A Need for Tort Reform for Personal Injury Lawsuits is a Myth

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					A Need for Tort Reform for Personal Injury Lawsuits is a Myth Pushed by the

Insurance Companies and Chambers of Commerce

   CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cincinnati personal injury lawyer fights Tort reform that

is being pushed because of so called lawsuit abuse or frivolous lawsuits. As a Cincinnati personal injury

lawyer for over 30 years, the reality is that jurors are very savvy and follow the law. They deny bad cases and

compensate those personal injury claims that deserve money damages. Big insurance and chambers of

commerce want to keep their foot on the throats of wrongfully injured and their personal injury lawyers;

especially if the injury victim was catastrophically injured and merits millions in compensation to allow them

the medical and financial care to survive.

Caps on damages merely put the injury victim on welfare as soon as the limited award runs out. Instead of

the wrongdoer's insurance company paying for this loss it ends up in the hands of the taxpayer to support

them through public assistance. Personal injury lawyers and Judges in the Courthouses will tell you large

verdicts are few and far between. The insurance companies have skillfully misrepresented some cases or

used an aberrant case to turn public opinion against injury victims. The average juror is likely skeptical, at the

very least, of car accident and personal injury claims.

Anthony Castelli Cincinnati personal injury attorney and car accident lawyer seeks to fight back against big

business and big insurance and inform the public through publishing articles, blog posts and ebooks on his

personal injury website.

He also has started a podcast with feature stories on Wrongful Death- What is a Life Worth and Critical Facts

About Your Ohio Personal Injury case.

As a coauthor of the best selling book Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - What You Insurance Company Doesn't

Want You to Know and Won't Tell You Before it's too Late, Attorney Castelli Cincinnati personal injury lawyer

is asking all of the authors and all personal injury lawyers across the country to write a blog article on this

subject, and is urging folks to watch the movie on HBO "Hot Coffee."

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