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					                               Kindergarten Poetry Selections

1. DEAR GOD                                             7. TWO IN BED
   Dear God, I've had a happy day;                         by A.B. Ross
   I tried to do my best.                                  When my brother Tommy
   And now I thank You for the night                       Sleeps in bed with me,
   When children all can rest.                             He doubles up
                                                           And makes
2. THE WHOLE DUTY OF CHILDREN                                      exactly
   by Robert Louis Stevenson                                        like
   A child should always say what's true,                             a
   And speak when he is spoken to,                                    V
   And behave mannerly at the table;                       And 'cause the bed is not so wide,
   At least as far as he is able.                          A part of him is on my side.
3. THE GOLDEN RULE                                      8. THE BIRTHDAY CHILD
   Children, do you love each other?                       by Rose Fyleman
   Are you always kind and true?                           Everything's been different
   Do you always do to others                                  All the day long,
   As you'd have them do to you?                           Lovely things have happened,
                                                               Nothing has gone wrong.
   See that little sunbeam                                  Nobody has scolded me,
   Darting through the room.                                     Everyone has smiled.
   Lighting up the darkness,                                Isn't it delicious
   Scattering the gloom.                                         To be a birthday child?
   Let me be a sunbeam                                  9. OLD MAN WITH A BEARD
   Everywhere I go,                                        by Edward Lear
   Making glad and happy                                   There was an Old Man with a beard
   Everyone I know.                                        Who said, "It is just as I feared!
                                                               Two Owls and a Hen,
5. THE OLDEST MAN EVER                                         Four Larks and a Wren,
   by Emily Hunter                                         Have built their nests in my beard!"
   If Methuselah had a birthday cake,
   How many candles would it take?                      10. THE PURPLE COW
                                                            by Gelett Burgess
   'Twould take nine hundred and sixty-nine,                I never saw a Purple Cow,
   For Methuselah lived a LONG...                               I never hope to see one,
          LONG...                                           But I can tell you, anyhow,
              TIME!                                             I'd rather see than be one.
6. PEAS                                                 11. I’M GLAD
   Anonymous                                                Anonymous
   I eat my peas with honey,                                I'm glad the sky is painted blue,
   I've done it all my life.                                And the earth is painted green,
   It makes the peas taste funny,                           With such a lot of nice fresh air
   Keeps them on my knife.                                  All sandwiched in between.

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                                   Kindergarten Poetry Selections

12. SAY YOU ARE SORRY                                   17. IF I WERE A CLOWN
    by Emily Hunter                                         Author Unknown
    Quick, Quick!                                           If I were a clown
        The sun goeth down!                                 For just one day
    Away with your anger!                                   I'd make up my face
        Off with your frown!                                In the funniest way.
    Say you are sorry
                                                            A nose like a hose
        Before you part,
                                                            Eyebrows of green,
    So you'll go to bed
                                                            And the biggest smile
        With a merry heart.
                                                            You've ever seen.
    by Emily Hunter                                     18. SHALL I SING
    Whenever I see a cloud, I say,                          by Kate Greenaway
    ''Is Jesus coming to earth today?"                      "Shall I sing?" says the Lark,
    A cloud took Jesus up and away.                             "Shall I bloom?" says the Flower:
    A cloud will bring Him back someday!                    "Shall I come?" says the Sun,
                                                                "Or shall I?" says the Shower.
    by Dorothy Aldis                                        Sing your song, pretty bird
    Everybody says                                              Roses, bloom for an hour,
    I look just like my mother.                             Shine on, dearest sun,
    Everybody says                                              Go away, naughty Shower!
    I'm the image of Aunt Bee.
    Everybody says                                      19. CLOUDS
    My nose is like my father's,                            by Dorothy Aldis
    But I want to look like me.                             If I had a spoon
                                                            As tall as the sky
15. MY GIFT                                                 I'd dish out the clouds
    by Christina Rossetti                                   That go slip-sliding by.
    What can I give Him
    Poor as I am,                                           I'd take them right in
    If I were a shepherd,                                   And give them to cook
    I would give a lamb.                                    And see if they tasted
    If I were a wise man,                                   As good as they look.
    I would do my part.
    But what can I give Him?                            20. I HAD A LITTLE PONY
    I will give my heart.                                   Mother Goose
16. A BUG                                                   I had a little pony,
    by Aileen Fisher                                             His name was Dapple-Gray,
    I saw a bug,                                            I lent him to a lady,
        with twenty feet                                         To ride a mile away.
    Go crawling up
        and down the street,                                She whipped him, she lashed him.
    And wondered if                                             She rode him through the mire;
        he stubbed ONE toe                                  I would not lend my pony now
    If he would really know.                                    For all the lady’s hire.

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                                Kindergarten Poetry Selections

21. FIREFLY                                              26. THE PEOPLE
    by Elizabeth Madox Roberts                           by Elizabeth Madox Roberts
    A little light is going by,                          The ants are walking under the ground.
    Is going up to see the sky,                          And the pigeons are flying on the steeple.
    A little light with wings.                           And in between are the people.

    I never could have thought of it,                27. LIGHTNING BUG
    To have a little bug all lit                         Anonymous
    And made to go on wings.                             I envy you, oh lightning bug,
                                                         You worry not a bit,
22. SCHOOL IS OVER                                       For when you see a traffic cop
    by Kale Greenway                                     You know your taillight's lit.
    School is over,
        Oh, what fun!                                28. BUT THEN
    Lessons finished,                                    Author Unknown
        Play begun.                                      A tooth fell out
    Who'll run fastest,                                      and left a space
        You or I?                                            so big my tongue
    Who'll laugh loudest?                                    can touch my face
    Let us try.                                          And every time
                                                             I smile, I show
23. THE NORTH WIND DOTH BLOW                                 a place where something
    by Mother Goose                                          used to grow.
    The North Wind doth blow                             I miss my tooth
        And we shall have snow,                              as you may guess
    And what will Robin do then,                             but then - I have to
        Poor thing?                                          brush one less!

    He will sit in the barn.                         29. THE TOOTH
       To keep himself warm.                             by Lee Bennetl Napkins
    And hide his head under his wing,                    I jiggled it
       Poor thing!                                            joggled it
                                                              jerked it.
24. SINGING                                              I pushed
    by Dorothy Aldis                                          and pulled
    Little birds sing with their beaks                        and poked it.
    In the apple trees;                                  But
    But crickets in the grass                            As soon as I stopped, and left it alone
    Are singing with their knees.                        This tooth came out on its very own.

25. ONLY MY OPINION                                  30. RAIN
    by Monica Shannon                                    by Robert Louis Stevenson
    Is the caterpillar ticklish?                         The rain is raining all around,
         Well, it's only my belief                            It falls on field and tree,
    That he giggles, as he wiggles                       It rains on the umbrellas here,
         Across a hairy leaf.                                 And on the ships at sea.

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