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					             APPEAL INSTRUCTIONS

             Contact with If P & C Insurance Company Ltd.

             For further information on the grounds for the decision and other matters impacting the case
             please contact If P & C Insurance Company. The name and telephone number of the claims
             handler can be found in the decision.

             Advice and clarification assistance

             The Finnish Financial Ombudsman provides advice and instructions free of charge on
             matters relating to the application of insurance contracts and insurance terms and conditions.
             Furthermore, the Finnish Financial Ombudsman clarifies the client's insurance matters and
             negotiates with the insurance company together with the client.

                                     The address of the bureau is:
                                     Finnish Financial Ombudsman
                                     Porkkalankatu 1
                                     FIN-00180 HELSINKI, FINLAND
                                     Tel. +358 (0)9 685 0120

             Statement by a consumer board

             You also have the right to ask for a statement from the Finnish Insurance Complaints Board
             or the Consumer Complaint Board. The boards give statements which are recommended
             decisions. A statement can be applied for by sending a free-form letter to the board.

                                     The addresses of the boards are the following:
                                     Finnish Insurance Complaints Board
                                     Porkkalankatu 1
                                     FIN-00180 HELSINKI, FINLAND
                                     Tel. +358 (0)9 685 0120

                                     Consumer Complaint Board
                                     P.O.Box 306
                                     FIN-00531 HELSINKI, FINLAND
                                     Tel. +358 (0)9 685 0120

             Correction procedure

             The policyholder, insured or beneficiary discontented with the decision is entitled to submit
             the matter to a court of justice for decision, regardless of whether he or she has asked for a
             recommended decision from either of the above boards. Legal proceedings can be instituted
             only in Finland and Finnish law shall be applied.

             A suit must be brought in a Finnish lower court under penalty of forfeiture of the underlying
             right within three years from the day on which the party involved received written notice of
             the insurance company's decision and the said time limit. The time limit is not extended due
             to the handling by either of the boards mentioned above

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