NOTES for the CONVENER

When introducing the speaker and topic, please make sure to mention the
following things:
 Welcome to IP! We are (please explain who we are – we provide technical, policy
    and disaster assistance, tapping technical expertise of FS employees to take the
    lessons we have learned overseas and bring them back to improve out work here
    at home) Please visit our website which has lots of info on our program

   Before I introduce the speaker and today’s topic, I would like to go over some
    housekeeping notes:

    1. The restrooms are located outside the main door. The men’s room is
       immediately to your right, and the women’s room is down the hall and to the
       right. The women’s room is locked, but a key can be obtained from our

    2. There are some publications available in the reception area, including copies
       of some of our newsletters, pamphlets on our International Seminars, and
       other goodies.

    3. Please drop a business card in the box or fill out the sign in sheet by the
       entrance door, even if you already signed another sheet at a previous brown
       bag or seminar, we like to know who is here.

    4. The presentation will be about 40-45 minutes; anyone who would like to stay
       for Q+A’s afterwards is welcome to do so. Those who need to escape feel
       free to do so after the presentation.

    5. Please help yourselves to coffee, sodas, snacks at the back of the room.

    Since our seminar series provides a good chance for us to network with
    others in the DC area, please introduce yourself and tell us where you work.
    (audience introduces themselves)

    Introduce today’s topic and speaker

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