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					Did you know?
                                                                            When you
1. Libraries don’t have just books
and newspapers. Now they provide                                 Adopt - a - Computer
the most up-to-date information
with computer databases, thus using
less space and fewer dollars.                                                You can
2. Word processing on the
computer is here and now. Many                                        Change a Life
teachers require homework or
term papers to be produced on a
word processor.
3. In order to apply for many jobs,
you must apply on-line. From shelf
stocking jobs at Food Lion to
nursing positions at Mary
Washington Hospital, employers
require an on-line application.
4. High speed internet access is           117 N Church Lane
                                        Tappahannock, VA 22560
only available by expensive satellite        804-443-4945
hook-ups in much of the county.    
The Essex Public Library offers
citizens a window to the world via
                                                                  A partnership between you and
our high speed internet computers.
                                                                   the Essex Public Library that
5. Public library computers are the                              ensures all citizens have access to
only computers available for some                                       the digital highway.
adults and students.
6. The average life of a computer
used by the public is 3 years.
                                                 Who benefits from our contribution?            Will anyone be able to use the
Frequently Asked Questions                                                                      computers?
                                                 Your contribution benefits at-risk children,
                                                 senior citizens, people seeking jobs,          Yes, on a first come first serve basis.
How can my organization adopt a                  students taking on-line college courses,       People are allowed to sign up for 30
computer?                                        employees taking certification tests, home     minute time slots beginning on the hour
                                                 school students. It benefits travelers,        and half hour. If someone knows he will
Your business, family or organization can        making our community a more attractive         need to use the computer for longer and
adopt a computer by signing a contract           tourist destination. In short, it helps        asks for more time when he signs up, he
with the Essex Public Library to make a          anyone who needs a computer and fast           will be allowed an additional 30 minutes.
tax deductable contribution to the library’s     access to the internet.
Adopt-a-Computer program.                                                                       Does the library filter or otherwise
                                                 What sort of publicity will my                 prevent people from accessing
How much does it cost?                           organization get by adopting a                 pornography or undesirable sites?
The cost is $365 a year for three years.                                                        The library filters all its computers from
One dollar a day makes it possible for           There will be a label on the computer          pornographic websites and hate websites.
everyone in Essex to apply for a job, email      saying that this computer was adopted by       If a person has a legitimate need to see a
a grandchild in Iraq or take a class.            your organization. We would also like to       filtered site this can be arranged with help
                                                 publish a picture in the Rappahannock          from staff.
Why “a dollar a day” for three years?
                                                 Times of someone from your organization
                                                 receiving the certificate.                     When can I use the computer?
Your three year donation will allow us to
replace a worn out computer, its
                                                 May we name the computer in
peripherals, application software and a
                                                 memory or in honor of someone?
three year service contract.
Why do you need a service contract on
your computer?                                   How will I know what impact our
                                                 computer has on the community?
Unlike computers used by only one
person, your adopted computer will be
                                                 You will receive quarterly reports, telling
used hard by hundreds, even thousands of         you how many hours the computer is in
different users over its lifetime. The service   use, how many people have used it and
contract assures that people will always         even personal success stories from people
find one when they visit the library.            who have used the computer.
Is the contribution tax deductible?

Yes. The library has 501C3 status with the
Internal Revenue Service.
Computers connect us to the

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