Futrell 4e Role Play Ch 8 by DI0rR5B


									   Futrell/Valvasori, ABC’s of Relationship Selling through Service, 4th
                             Canadian Edition

                             Chapter 8



                  You are a salesperson employed at Precision Photocopiers,
                  a factory and warehouse operation specializing in digital
                  photocopiers and fax machines.

                  Precision manufactures and services 2 types of
                  photocopiers. You've invested so much in technology, isn't it
                  time to invest in your documents? Digital copiers offer the
                  economy of a high speed copier with the quality of digital
                  laser technology. With a host of innovative features and
                  accessories, digital copiers provide high quality copies and
                  can even be tied into your network with optional networking

                  Precision prides itself in offering the most cost effective and
                  solid performance low-end model of photocopier Jenny 1 -
                  200 as well as the premium ‘state of the art’ high-end award
                  winning Jenny 2 - 600 model.

                  You are extremely excited about presenting all of the
                  features and benefits of the two models to buyers in
                  industrial and commercial businesses.
Product Fact Sheet
All businesses, large and small, that require photocopying of documents.

The Product Line
    The Jenny 1- 200 and Jenny 2 – Document Centre 600 are the Number
    One Digital Copiers in the market today. They raise copying to a new level
    of quality and productivity. Copies look better with digitally enhanced text,
    graphics and photo mode.
    Jenny 1 – 200
    The Jenny 1 – 200 is designed to grow with your needs. Optional services
    can be added on-site. A high capacity feeder expands paper capacity.
    Its digital technology streamlines the document imaging process, providing
    greatly enhanced image quality, and maximum reliability.
    Its modular design allows the Jenny 1 - 200 to grow with your business
    and its needs.
    Jenny 2 – Document Centre 600 is a high-powered hub for information
    travel ---printing, copying, scanning and faxing when you need it, where
    you need it - including online. It's a workhorse performer that delivers up to
    150 ppm, with superior image quality and powerful finishing options.
    It also features an embedded web-server and its own URL... anywhere in
    the world, if you can get onto the Web, you have full access to the
    capabilities of the Jenny 2 Document Centre 600. For print-for-pay and
    corporate central reprographic departments this is the breakthrough
    solution that can make your print/copy/scan production more cost-efficient.

Jenny 200
Product Features                          Benefits

   Digital technology                    enhanced image quality
   24 hour service support               worry-free use
   1 year full warranty                  cost savings
   Modular design                        ability to upgrade to meet needs
   Fewer moving parts                    more reliable
   Recyclable parts                      environmentally friendly
   Size - 101 cm x 74 cm x 110 cm        fits into small areas
   Weight 250 lbs.                       easy to relocate
   Copy speed – 30 pages per minute      reliable and efficient
 Throughput all paper weights
  including envelopes and
  transparencies                   flexibility in usage
 zoom reduction/enlargement
  25 – 400 % -25% increments       ability to change size of document
 paper trays - 2                  can have different sizes at same time
 ozone emissions <.02 PPM         environmentally friendly

Jenny 2 Document Centre 600
Product Features                   Benefits
 Print Technology Laser           superior quality of image
 24 hour service support          all jobs will be completed on time
 2 year full warranty             cost savings
 Fewer moving and longer
   lasting parts                   more reliable over the long term
 Weight -663 lbs.                 solid construction
 Measurements
   202 cm x 148 cm x 220 cm        more features available
 Copy speed
   150 pages per minute            ideal for large print jobs
 Originals
   up to 100 originals at a time   time savings
 Maximum monthly volume
   300,000                         will perform to high levels of demand
 zoom reduction/enlargement
   25 – 400 % in 1% increments     complete flexibility in sizing of print
 paper trays - 4                  allows for multiple paper sizes

 Criss-Cross Sorting:             produces collated sets that won't jog
                                   together for easy handling or shipping.

Awards and Reviews                 Editors Choice Award
Customer 1 Role – Thinker

You are the owner of ABC Printing that   You are pleased with the Performance
operates 24 hours a day every day. 1     of your photocopiers with only a few
university and 1 college are within a    minor concerns. If there is a logical or
radius of 2 km from your company.        rational reason to consider a purchase
Large contracts for printing are also    you might be interested. You do not
generated by the industrial Mall that    have a specific need at this time.
surrounds your location.

You pride yourself in being
unemotional and in complete
control of your business at all times.

A salesperson from Precision
Photocopiers has called you to discuss
the status of your photocopiers.
Customer 2 Role – Intuitor

You have just opened a small clothing        A     salesperson       from    Precision
store. The bookkeeping, ordering, and        Photocopiers has contacted you to
inventory control       will   be     your   discuss the possibility of purchasing a
responsibility until you expand. The         photocopier. You are not really
five-year plan is to have a number of        interested but will listen to what he/she
clothing stores with a central location.     has to say.

Orders are arriving daily and there are
boxes everywhere. You have not had
time to hang most of your abstract
prints or coordinate your own attire.
You are feeling a little unorganized but
excited about the future possibilities of
your new business.

A close friend and business mentor of
yours has informed you that you should
be acquiring some office equipment. In
the conversation she suggested taking
a look at photocopiers even though you
might not need one right away.
Customer 3 Role - Feeler

You are the owner of Little Tots            A      salesperson      from     Precision
Daycare Centre. In the past 2 years         Photocopiers has contacted you
your business has grown to the point        to discuss your photocopying needs.
that you have purchased a large             even though you expressed no real
Victorian home for the business and         need or interest at this time you are
hired 6 additional staff. The centre is     willing to listen to what he/she has
very conscientious in providing reports     to offer.
to the parents and records to the local
governing bodies. The well-being of the
children and the care delivered by your
staff is paramount in your mind.

As a result of your expansion you have
a new office which is decorated with
photos of your family and special
children who attended your daycare.

Up to this point in time you have sent
any photocopy needs to the local print
shop and have been very satisfied with
their service.
Customer 4 Role – Senser

As the newly appointed manager of a         A Precision Photocopier salesperson
large financial investment institution      noticed the announcement of your
you find that time is the one thing you     promotion and has contacted you to
do not have enough of. There are a          discuss possible office equipment
thousand details to be documented and       needs. He/she specifically want to talk
the financial investment business is        about the photocopying machines. You
constantly changing.                        have no real need at this time but are
                                            willing to meet with him/her briefly.
The office is now 10 years old and has
been functioning with the same level of
staff and relatively small increases in
business. The success is based on
retaining the existing customers over
the course of time unlike other financial
investment firms. In addition to this the
cost savings have been maintained by
working with the existing equipment.

As you are an action-oriented individual
you are somewhat disappointed in the
lack of new business and as such are
launching a bonus based structure on
new investors.
Salesperson Role 1

You are calling on the owner of ABC Printing that
operates a 24 hours a day every day print business.

In the process of prospecting you set up an
appointment to discuss the photocopying needs of
this individual.

She did not express any immediate need for your
product, however, was willing to take a few minutes
to meet with you.

As you enter her office you notice her 2 laptop
computers and a number of reports on her desk.

Your sales objective for this call is to uncover a need
and to get a commitment for a ‘hands on’
demonstration of Jenny series.
Salesperson Role 2

You are calling on a small clothing store that has just
opened for business.

In the brief telephone discussion with the owner you
found out that he was not ready to purchase a
photocopier. He was willing to meet with you even
though he did not perceive a need at this time.

As you arrive you see clothing and unopened boxes
everywhere. There are a few prints hung on the walls.
The buyer is looking somewhat disorganized and
wearing clothing that looks like he slept in it.

Your sales objective for this call is to uncover a need
and to get a commitment for a ‘hands on’
demonstration of Jenny series.
Salesperson Role 3

You are calling on Lisa the owner of Little Tots
Daycare Centre. While discussing Lisa’s business
you have discovered that In the past 2 years
business has grown substantially.

As a result of expansion Lisa has a new office. As
you enter this office you notice that it is decorated
with photos of her family and many of the special
children who attended her daycare.

Lisa has been sending her photocopy needs to the
local print shop. She has no complaints regarding
their service.

Even though Lisa did not see a need to purchase a
photocopier she was willing to meet with you to
discuss your models.

Your sales objective for this call is to uncover a need
and to get a commitment for a ‘hands on’
demonstration of Jenny series.
Salesperson Role 4

You are calling on the newly appointed manager of a
large financial investment institution. You noticed the
announcement in the local paper and called to
congratulate her. During the conversation you
mentioned that she might need photocopiers, as the
office is about 10 years old.

She informed you that she did not have a need at this
time but was willing to give you a few minutes to
discuss your models.

As you enter her office you notice photos of her racing
a large sailboat and stepping out of the pilot side of a
small airplane.

Even though she expressed no real interest or need
for photocopiers you are being given a few minutes to
discuss the possibility.

Your sales objective for this call is to uncover a need
and to get a commitment for a ‘hands on’
demonstration of Jenny series.
Sales Performance Checklist (Observers Checklist)

Approach and Uncovering Needs
                                    Yes   No    Comments
Professional Approach

Professional attitude towards
customer(s).                                    _____________________

Honest and ethical                              _____________________

Tries to discover problems                      _____________________

Tries to uncover need(s)                        _____________________

Buyers Style

Thinker                                         _____________________
Intuitor                                        _____________________
Feeler                                          _____________________
Senser                                          _____________________

Uncovering Needs

What questions did salesperson pose? ________________________________

Did the salesperson use SPIN?       ________________________________

What need was uncovered?            ________________________________

Features and Benefits

Features related to style                       _____________________
Benefits related to style                       _____________________

Sales Objective

Was the objective met?                          _____________________

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