GLMS Food Services by Mtri58q


									                     Notes from Greenwood Lakes Middle Food Service

       The Food Service Department at Greenwood Lakes Middle would like to make breakfast and
lunch an easy time of the day for both our students and their parents. As we transition into the 2012-
2013 school year, we have a few bits of information that will ease this process.

      Greenwood Lakes Middle will feature the Nature’s Deli on one of the brand new serving lines.
          o Students get to create their own sub or build their meal at the salad bar
          o Hot toasted/pressed subs will also be featured

      Menus, student account information, nutritional information and payment options are all
       available at

      As part of a federal program, applications for free and reduced priced meals must be completed
       each school year
          o The fastest and most secure way to complete an application is online through the above
          o If preferred, paper applications will be available with the student’s start-up packet

      Meal pricing will be the same as last year
         o Reduced priced breakfast will be no charge and $.40 for lunch
         o Full priced meals will be $1.50 for breakfast and $2.75 for lunch

      Breakfast will be served every day prior to the start of school

      We have multiple payment options for student lunch accounts
         o An account may be set up with to automatically replenish funds
         o Cash and checks are accepted at the registers
         o Visa and MasterCard are accepted through the kitchen management and may also be set
             up for automatic replenishment
         o Students with an existing balance from a different school will transfer with them

       If you have any questions concerning your student’s meals or status, please call the Food
Service Manager at 407-320-7652.

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