2011 12 Fin Aid Checklist by QeX83Lnj


									                                    2011-12 FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION PLANNING GUIDE

APPLICATION                                   DEADLINES                   FOLLOW THROUGH                                                               AWARDS
[ ] Free Application for Federal Student      Best if submitted by Feb     May apply online: www.fafsa.ed.gov/
Aid (FAFSA)                                   15th. Use income tax         Include UAF school code 001063                                             $_____________
                                              return for 2010 to           If you have any difficulty with the online process, call                   Pell Grant
Serves as application for Pell Grant,         complete FAFSA.              1-800-433-3243.
student loans and other aid. Used by tribal                                If corrections are required, follow their instructions carefully.          $_____________
scholarship agencies to determine your        Date sent ____________                                                                                   Work Study
financial need.
[ ] Applications for tribal government        Deadlines and                   New Students-submit complete application to your tribal
scholarships and grants.                      supporting documents            employment/education office.
                                              vary by agency.                 Continuing students-send letter of intent to tribal office and follow   $______________
Contact the village council office in which                                   their requirements for continued funding status. Send them a copy        Scholarship or Grant
you are an enrolled tribal member and         Date sent___________            of your grades at the end of each semester.
request application.
[ ] Other Scholarship Sources:                UAF deadline: Feb 15th         Prepare applications neatly, preferably typed.
      Regional and Village Corporations       UA deadline: Feb 15th          Have at least three current letters of recommendation ready to           $______________(           )
      University of Alaska Foundation                                         include with applications.                                               $______________(           )
      Regional CDQ                            Other deadlines vary by        Have a personal goals essay drafted on a word processor that you         $______________(           )
      Local School District                   each source but are             can tailor to each specific scholarship.                                 $______________(           )
      Tribal Health Organization              generally early in the         Develop a resume or list of extra-curricular activities.                 $______________(           )
      Private Scholarships                    year. Check regularly          UA and UAF Foundation scholarships online applications:
      Regional or Local Utility Company       with your school                http://www.uaf.edu/finaid/types/index.html
      Local Civic Organizations               counselor office for           UAF Admissions scholarships for new students see
                                              posted announcements.           http://www.uaf.edu/finaid/types/index.html
[ ] AlaskAdvantage Loans (includes            Apply as soon after Jan 1      See the website http://www.uaf.edu/finaid/applyonline.html .
Teacher Scholarship Loan if nominated by      as your FAFSA is               To apply for loan offerings students must complete the 2011-12
rural school district). Alaskan Students:     completed and at least 6        FAFSA.                                                                   $______________
This is a collection of federal & state       weeks prior to school          The interest rates are set in July of each year. Loans available for     Student Loan(s)
education loans at lower interest rates.      attendance.                     individual students and parent/family loans for student.

Available to Alaska residents for                                         The former Alaska Student Loan program has expanded to be both a
vocational and college studies.                                           federal student loan lender as well as Alaska supplemental education
                                                                          loan lender.

[ ] Part-time Employment                      Most colleges offer            At UAF, see student employment opportunities online at
                                              student employment              https://www.uakjobs.com/applicants/jsp/shared/frameset/Frameset.j        $______________
                                              opportunities on campus.        sp?time=1192742509976
[ ] Savings and Summer Earnings               Plan on having money           Plan out a budget for the academic year. Make your best
                                              available to cover extra        predictions about financial aid you may receive and compare that         $______________Savings
                                              expenses such as travel,        with the expected costs of tuition, fees, housing, meal plan, books,     $______________Summer
                                              books, personal                 travel and personal spending needs.
                                              spending, etc.                                                                                           $______________Family $

Prepared by: Rural Student Services University of Alaska Fairbanks PO Box 756320 Fairbanks, AK 99775                                                              February 2011

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