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					      Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
             Islamabad Campus


                      EHSAN AFZAL

                Mr.Ishfaq khan
Idea: To provide automobile facility on the spot

Our company can provide a repairing facility on the spot where your car
was not working or broken down, and in case If you have locked your
keys or run out of petrol, call us.

In some cases when your car problem was not solved on the spot .We’ll
tow your automobile to nearest place of safety or repair. And our
company can acquire limited charges with their customers for the purpose
to providing repairing facility on the spot.

We are a solely based company, working around the clock and we try to
solve the problem on the spot it’s not a matter where you are on Pakistan
roads, at home, at work, or by the roadside. Our employees are fully
qualified and have years of experience to facilitate with your automobile
issue on the spot.

Our company has the highest standards for our customer’s satisfaction,
our qualified staff taking your calls all day and night and they always
available to help you when your car was broken down or wherever you
maybe stand. Our staff always try to give you a quick response to assist
you with your problem being night or day, so you can be quickly back on
the road and to your destination.

With our round the clock service it gives our customer great satisfaction
knowing that the service provided by our technicians is of very high
standard and professionalism. So that they are not only happy with the
end results but also leave us with a smile.

We are the best company which offers or provide high services to the
customers, much compare to other company who make promises but
don’t deliver or providing less adequate services, we always focus on our
customer satisfaction and we always focus that how we quickly get back
the customer on the road.

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