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									Job Title                     Industry      Job Summary

                                            The essence of this job is to assist the principal
                                            partner in admistrative duties which include
                                            drafting and managing letters of litigation and
Executive Secretary (Legal)   Legal Firm    other legal documents.

                                            This job entails managing the company's account
                                            and advisng management on expenses and
                                            other assets. The successful candidate will be
Financial Accountant          Legal Firm    required to advice on budgets.

                                            To manage logistics and Support staff in
                                            discharging their duties effectively. The support
                                            staff includes drivers, cleaners, security etc. The
                                            successful candidate would be responsible for all
                                            campany stationery purchases and relating with
Admin Manager                 Legal Firm    vendors on maintenance projects.

                                            This position is for a secretary at an executive
                                            level. The successful candidate will assist the
                                            Principal partner in planing his daily activities
                                            and meetiings. Organise and manage letters and
                                            correspondences in all confidentiality and all
Secretary                     Legal Firm    other secreterial duties.
                                            This role is for a 5-star hotel located in V.I. The
                                            purpose of this job is to boost sales through
                                            market surveys and projections, plans and
                                            following through the target. It is highly target
                                            driven. This is a highly professional sales
                                            position. She will be responsible to build the
Sales Executive               Hospitality   marketing team.
Job requirements                            Yrs of Exp. Deadline   Location

Preferably male, must have experience
working in a Legal practice firm, must be
highly professsional, debt recovery
experience is highly required,              8-10 yrs       19-Apr Lagos Island

Strong financial knowledge is required,
Budget experience, must be able to
provide financial reports as required,
advisory and management skills is highly
desired. Must be ICAN or ACCA certified.    7 yrs          19-Apr Lagos Island

Must have hands-on experience in admin,
must be a people person and must also
know how to manage people, Must be able
to manage various programmes. Must be
smart and have the ability to take
initiative. Preferably male.            5-7 yrs            19-Apr Lagos Island

Must have hands-on experience working as
a PA or secretary to a CEO. Must be
proactive, Experience in office
administration in an advantage, experience
working in a legal practice environment is
also an advantage. Preferably male.        2 yrs           19-Apr Lagos Island

All applicants must be female, the
successful candidate must be very
motivated and must be a people person
with a striking personality. Must be a team
leader/builder. Must have hands -on sales
skills.                                     n/a            19-Apr Victoria Island

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