Last part of Chapter 14 by Mtri58q


									Last part of Chapter 14

       Social 30-2
• Test tomorrow.
• Vocab books due tomorrow.
• Field test on the 6th.
     Challenges to Liberalism
• Poverty and Debt:
  – Many people live in poverty as they can not get
    the basic necessities of life.
  – Some live in Abject poverty ( less then $1.00 a
  – The poverty line is an arbitrary line that denotes
    household income and poverty.
          Under Capitalism
• we’ve seen how free market economies and
  Liberlism effect people.
• Look at the US housing market.
• World Bank:
  – Set up after ww2
  – 1944
  – Designed to help countries rebuild after the
            WORLD BANK
• Some argue that the world bank doesn’t
  – Money is not used properly.
  – Money is not used as the country sees fit.
  – Only rich people benefit from the money.
          The Environment
• Liberalism is concerned with development
  of the individual and business.
• The environment always seemed like a back
• Now it is being put front and centre.
                The Artic
• As Global Warming happens the artic is
  opening up.
• Now all bordering countries, and many
  corporations, want to access and claim those
               New challenges
• We have freedom of expression;
• Should the internet be censored.

• Health issues:

• We have the right to mobility, should that be taken
  away in the event of a new flu?
• The WHO (World Health Organization) takes care
  of that.
Done, Let’s get our review sheets
     and play “Smart Ask”

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