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                                     JUNE 13, 2011

The monthly meeting of the Walnut Beach Association was held on Monday, June 13 th and was
called to order at 7:03PM in St. Gabriel Parish Hall, 26 Broadway. There were 16 members in

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion to accept the May meeting minutes was made and seconded.

WBA Treasurer’s Report as of 6/10/11

WBA Main Account
Previous Balance       $12,341.22
Deposits                    none
Subtotal               $12,341.22
                           +$1.47      Interest for Checking Acc’t for 4/16/11-5/13/11
Subtotal               $12,342.69
Less Checks Written:
                          -$28.00      Expense reimbursement check to Laura Ambrogio for Chamber of
                                       Commerce/Fine Arts Council reception on 5/11/11-reg fee for
                                       Laura Ambrogio & Wendy Terenzio

                          -$28.00      Check to Milford Chamber of Commerce for Chamber of
                                       Commerce/Rainbow Gardens reception on 5/25/11-reg fee for
                                       Laura Ambrogio & Wendy Terenzio

                          -$30.00      Check to Wild Expressions for Get Well Arrangement for Connie

                           -$7.92      Book of postage stamps

                         -$699.00      Check to Greenberg, Rhein & Margolis for D&O Insurance
                                       Renewal 6/11-6/12

                         -$145.00      Check to Aldario’s to host WBA Festival Meeting on 6/9/11

                         -$358.00      Check transfer funds to WB Festival Account for reimbursement of
                                       (2) WBA tablecloths with logo for advertising of WBA events
                                       throughout the year

New Balance            $11,046.77

WB Summer Concert Series Account
Previous Balance     $3,782.49
Deposits                  none
Subtotal             $3,782.49
Less Checks Written:      none
New Balance          $3,782.49
WB Festival Account
Previous Balance          $2,454.00
                          +$200.00    Deposits-Food vendors ($100/ea-Catamount/Vazzys’ & Jay R
                                      Thai & Chinese)

                          +$240.00    Vendor Deposits

                          +$820.00    Vendor Deposits

                          +$358.00    Transfer deposit from WBA main acct for reimbursement of (2)
                                      WBA tablecloths with logo

Total Deposits            $1,618.00
Subtotal                  $4,072.00
Less Checks Written:
                             -$5.10   Prospect Post Office fee for mailing Call to Artists cards

                           -$358.00   Debit payment to MVP Visuals for (2) WBA tablecloths with logo
                                      for Advertising WBA events throughout the year

                            -$60.00   Professional Artist Magazine online posting for WBA Festival

                            -$19.95   Events online posting for WBA Festival
New Balance               $3,628.95

WB 5K Race Account (as of 3/11/11)
Previous Balance        $297.22
Deposits             +$2,250.00       Sponsorships – Center of Balance Fitness & Wellness ($250),
                                      Harlow, Adams & Friedman ($2,000)

Subtotal                  $2,547.22
Less Checks Written:        -$50.00   Check for expense reimbursement to Susan Patrick for State of
                                      CT Special Use license for 5K

New Balance               $2,497.22

Respectively Submitted,
Leisa Gazdik
Treasurer, WBA
President’s Report read by Joe Garbus
Thank you all for coming to the meeting this evening.

   1. Boardwalk: It is a great success! Hundreds and hundreds of people are using it. We will go
      over some of the other issues under new business, including signage.

   2. Enhancement Committee: New sidewalks were put in on the east side of Naugatuck Avenue,
      from The Fire House Gallery up to Tudor Road. Next meeting is scheduled for June 28 th to
      discuss Stowe Barn. P&Z approvals for its use are in progress. A welcome sign for Walnut
      Beach Community to be placed at the corner of Tudor & Naugatuck is being worked on. There
      will also be a new sign at the entrance of Walnut Beach.

   3. Public Garbage Cans: Cans are being painted by the Boys and Girls Club. Fred Detar is
      picking them up and placing them tomorrow at each boardwalk entrance and along E.

   4. Festival and Concert Updates: There was a meeting held last night at Aldario’s for event
      volunteers. We will get an update under committee reports.

A motion was made to accept all reports as read, seconded and approved.


Elvira Prokoski delivered the Membership Report. There is no update from the last meeting.

Marty Lippman provided the Webmaster Report. The 5K race page now includes a link to register for
the race via <www.hitekracing.com>, as well as this year’s race sponsors.

Dave Cameron provided the update for the Beautification Committee. They had a meeting on May
31st. They are now working with the Boys & Girls Club of Milford on the new area Ambassador
Program. Donna Turner-Woods will discuss this in more detail under New Business.

Dave noted that he has been emptying the public garbage cans. Public Works does not seem to be
emptying them and after every weekend they are overflowing. Paula Smith, our District
Representative, will follow-up with Public Works. They are supposed to emptying them on M-W-F

With regard to feedback on the boardwalk since its opening, there have been complaints about the
lack of signage and enforcement of posted rules (re: bikes, dogs, etc.). Paula Smith indicated before
additional signage is posted, the City is currently working to amend an existing ordinance which bans
bikes and dogs in order to allow them on the boardwalk during certain, lower traffic hours. The
Beautification Committee is waiting to see how this pans out. If dogs are ultimately allowed during
certain hours, there was discussion of placing public doggie bag dispensers along the Boardwalk, to
be sponsored by the WBA.

Discussion of the new sidewalks being installed on Naugatuck Ave. began. Members questioned
whether the sidewalks on E. Broadway would be repaired, as many are in severe disrepair. All
sidewalks, even those on Naugatuck Ave., are the responsibility of property owners, not the city for
maintenance. Since the E. Broadway sidewalks are part of large condominium complexes, it is being
left to those complexes to repair their own sidewalks.
Laura Ambrogio provided the Festival Report. A meeting was held on June 9th for all volunteers at
Aldario’s. To date, the Festival has 38 paid vendors. This year, Laura is limiting vendors by type – so
that we don’t have too many of any one type (i.e. jewelry, photographers, quilters, etc.)

We are still in need of volunteers to serve as traffic directors and vendor runners the day of the 5K
Race and Festival. We also need volunteers to hand out postcards at upcoming art festivals and
concerts in the area to attract additional vendors for the Festival, as well as concert goers for the
Summer Concert Series. Lastly, we need volunteers with trucks to help move the Art Wall, Tables &
Chairs and Sandwich Boards the day of the Festival.

We are getting the Recycling Bags from the Oyster Festival to use again at this year’s Festival. Laura
also amended our application with the Health Department to allow the WBA to sell water at the
Festival and Summer Concert Series.

Summer Concert Series
Wendy Terenzio provided the SCS Report. Much of the SCS report was covered by the Festival
update. Wendy is trying to gather 5-gallon water jugs, like the type you use in Poland Spring
dispensers, which will be passed at the SCS events to collect donations. She also needs volunteers
at each concert to sell WBA “swag” (magnetic bumper stickers), memberships and to collect

Membership forms are going to be made available at all summer events – those signing up on site
will receive a free small magnetic bumper sticker.


Illumination Night
Meghan Rabuse raised the Second Annual Illumination Night to the attention of members. One of our
neighbors started the effort last year, and is hosting the second annual event the evening before the
Festival, August 6th. The idea is to bring the neighborhood together by decorating your outdoor space
with lighting on the evening of the 6th. She has also launched a Facebook page: Walnut Beach
Illumination Night. If you have any questions you can call Tina at 203.506.5402.

WBA / Boys & Girls Club Ambassador Program
Donna Turner Woods provided the following update on the newly launched Ambassador Program.
Following recent conversations about how to maintain and beautify the area on a more continuous
basis, Donna coordinated with the Boys & Girls Club of Milford to establish the Walnut Beach
Ambassador Program. Jonathan Law High School students are required to complete 200 hours of
community service over the course of their 4 years of high school to graduate – this program will
allow participating students to generate those hours. So far, 10 students are scheduled on Mondays
and Thursdays to keep Walnut Beach clean all year long. T-shirts are being donated, and the effort
will begin on June 27th. The official hours are still TBD, but will be in the afternoon, and the students,
along with an adult chaperone (either Donna or Megan Altamare, Executive Director of the Boys &
Girls Club) will walk a set route to pick up trash, weeding public flower beds, providing directions to
visitors, etc. The Boys & Girls Club will cover insurance liability requirements, which requires adult
supervision for the activity.
A full description of the program can be found below:
      The Ambassador Program is a collaboration with the Beautification Committee of Walnut Beach
      Association and the Boys & Girls Club. We have three high school students who are scheduled for
      Mondays and another three scheduled for Thursdays.

      The route is down Naugatuck from Stowe/Monroe both sides of East Broadway, down the ends of the
      streets to the beach, Broadway to Costa Azzurra and up Stowe back to Boys and Girls Club, If Viscount
      needs it we will be walking there too. If the little park at the end of Stowe Avenue needs cleaning we will
      do it, if the area near the arch on corner of Naugatuck and East Broadway has trash, we willl pick up
      the garbage, if the parking lot near the pavilion needs it we will clean it, we may even walk the beach
      and if it needs to be cleaned, we will pick it up... It teaches respect for others property and will teach
      about the environment.

      Liability falls under the auspices of the Boys & Girls Club. In order to be covered, Adult supervision is
      required. Donna TurnerWoods will be in attendance with the students on Mondays and Megan
      Altamare, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club, will be with them on Thursdays. Basically, they will
      be weeding flower beds, watering flowers, helping with directions, picking up garbage/trash - keeping
      Walnut Beach area clean on a continuous basis instead of one day a year. The garbage we will be
      picking up will be placed in the trash cans. In the end the students also will gain the community hours
      they need to meet the criteria to graduate high school.

Milford Literacy Center – Motorcycle Ride
Laura Ambrogio announced the Milford Literacy Center’s Annual Motorcycle Ride was scheduled for
July 10th. It starts at the Orange Ale House. Last year, the WBA donated $250 to the cause. A motion
was made and seconded to donate $250 to the Literacy Center again this year.

Art Strolls
Donna Turner Woods provided a brief update on the recurring Art Strolls. She indicated over the
course of the season, each subsequent stroll has seen greater and greater attendance, with the most
recent Stroll seeing as many as 200 attendees. The next Art Stroll is scheduled for Thursday, June
23rd. The Art Stroll’s coincide with the Opening Receptions for new exhibits at the Firehouse Gallery –
a full list of these dates can be found on their website at:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Meghan Rabuse
Secretary, Walnut Beach Association

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