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									          The Premier Opportunity

            Need Cash Flow?
    Could you use an extra $1000+ a month
            working just 3 or 4 nights? You CAN!

                      Premier Is The Best!
     1.   We Are The HIGHEST Paying Direct Sales Co.
     2.   NO Quotas! No Minimums!
     3.   NO Inventory! NO Deliveries!
     4.   Tax Deduction Advantages!
     5.   Training Is Provided!
     6.   Biblically Based & DEBT-FREE Company!                           Your HOSTESS Benefits
     7.   THE BEST Hostess Plan!
     8.   Simple Show Set-Up!
     9.   No Territories!                                               You receive   30% of your Total Sales in FREE Jewelry!
    10.   You Wear Your Business!
          Consider What Premier Could Do For You!                       You may purchase up to 8 items at        ½ price
                                                                         (which also counts in your total sales, increasing your FREE jewelry)
* A New Car                      * A Fantastic Vacation
* Pay Off Debt ($12-24K a year?) * Be a Stay-At-Home Mom                You can earn up to an additional   $100 in FREE Jewelry
* Education for your children    * Invest & Retire Early
                                                                             $25 Bonus for keeping your original scheduled Home show date.
                                                                            $25 Bonus for having 10 or more guests at the presentation.
             Receive a Jewelry Coupon                                        $25 Bonus for getting $100.00 in advance orders.
                              just for listening.
                You have nothing to lose by checking it out!                 $25 Bonus if 3 of your friends host a show.
            Call or email to set up a time to listen. No pressure!
                Lindell Berg (570) 668-0404                               Hostess Averages over           $300 in FREE Jewelry !

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