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									Students Name:_______________________________ID#:_____Class Period:_

                                          L. G. Pinkston High School
                                         “You Better……Recognize!”
                                                         2009 – 2010
                                                        Si Se Puede!
                                                        Yes We Can!

    Ms. Armstrong – Room 233
     BIMM and BCIS I Classes
     Classroom Procedures
Classroom Expectations
Each student is responsible for his/her behavior. All DPS and attendance
policies will be enforced.
    1. Students will report to class on time.
    2. Students will bring required materials.
    3. Students will treat teachers and fellow students with respect.
    4. Students will take care of personal needs prior to or after class. No
       passes will be issued.
    5. No eating, drinking, or gum chewing will be allowed in the computer lab.
    6. Combing of hair, putting on make-up, nail polish, hair spray, or using
       contact solution is NOT permitted in the computer room.
    7. No student will leave the lab until his or her own workstation has been

Classroom Routines
    When the bell rings begin bell ringer activity immediately.
    When you finish work early, occupy yourself quietly, read a book or
      complete another lesson.
    When you have a question, quietly raise your hand and wait for teacher
    When you need to go to the clinic, quietly raise your hand and wait for
      teacher assistance.
    All assignments will be posted daily on the 6-week calendar.
    All assignments must be completed and done on time.
    All assignments must be turned in the appropriate class period basket. (As
    Students must sit at their assigned computers and are not allowed to use
      other computers unless specifically directed to by the teacher.

Students Name:_______________________________ID#:_____Class Period:_

      No passes will be issued the first 15 minutes or the last 15 minutes of any
       class period, unless it is an emergency.
      No personal items should be on the computer desk or printer area. Place
       items in shelves in the front of the classroom. CLUTTER FREE!
      Any disruptive behavior warrants a disciplinary and/or corrective action.

Grading Policy
    Numerical grades are given for all classes:
            69 and below       =       F       (Unacceptable)
            70-79              =       C      (Acceptable)*
            80-89              =       B      (Recognize)*
            90-100             =       A      (Exemplary)*

      In computation of the six weeks grade, the following will be tabulated on
       the following:
               Classwork (Class Assignments, Bell Ringers)                  40%
               Quizzes                                                      25%
               Portfolio/Projects/Products                                  20%
               Participation (Class Discussion, Following Directions)       15%

General Rules for Classwork

        # of Errors                  Grade
             0                       100%
            1-2                       90%
            3-4                       80%
            5-6                       70%
            7-8                       60%
             >                        50%

Anything below 70%------MUST REDO!!!!

Student Evaluation
    In addition to grades for test and assignments, participation grades will be
     taken periodically based on classwork, class discussion, following
     directions, etc.

   Parents and students who wish to speak with the teacher should call (972)
     502-2700 during school hours. Please leave a name and telephone
     number. Your call will be returned either the day of the call or the next

Students Name:_______________________________ID#:_____Class Period:_

   All students will be required to save all assignments on the local hard
     drive. Each student will be given a username and password for classroom
     use. All files are subject to be checked periodically by the teacher

    Tutoring will be available for all students on Tuesday and Thursdays from
      3:50pm – 4:20pm. Please see your teacher for a tutoring pass.

Make-Up Work and Tutorials
   Assignments are due on the posted date. Each day assignments are late
     10 points will be deducted up to 30 points total. For absences, 2 days will
     be allowed for each day excused absent. Upon returning from an
     absence, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to request the new due date of the
     assignment form the instructor. Tutorials are offered on Tuesday and
     Thursday afternoons from 3:50pm – 4:20pm. If a student fails to attend a
     scheduled tutorial with the teacher, the student will be expected to turn the
     assignment in to the teacher by the due date.
   If the student has access to equipment outside of school, the assignment
     may be taken home to complete. If the student does not have access to
     equipment outside of school, please refer to times available for tutoring to
     complete assignment in a timely manner.

Late Work
    All EXCUSED absences will be allowed one day to complete make-up
      work without penalties. A grade of “0” will be given to all late assignments
      past 3 days due.

Final Exams
    Final exam is a cumulative of all covered material. Students are required
       to know all information covered during the semester. Class notes will
       NOT be allowed on the final exam.

NOTE: The teacher reserves the right to modify the classroom procedures as
required throughout the year.

Your personal questions:

Students Name:_______________________________ID#:_____Class Period:_

Supplies: (All supplies may be purchased at Office Depot)

   1. (1) Set of 5 dividers
   2. Black or Blue ink pen                        Supplies are due by:_____________
   3. (1) ½” White Clearview Notebook

All notebooks will be kept in the classroom at all times. The front cover of your
portfolio will be labeled with the following items: First and last name, Class
period, and station #. Portfolios will be thrown away if they are not labeled!

Computer Equipment Care
Students are expected to help with keeping all computers in working order. Any
student that is found to be damaging computer equipment or wasting supplies
could be banned from working on the computers during class time. Damage
shall include any unnecessary markings (i.e. graffiti), or any other time
determined to be abusive to the equipment as determined by the instructor. The
student’s parent or guardian would be required to make reimbursement for all
damages, and criminal charges for vandalism can be filed against the student. If
a student is found to have knowledge of others vandalizing equipment without
notifying the teacher, or an administrator, the student and his or her
parent/guardian can be held liable for a portion of the cost of repair.

Internet Policy
As per DISD guidelines, students are responsible for their actions while using the
Internet. While DISD does have firewalls and other security to keep students
from non-educational and inappropriate sites, it is ultimately the student’s
responsibility. If a student is found on any site determined to be inappropriate
(examples: chat rooms, weapon-related pages, music lyric web sites, on-line
games sites), the student can loose access to school computers and course
credit. In order to be safe students should always check with the instructor prior
to use.

I understand these policies and accept these policies.

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