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									   Eleanor from Ashford, Kent named Runner Up in national writing

A 10 year old from Ashford, Kent has won the much coveted accolade of being named a
Runner Up in Explore Learning’s National Young Writers’ Award.

Eleanor on from High Halden, Ashford, fought off tough competition from children all over
the country with her story, ‘King Tutankhamen finds an Ipad’. This year’s theme was ‘Old
and New’ and Eleanor’s story was about King Tutankhamen returning to life in 2012 placing
guards, airplane hostesses and shop assistants under his control. ‘King Tut’ gets to
experience some of the wonders of modern day life such as coke, crisps and The Apple

The competition was judged by bestselling author of the hugely popular Spy Dog series,
Andy Cope.

Andy said: “The entrants this year completely blew me away. These are some of the best
young writers in the country and I’ve love the opportunity to get involved in a competition
where we encourage children to put pen to paper, get inspired and create something that’s
never been created before.”

The National Young Writers’ Award is an annual event organised by tuition provider, Explore
Learning, who give English and maths tuition to five to 14 year olds, with centres based in
Sainsbury’s Brybook, Ashford. The runner up will be presented with a certificate at the their
school in High Halden.

The competition aims to encourage children to get their creative juices flowing and give
writing a try. To support this, tutors from Explore Learning ran free workshops with
hundreds of schools across the UK.

Alexis Humphrey from Explore Learning was thrilled with the number of entries received
this year. She said: “Writing is a fantastic pastime for children. As well as helping with their
grammar and spelling, it takes them away to another place where anything goes; it lets their
imagination run free and we were amazed by the inventiveness of some of the stories we
received. We’re proud to put on a competition that attracted so many entrants and want to
congratulate all our participants, and of our runners up, who fought off tough competition
to have their stories named the best in the country.”

Explore Learning specialise in providing maths and English tuition to children aged 5-14 of all
abilities. The programme works in line with the National Curriculum and offers members a
fun and stimulating learning environment, allowing them to fulfil their full potential outside
of the classroom.

At present Explore Learning provide extra-curricular tuition to approximately 16,000
members who attend their existing centres nationwide. This figure is set to increase as new
centres are due to open over the next 12 months, offering more parents access to after-
school tuition.

         For more information about Explore Learning and their tuition services visit

Eleanor’s Entry:

                              King Tutankhamen finds an Ipad

CRASH! A loud noise came from the tomb of Tutankhamen. A worker from the tour
guides of the tomb heard the almighty crash and went to investigate, “Hello?” he called
into the dark tomb, “Who goes there? You are trespassing on private property.” Another
crash came from the tomb and the guard began to feel scared. “I am not trespassing,”
called a mysterious voice “because I am King Tutankhamen and i am certainly not dead.”
The guard ran in terror but tripped up and Tutankhamen caught up with the man and
cursed him to be under his control...
 In the morning, Tutankhamen ordered that his palace could not be open to visitors
until all of his treasure was removed. Later that day when all of his treasure was in
duffle bags, he walked for hours until he came to a colossal building made of concrete.
“What is this marvellous terrain?” King Tut asked his minion “That is an airport master.”
“An a-i-r-p-o-r-t?” Tut parroted.
“Yes master, an airport.”
 Two hours later, Tutankhamen and his minion were on an airplane. Tut was feeling
very uncomfortable on this plush leather seat. An air hostess came past their seats and
offered them some coke or Walkers crisps but Tutankhamen asked “Do you have any
Herring or Deer?” The air hostess looked bewildered “Deer? We only sell sweets, crisps
and beverages.” Tutankhamen said no to the unknown items of ‘food.’
Soon they were landed in England and King Tut, who was a little bit green from the
flight, struggled to stay standing upright because of the different buildings that surround
him. There was one that particulary caught his eye. The Apple Store. In the windows of
the store, there were many different pictures of Apple products like the ‘Mac book air’
and the ‘IPhone 4s’ and the best one he thought was the Ipad. As he was walking into the
shop, he didn’t see the glass so he walked straight into the polished door. “What the
devil? Reveal yourself, tiny sorceress!” Tutankhamen bellowed punching the door.
Eventually he got in and found the Ipad, although he didn’t have any money, he cursed
the cashier to be his minion too. That way, he got his new contraption for free!
He sat on a bench in the middle of town and opened up his Ipad2. As he was from the
Egyptian times he didn’t know how to work a doo-hickey of such manner. “How the
devil do you get this thingy unlocked? It did not come with a key!”
“Boss, you slide your finger along the screen!” replied minion2
“Thank you.”
In four hours time, the King had downloaded 12000apps and now he was playing Angry
Birds. He Lost. “SLAVES! Burn this spawn of the devil!”
But by then, his minion had snapped out of their curses and returned to their day jobs.
“Hmmmmmm... that doesn’t normally happen. Stupid curse book...I shall do it myself.

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