30/12 MS-150        Cherry Hill,     $360.00 Charity               Cherry Hill to Ocean City
                         NJ                                                                              and back, 6,000 cyclists
 9/22/12   Belleplain    Woodbine,         $25.00 SSC                  The morning loop has a 35 or a
                                                                                                         50 mile loop. The afternoon
           Century       NJ
                                                                                                         loop has a 28 or a 50 mile loop.
 10/6/12 Sea Gull        Salisbury,                Charity                62 and 100 mile loops,
         Century         MD                                                                              5,300 cyclists
10/17/12 Savage          Newark,                   WCB                   40, 60, 75 and 100 mile
         Century         DE                                                                              routes.
 10/12- SJW              Bethany                   SJW                          Annual convention
 14/12   Annual          Beach,DE

                               SJW is Pleased to Welcome New Member:
                                        Patrick Chance, Williamstown NJ

                              SOUTH JERSEY WHEELMEN P.O. BOX 2705 VINELAND, NJ 08362-2705
                                                    MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Name: ______________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
Phone: (_____) ___________________________ Mobile Phone: (_____) ___________________________
NEW MEMBERSHIP: ______ RENEWAL: ______ (Memberships run from JAN to DEC)
Dues: 1 Year Individual $15.00 Family $20.00
3 Year Individual $40.00 Family $55.00
Please make check or money order out to: South Jersey Wheelmen
Please Consider: _____I would like to help in club functions. _____I would like to lead rides.
IN CONSIDERATION of being permitted to participate in any way in South Jersey Wheelmen ("Club") sponsored Bicycling
Activities ("Activity") I for myself, my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin:
1. ACKNOWLEDGE, agree, and represent that I understand the nature of Bicycling Activities and that I am qualified, in good
health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such Activity. I further acknowledge that the Activity will be conducted
over public roads and facilities open to the public during the Activity and upon which the hazards of traveling are to be
expected. I further agree and warrant that if at any time I believe conditions to be unsafe, I will immediately discontinue further
participation in the Activity.
INCLUDING PERMANENT DISABILITY, PARALYSIS AND DEATH ("RISKS"); (b) these Risks and dangers may be caused by
my own actions, or inactions, the actions or inactions of others participating in the Activity, the conditions in which the Activity
AND ECONOMIC LOSSES either not known to me or not readily foreseeable at this time; and I FULLY ACCEPT AND
participation in the Activity.
3. HEREBY RELEASE, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE the Club, the LAB, their respective administrators,
directors, agents, officers, members, volunteers, and employees, other participants, any sponsors, advertisers, and, if
applicable, owners and lessors of premise on which the Activity takes place, (each considered one of the "RELEASEES"
ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT I, or anyone on my behalf, makes a claim against any of the
attorney fees, loses, liability, damage, or cost which any may incur as the result of such claim.

Signatures: Applicant: ____________________________________ Date: _______________

Other Adults if Family Membership:

                NOTE: If under 18 years of age you must have your parent join in a family membership.


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