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									  What Others Are
 Saying About Alpha                          Alpha Introductory Dinner & a Movie
For as long as I can remember, through               Various Venues
   my childhood, teens and adult years,        Weekday nights, 6:30 – 8:45 p.m.
   I have asked questions. One question       Movie: Christianity: Boring, Untrue,          A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION
   I constantly asked myself was “Do I                 and Irrelevant?                        TO THE CHRISTIAN FAITH
   believe in God?” I had no answer
   and it bothered me...By the end of
   the third Alpha evening I had come
   to a few realizations that were truly
   stunning for me...I knew that I could
                                            Any further questions about the Alpha course
   never sit on the fence again. --- JILL                can be directed to:
                                                   The Alpha Ottawa Hot Line
To be able to share & discuss & listen to        e-mail: penhumpwill@magma.ca
    & be with people all wanting to           or check out the Alpha Ottawa website
    learn more about the meaning of                      http://alpha.ncf.ca
    Christianity was a highlight in my
    week. --- MARION                             See also the Alpha Canada website
Everything Alpha gave me was so
   positive; it gave me the beginnings of    The next batch of Alpha courses will
   understanding      what     being    a      be starting in September 2004.
   Christian means; it gave me warm
   friendship and a sense of
   belonging...it gave me patient and       Note: Alpha includes a weekend
   thoughtful answers to all my              away: Fri – Sat or Fri - Sun
   questions --- SARAH

I was raised knowing that going to          An opportunity
   church was my duty. I had a belief                        to explore
   in God, but Alpha brought God from
                                                                      the meaning of life
   my head into my heart and going to
   church is no longer duty, but desire.
   --- RAY B.
     What is the point of life?                          Who is Alpha for?
   What happens when we die?
What relevance could Jesus have for               Alpha is for everyone! It’s especially geared to:
                                                   People wanting to investigate Christianity.
          our lives today?
                                                   Newcomers to the church.
 How to find peace in a world of                   New Christians.
              chaos?                               Couples preparing for marriage.
                                                   Those who want to brush up on the basics.
  If you would like to explore questions like
         these, then Alpha is for you.
                                                  What Happens At Alpha?
                                                  The evening begins with a meal followed by a
                                                  video-talk on the following topics:                          Alpha Registration Form
                                                     Who Is Jesus?
         What is Alpha?                              Why Did Jesus Die?                              If you would like to attend an Alpha course please
                                                     How can I be sure of my faith?                  check out the web sites noted overleaf, complete the
Alpha is for:                                        Why And How Should I Read The Bible?            following and forward this section only to the
Anyone interested in finding out more about the      Why And How Do I Pray?
                                                     How does God guide us?
                                                                                                      contact listed for the course location of your choice.

  Christian Faith. People of all ages (over 16)
  are welcome.                                       What About The Holy Spirit? (Friday &                        Please Print Clearly
                                                        Saturday of weekend)
                                                     How can I make the most of the rest of my
Learning and Laughter. It is possible to learn          life? (Saturday)
  about the Christian faith and have fun at the      How Can I Overcome Evil?
  same time.
                                                     Does God Heal Today?
                                                     Why And How Do I Tell Others?
Pasta and people. An opportunity to enjoy a          What About The Church?
                                                                                                      POSTAL CODE:
  meal while getting to know one another.                                                             Contact TEL:
                                                  After each video presentation, we have the
Helping one another. The small groups give        opportunity to move into small groups for
  you a chance to discuss issues raised during    discussion of any issues that have been raised.     Food allergies? 
  the video talks.                                A typical evening runs from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Ask   anything. Alpha is a place where no             What will it cost?                              Age: 16-20  21-25  26-35
  question or comment is seen as too simple or
  too hostile.
                                                  There is no charge for the Alpha course. A
                                                                                                      36-45  46-55  56-65  66+
                                                  free will offering will be accepted to help
                                                  defray the cost of the meal; suggested:

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