Minutes Facilities Committee 20100903 by Mtri58q


									                              Campus Facilities Planning Meeting
                                     September 3, 2010

Present: Margarita Arellano, Michael Abbott, David Bisett, Maria Canabal, Richard Cheatham,
Don Compton, Lou DeVirgillio, Carol Dochen, Juan Guerra, Krista Haynes, David Healey,
Mike Kryzwonski, David Lemke, John McGee, Ralph Meyer, Nancy Nusbaum, Kim Porterfield,
Rosanne Proite, Colter Ray, Chris Reynolds, Dave Falleur for Barbara Sanders, and Harold Stern

Absent: Micky Autrey, Coyle Buhler, Gary Cassens, Terry Dowdy, Ann Marie Ellis, Melanie
Ferrari, Frank Gonzalez, Derek Grice, Bobby Patton, Michael Petty, John Root, Tina Schultz,
and William Stone

City of San Marcos Report
   Mr. David Healey thanked everyone for their patience as the City undertakes and completes
   many projects. He reported there are several back logged projects and currently 67 active
   projects, including the airport. Eight projects were completed in 2010 and ten new projects
   are proposed for 2011. The Capital Improvement Plan has been reduced from $125 million
   to $72 million.

       1. Wonder World Drive finished under budget (KBR, 12 year project
          covering 3.5 miles)
       2. 5 mile dam/soccer field project is close to being completed
       3. Ribbon cutting for Craddock Avenue extension is scheduled for November 2010
       4. Airport Control and Tower opening soon
       5. McCarty Lane to the new High School to be finished in November 2010
       6. Sessom Drive (2.2 miles) is completed. TXDOT completed the second phase of
          resurfacing. The City is taking another look at the guard rail system and working on
          design plans. They will invite the University to provide feedback.
       7. Central Fire Station is occupied
       8. Current work on Comanche is taking a little longer as it requires more repairs than
       9. Upcoming downtown changes will be a multi-year project
       10. Victory Gardens (like Rio Vista project) will address water and flooding problems

   Ralph Meyer asked if the City has plans to restripe Guadalupe. David Healey stated that yes
   it will be restriped, reflectors added, and work will be done on the cross walks.

   Chris Reynolds asked about the work at Wonder World and Hopkins. This is new apartment

   The City and Texas State are continuing to work together regarding infrastructure for the
   Center for Research and Commercialization.
Presidential Approval of Projects
   1. Classroom Renovation and Class Lab Renovation recommendations, Deferred
       Maintenance Plan, and FY 2011 HEAF Plan were approved by the President.
   2. Renovation of 2nd floor for PACE was approved by the President
   3. Renovation of Recycling Center in FY2011 was approved by the President
   4. Emergency generator for Freeman Aquatic was approved by the Provost but another issue
       was raised. (note – issue was resolved and project will commence)

Renovation Requests for July
Renovation requests were circulated via email to the Committee since the July meeting was
cancelled. The following is a recap:
           a. Committee recommended approval of the request from Engineering &
              Technology to modify the space previous used to teach drafting courses for the
              Concrete Industry Management and Construction Science & Management
              programs (2010-008). Department has funds for F&E but needs funds for the
              renovation. Sent to President’s Cabinet on July 19 for approval. Approved by
           b. Committee recommended approval of the request from Military Science to install
              a doorway to have access from room 119 to room 121(2010-009). Department
              has funding. Provost and VPFSS approved since under $25,000 and OFPDC has
              been instructed to proceed with the project.
           c. Committee recommended approval of the request from LBJ Student Center to
              replace the existing flooring on first floor (2010-010). Department has funding.
              Because of timing the project was started and completed.
           d. Committee recommended approval of the request from LBJ Student Center to
              renovate Chick-Fil-A (2010-011). Department has funding. Presented to
              President’s Cabinet on July 19 since over $25,000. President approved.
           e. Committee recommended approval of the request from Cogeneration Plant to use
              2 or the 4 construction trailers at Matthews Garage for CoGen staff (2010-012).
              Vice president Nance discussed with the President before signing. A majority of
              the committee approved but there were three objections. President approved for
              temporary use but later rescinded her approval when it was determined the trailers
              could be in use for more than two years.

Property Donation in Smithville, Texas (2011-011)
The Development Foundation received a donation of a home and property in Smithville for a
Liberal Arts “Writer in Residence Program.” The Development Foundation donated the property
to the University and the Board of Regents approved acceptance in August 2010. Funds from an
endowment will cover renovations and maintenance.

Relocation of EHSRM to Smith House (2011-009)
Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management will move to the Smith House. The house
will require renovation, exterior improvements are needed and an addition is needed to
accommodate the number of staff in the department. The current cost estimate is $300,000;
however, we are continuing to work to bring this down. President’s Cabinet endorsed the move
and project.
Allocation and Renovation of Thornton House (2011-008)
The Thornton House will require some renovation for new occupants. The facility will be
renamed the Thornton International House as approved by the Board of Regents in August.
International Studies will move from the Hill House, the Study Abroad Program from ASB, and
Intensive English from ASB after EHSRM moves out of the Thornton House.

Allocation of Hill House and Space in JCK
The International Studies relocation will free up office space in the Hill House for Criminal
Justice. Additionally, University Advancement staff in the Hill House will relocate to JCK when
the Housing and Residence Life Office moves into their new building. Space vacated by UA
staff will go to Criminal Justice as well.

Allocation of Second Floor in Commons
The second floor of Commons is currently vacant but has been allocated to the College of
Liberal Arts Advising Center. A date for renovation has not been established yet.

Allocation of and Minor Renovation of 4th Floor ASB North (2010-017)
The School of Journalism will be allocated one of the meeting rooms for faculty adjunct offices
on the 4th floor. Furniture and data lines are needed. Curriculum and Instruction will be
allocated most of the remaining meeting rooms on the 4th floor. Minimal renovation will take

Renovation Request from University Library of Avery Building (2011-006)
A request was received to expand the library space in the Avery Building. The cost estimate is
$34,500 and the Library has funding. The Committee endorsed the project.

Renovation Request from UPD of Avery Building (2011-007)
A request was received to expand the UPD space in the Avery Building. The cost estimate is
$37,750 and the VPSA has funding. The Committee endorsed the project.

Renovation Request from Instructional Support of Avery Building (2011-005)
A request was received by the VPIT to expand the instructional support center in the Avery
Building. The cost estimate is $39,500 and the VPIT has funding. The Committee endorsed the

Renovation Request to install a window in a former storage room converted to a faculty
office and research lab (2011-004)
A request was received to install a window in RFM 5224 which is a converted office, originally a
storage room. The cost estimate is $600.00 and funding is needed. The Committee endorsed the
Renovation Request from College of Fine Arts & Communication Advising Center: OM
118 (2011-010)
A renovation request to create additional offices for the Advising Center was received. A cost
estimate is not ready at this time. Ms. Nusbaum will circulate via email if the cost estimate
comes in before the October meeting.

Renovation Request from the Testing Center
Disability Services does testing for students who need special accommodations. This service
will be transferred to the Testing Center. The closed U-Club space in Commons will be used to
house the ODS staff moving to the Testing Center. Until the building is renovated, staff will use
cubicles. Dr. Smith has funds for cubicles. The Committee has no objections.

Renovation Request from the Counseling Center
The Counseling Center is sharing space with ADRC. ADRC is reorganizing. The Counseling
Center requested allocation of the ADRC space with slight modifications. Dr. Smith has
funding. The Committee has no objections.

Request from ASG
Colter Ray, ASG Vice President, explained the project to connect with Alumni through the sale
of Bobcat Bricks. September 25th is the launch date. ASG is requesting endorsement to create
funds to pay for a rendering to display that day. The cost of the rendering will come from the
proceeds of brick sales. Committee has no objections.

Renovation Request from Utility Operations Request
As a result of construction trailers not being used to house Cogen staff, they are requesting
permission to build temporary offices inside the Cogen engine bay in order to allow for the
modernization of the switch gear room. Funding has been identified. The Committee has no

Renovation Request from Chemistry & Biochemistry
Four requests were received for the following:
Room 322 - remove lab bench & sink and refrigeration units
Room 342-344 - separate into 4 labs but not walled off completely with doors between them
Room 340 - split suite in half to make separate rooms for additional office space
Room 403 - change walled off open area into faculty office
Cost estimates were not available at this time;; however, the Committee agreed to recommend
that the projects go forward if the cost estimate comes in less than $25,000 each. The Provost
and VPFSS will then approve. If over $25,000, Ms. Nusbaum will bring the projects back to the
Committee for reconsideration. HEAF funding is requested.

Renovation Request from Campus Recreation - Gazebo
A request has been received to construct a Gazebo at Sewell Park to enhance the ability to have
special events in a more protected environment. $50,000 was approved by President’s Cabinet.
The design will be modified to not exceed $50,000.
SAP Real Estate Module –
Ms. Nusbaum reported the facilities inventory system was switched to an SAP module that the
University already owned. Training on the module is currently being scheduled. Department
heads and their administrative support were notified of the training, session dates and times. The
training is not just for academic departments but for any cost center that has space. Staff will be
able to look at their space, coding, and update the data on line. Changes will go to Chris
Reynolds to verify before permanent changes are made to the inventory. Mr. Reynolds will be
available to provide one- on-one training if needed.

Construction Status Report
Construction staff completed 130 projects and there are another 130 on the list. Most all of the
high priority projects were completed before school started this fall. These include: 1st floor
LBJ, relocating Blimpies, Pizza Hut move to food court, Chick-fil-A remodel, 6-7 classroom
renovations, landscaping between Supple and Mitte which also serves as a teaching lab for
Biology, 6-8 utility projects, phase one of the steam line project, and several residence hall
projects were completed.

Undergraduate Academic Center is in site development. The Performing Arts Complex design
development package will be taken to the November Board of Regents meeting and the
rendering will be released to the public in January. The Biology Greenhouse is on track to be
completed by spring 2011. North Campus Housing Complex is in the design phase and the
utility work is currently in construction. The ground breaking for the Track Relocation is
September 4. The North End Zone Stadium project is in programming. Family and Consumer
Sciences is completed and a rededication ceremony will be held October 7. Matthews Garage
and Parking Services are occupied. The ground breaking for the Performing Arts Complex is
scheduled for June 2011. Demolition of 3 Comanche Apartment buildings for the new Housing
& Residence Life Office Building is scheduled. The UPACC contract for demolition is being
awarded. The Nursing Building opened with 98 students.

Proposed Future Meeting Round Rock
Lou DeVirgillo suggested that the Committee hold a future meeting at the RRHEC Campus.
The Committee agreed. Ms. Nusbaum will make the arrangements.

Next Meeting
The next Campus Facilities Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 1,
2010 at 9:00 a.m. to be held in the J. C. Kellam Building, Reed Parr Room, 11th floor.

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