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Latin American


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    Report Out:
Latin American and
Caribbean Studies
      at UCF

                 University of Central Florida   1
                                        LACS: Advisory Board

Arlen F. Chase, Soc. & Anthropology
Diane Z. Chase, Soc. & Anthropology
José Fernández, History & Foreign Languages
Nora Lee García, Music
Maria de Jesús González, Art History
Alma Negy, Foreign Languages
Maria Redmon, Foreign Languages
M.C. Santana, Journalism & Communication
Alejandro Sepúlveda, Industrial Engineering
Allyn Stearman, Soc. & Anthropology
Consuelo Stebbins, Foreign Languages
Gladstone Yearwood, Film
Denise Young, Academic Affairs

                    University of Central Florida          2

The Latin American Area Studies
Program at UCF has been taking a

  It is time for its awakening!
           University of Central Florida         3
                                               LACS Demographics

 Brazil is Florida’s leading trade partner
 18.8% of Orange County considers
  itself to be of Hispanic descent (over
  168,500 people)
 13.2% of UCF students (over 5,000
  individuals) identify themselves as
  Hispanic or Caribbean
       2.5% are international students from Latin
        America and the Caribbean
       10.7% are other students of Hispanic

                        University of Central Florida          4
                                              Changes Required

 Need to infuse Latin and Caribbean culture
  into the general UCF population and

   Research Opportunities
   Music, Film, and the Arts
   Scholars and Speakers
   Travel and Exchange Programs

                  University of Central Florida              5
     LACS: Goals and Objectives

 To create an interdisciplinary
  track in Liberal Studies at the
  Undergraduate and Graduate
 To broaden the scope of the
  program to formally include the
 To consider inter-college
  linkages and foster
 To find funding;
 To engage in future fact-finding
University of Central Florida   6
Latin American and Caribbean Studies B.A. in
                            Liberal Studies

 Latin American and Caribbean Studies B.A. (36 cu)
    Required Courses (9 cu)
        Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
        Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
        Current Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Clusters (take concentrations in 3 of 4 areas)
        Entertainment Arts (9 cu)
            Literature in Translation; Music; Film; Art History;
             Communication; Anthropology
        History and Prehistory (9 cu)
            History; Archaeology/Anthropology
        Business, Economics, and Politics (9 cu)
            Political Science; Economics/Business; Anthropology; Foreign
        Language (9 cu)
            Spanish; French; Portuguese

                       University of Central Florida                        7
  LACS Cluster in Entertainment Arts

 Entertainment Arts

  Literature in Translation

        University of Central Florida   8
    LACS Cluster in History and Prehistory

History and Prehistory
  Archaeology / Anthropology

            University of Central Florida   9
     LACS Cluster in Business, Economics, and Politics

 Business, Economics,
  and Politics
   Political Science
   Economics / Business
   Anthropology
   Foreign Language

                   University of Central Florida    10
            LACS Cluster in Foreign Languages

 Foreign Languages

                 University of Central Florida   11
                                   Future Plans

 Further develop LACS academic
 Develop a LACS website;
 Formalize a LACS Consortium at
 Hold monthly meetings of the LACS
  Advisory Board;
 Formalize institutional linkages
  between UCF and Latin American
  and Caribbean countries;
 Partner with local communities and
 Seek funding opportunities.

   University of Central Florida              12
                 Attachments, links, etc.

No Monkey Business !

   University of Central Florida        13

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