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30 April – 6 May, 2006

Welcome to the Rolex Antigua Sailing Week 2006

G O V E R N M E N T OF A N T I G U A and B A R B U D A
Greetings from Antigua & Barbuda, this is a fine time to let you know that our Beach is just the beginning
of your experience in Antigua & Barbuda.
As Minister of Tourism I would like to extend a warm Antiguan welcome to all sailors and visitors to our
twin island state. This is home of the 39th Annual Antigua Sailing Week which takes place from 30th April
to May 6th 2006. Antigua Sailing Week is one of the World’s major international regattas and indeed a
very enthralling event.
We invite you to sail our pristine waters over to Barbuda and visit the world famous Frigate Bird sanctuary,
snorkel and experience the greatest dives of your life. Stretch out on the pink sand beaches of Barbuda.
This is a land of festival and this year’s Sailing Week will be no exception, it will be more spectacular with
the growth that it has enjoyed amongst the international sailing community. Nelson’s Dockyard, with its
rich history, has embraced this event with lots of exuberance and entertainment. Antigua is indeed “The
Sailors Paradise”.
We know that you will feel at home among our friendly people. Please join us and enjoy our warm hospi-
tality, our crisp climate, and the tranquility of our blue seas. We maintain that in Antigua & Barbuda you will
surely discover that “the beach is only the beginning” in our courtesy, our culture and world class cuisine.
We sincerely wish you an enjoyable stay and look forward to seeing you again and again.

Hon. Harold Lovell
Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation


Chairman’s Welcome

On behalf of the Sailing Week Committee, I would
like to extend a warm Antiguan welcome to the 39th
Annual Rolex Antigua Sailing Week.
Started in 1967, Antigua Sailing Week has gradually
developed into one of the world’s leading regattas.
This year we are very excited about becoming part
of the Rolex family of international regattas. Rolex
sponsors some of the most prestigious yachting
events worldwide and we believe that this partner-
ship will bring a new dimension to Antigua Sailing
Week and our position as the Caribbean’s premier
yachting event.
Even so it is the pristine waters and the Atlantic
trade winds around the spectacular coastline that
make Antigua Sailing Week such a unique event.
The transition from the Atlantic Ocean to the
Caribbean Sea is so breath-taking, the dark blue
ocean becomes a turquoise paradise, towering
cliffs give way to fine golden beaches, this is what
Antigua has to offer.
Whether you are in Antigua for the racing or just to
enjoy the spectacle from shore, we invite you to
participate in the many social events that surround
Antigua Sailing Week. There is an event for everyone
— enjoy a taste of Antiguan culture, enjoy the
Antiguan food and enjoy the Antiguan Rum — in
moderation of course!!
We hope that you enjoy your week with us, have a
fabulous time.

Neil Forrester
Chairman Antigua Sailing Week

ASW 2006 – Programme of Events                                                     Table of Contents

Monday April 17th                                                                  Welcome Letter, Minister of Tourism ................................................................ 3
        A committee desk will be opened in the                                     Chairman’s Welcome...................................................................................... 5
        Sailing Week Village at Falmouth Harbour                                   ASW 2006 Programme of Events.................................................................... 6
Wednesday April 26th – Closing Day for Entries                                     Antigua Sailing Week Organization .................................................................. 7
Thursday April 27th                                                                Programme of Social Events .......................................................................... 8
0900     Start of Guadeloupe to Antigua Race – Des Haies to English Harbour        Special Thanks to our Sponsors............................................................ 10 & 12
Friday April 28th                                                                  Special Thanks to Businesses ...................................................................... 12
1500      Winners of Schools’ Art Competition display opens at the Admiral’s Inn   ASW 2005 Official Results .................................................................. 14 & 50
1800      Official ASW 2006 Press Briefing                                           ASW 2006 – Sailing Instructions .................................................................. 24
Saturday April 29th                                                                Appendix One – ASW 2006 Yacht Races
         Skipper’s Briefing at Temo Sports, Falmouth Harbour                            Race One ............................................................................................ 28
         Entry by official invitation only (one person per crew only)                   Race Two ............................................................................................ 30
                                                                                       Race Three .......................................................................................... 32
Sunday April 30th – Day One                                                            Race Four............................................................................................ 36
         Division A – 1st Leg of the Around the Island Race                            Race Five ............................................................................................ 38
         Division B – Dickenson Bay Race                                           Bareboat Championship 2006 Race .............................................................. 40
Monday May 1st – Day Two                                                           Appendix Two – Buoys Used in Offshore Courses .......................................... 42
        Division A – Windward Leeward Race                                         Appendix Three – Preparatory Signals & Start Times...................................... 44
        Division B – Jolly Harbour Race                                            Appendix Four – Safety Requirements for Racing .......................................... 46
Tuesday May 2nd – Day Three                                                        Appendix Five – Codes for Downwind Sailing ................................................ 46
         Division A – Second leg of the Around the Island Race                     General Information ...................................................................................... 48
         Division B – Falmouth Harbour Race
                                                                                   ASW 2005 Official Results continued ............................................................ 50
Wednesday May 3rd – Lay Day                                                        Jan Santos Trophy........................................................................................ 55
Thursday May 4th – Day Four                                                        Swan Caribbean Challenge 2005 .................................................................. 56
         Division A & B – South Coast Races                                        The Caribbean Big Boat Series...................................................................... 57
Friday May 5th – Day Five                                                          Guadeloupe to Antigua 2006 Race ................................................................ 58
         Division A & B – Ocean Races                                              School Art Caribbean Racing ........................................................................ 60
1830     Prize Giving for Division B in Sailing Week Village                       Services, Shopping, Dining, Accommodation .................................................. 61
Saturday May 6th                                                                   40th Annual Antigua Sailing Week 2007 Information ...................................... 68
0900     Bareboat Challenge
2000     Prizegiving at Lord Nelson’s Ball
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                                                                                   Editorial Text & Photography supplied & edited by the Antigua Sailing Week Committee.
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Antigua Sailing Week Organization

Neil Forrester Chairman
Jan Santos Vice Chairman
Ann Marie Martin National Parks Commissioner
Tommy Paterson Chairman, Race Committee
Lorraine Headley Ministry of Tourism
Tim deGavre
Gillian Noel-Bigler
Tom Paterson Chairman
Jan Santos Race Secretary
Peter Grimm
David Arnold
Bernie Evan-Wong
Peter Grimm Race Officer
David Arnold Race Officer
Arthur Wulschleger Chairman, International Jury
Graeme Hayward Vice Chairman, International Jury
Lyn Bardoe
Denise Martin
Nicki Murphy
Alan Scholl                                        Antigua Sailing Week is under the auspices of the
                                                   Antigua Hotels and Tourist Association, supported by
COMPUTERIZED RESULTS: Edward Sharp                 the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism
PRESS & PUBLIC RELATIONS: Alastair Abrehart        and the Antigua Yacht Club.

COMMITTEE DESK: Jo Bowker                          ANTIGUA SAILING WEEK
                                                   P.O. BOX W2005, ST.JOHN’S, ANTIGUA
PROTEST DESK: Sandy Squire                         TEL: (268) 462 8872, 462 6164
FRONT COVER: Titan XII, Reichel/Pugh 75            FAX: (268) 462 8873
owned by Tom Hill. Photo by Tim Wright             E-mail:
Alastair Abrehart and Joseph Jones

                                  Programme of Social Events

                                                                                         After the success of last year’s event, 2006 will see
                                                                                         the second edition of the Virgin Atlantic Beach Bash
                                                                                         at Dickenson Bay. There will be fun activities and
                                                                                         entertainment along the beach for all the family. After
                                                                                         all the excitement enjoy the music, sip an ice cold
                                                                                         beer and savour that grilled chicken and lobster.
                                                                                         Monday 1st May
                                                                                         Jolly Harbour Marina will come alive with food and
                                                                                         entertainment in all the local bars.
                                                                                         The Golf Club will host the English Harbour Rum
                                                                                         Captain’s Cocktail Party for owners’ and skippers’
                                                                                         (by invitation only.)
                                                                                         Wednesday 3rd May
                                                                                         After three hard days sailing, you deserve a day’s
                                                                                         play. Lay day takes place on Pigeon Beach. Lots of
                                                                                         fun, with lots to eat and drink. But remember it’s
                                                                                         back to racing the next day!!
                                                                                         Thursday 4th May
                                  Thursday 27th April
                                                                                         After the racing where else could you experience a
                                  After the conclusion of the Guadeloupe to Antigua
                                                                                         Caribbean sunset other than at Shirley Heights. All
                                  join the English Harbour Rum Crew Ball at Pigeon
                                                                                         crewmembers and friends are invited to a special
                                  Point in Falmouth Harbour from 4pm.
                                                                                         bbq party at the Shirley Heights Look Out from 4pm.
                                  Saturday 29th April                                    Enjoy the live entertainment and the unique atmos-
                                  Carifete – Live entertainment with an international    phere but remember there’s still another day to go!!
                                  parade of stars at Miller’s by the Sea from early
                                                                                         Saturday 6th May
                                                                                         The race is over, but not the fun. The Lord Nelson’s
                                  Sunday 30th April                                      Ball culminates Antigua Sailing Week. After the
                                  Come experience the start of the first day’s racing.    Beating of the Retreat by the Royal Antiguan Police
                                  The place to be will be at Shirley Heights. Enjoy a    Band we have the price giving at the Copper &
                                  local breakfast to the rhythm of a steel band at the   Lumber Store in English Dockyard. The Ball contin-
                                  Look Out from 7am. From here the incredible views      ues into the night with the Laviscount Band allowing
                                  of two hundred boats starting a week of racing will    you to enjoy the music and dance the night away.
                                  keep you captivated. Continue to follow the boats      Tickets for the Ball will be available at the
                                  around the South Coast before heading towards          Committee Desk.
                                  Dickenson Bay.

                                  Rolex and Antigua Sailing Week
                                  would like to Thank our Sponsors

                                  DIAMOND SPONSOR
                                  Stanford International Bank
                                  Stanford International Bank has been a Diamond sponsor of Antigua Sailing Week for the past three years and
                                  continues to be one of its strongest supporters. Stanford International Bank is an international private bank
                                  offering private banking services to international clients and 2005 marks the 20th anniversary of the Bank, a
                                  company which, based on its fundamental principles, helps its clients to build to last. By staying true to these
                                  principles of hard work, clear vision and value for its clients, Stanford International Bank looks forward opti-
                                  mistically to another two decades of success and growth.
                                  For more information, please visit

                                  GOLD SPONSORS
                                  Antigua Distillery Ltd
                                  After a partnership spanning nearly fifteen years Antigua Sailing Week is pleased to count Antigua Distillery as
                                  a Gold Sponsor and its Official Rum Supplier. The Distillery was formed in 1932 from a group of small, individ-
                                  ual rum shops. Originally, its full-bodied, aged Cavalier Muscavado Rum named after the high quality sugar
                                  molasses from which it was made, pleased consumers. In 1992 to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary
                                  of The Antigua Sailing Regatta Antigua Distillery introduced English Harbour Rum as an international brand.
                                  Crafted in copper stills, aged in oak barrels, and with an assortment of vintage rums, it has received worldwide
                                  recognition, ranking English Harbour 5 yr Rum as one of the ten most remarkable rums worldwide. English
                                  Harbour Rum continues to be a premium rum distiller in the Leeward Islands.

                                  Cable & Wireless
                                  As the “Official Telecommunications Provider” and Gold Sponsor Cable & Wireless is showing its continued
                                  support to Antigua Sailing Week. In Antigua & Barbuda, Cable & Wireless has invested millions of dollars to
                                  build a robust and reliable network with a full range of world-class communications services. The level of
                                  investment will continue in the foreseeable future to ensure that customers continue to have superior service
                                  that outperforms any other service provider. Cable & Wireless is dedicated to offering a wide range of industry-
                                  leading IP, voice and data products and services designed for both consumers and businesses. Visit our offices
                                  at Woods Mall, Long & Thames Streets or English Harbour for more information and to view our extensive dis-
                                  play of mobile handsets and accessories.

                                  Yachting World
                                  Yachting World came on board in 2005 and is now a Gold Sponsor and Official Media Partner to Antigua
                                  Sailing Week. Yachting World is the oldest yachting magazine in the world, established in 1894. Read in over
                                  100 countries, it has become synonymous with quality, authority and excellence. From blue water cruiser to
                                  super-yacht, Yachting World has the best in nautical writing and photography, up-to-the-minute technical
                                  reports, equipment valuation, new boat tests and informed comment.

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic is an award winning UK based airline whose brand is all about challenging the status quo. An
unrelenting focus on innovation and customer service has resulted in frequent travelers voting Virgin Atlantic
‘Best Transatlantic Airline’ more times than any other airline.
Virgin Atlantic brought their special touch to Sailing Week in 2005 with the creation of the Virgin Atlantic Beach
Bash at Dickenson Bay. It was an exciting day that included a performance by a world class ski club “Stars of
Florida”, a race across Dickenson Bay with the Bath Tub Derby, a play area for children, a live performance of
Abba One and loads of goodies throughout the day.
Originally launched in 1984 with one flight a day between London and New York, Virgin now operates one of
the world’s youngest airline fleets. We connect Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Tobago, Cuba, Bahamas
and, starting in July 2006, Jamaica with the UK and beyond to Africa, India, Asia, Australia.
The newest innovation launched by Virgin Atlantic is the Upper Class Suite. When flying in Upper Class you’ll
be able to luxuriate in the biggest fully flat bed in Business Class. But your journey begins well before you board
the aircraft. Offering four chauffeur driven cars you are picked up at home and in London whisked through the
drive in check in. Add to this the on-board bar, award winning in flight entertainment and the exclusive
Clubhouse in Gatwick with the Virgin Touch heath and beauty salon and the Upper Class Suite is a product
beyond compare. We look forward to welcoming you on-board!

Ocean World
Ocean World, a silver sponsor, is part of, and is the official clothing and merchandiser for
Antigua Sailing Week. Started in Cowes, the 'home' of yachting, the company also has an outlet in the middle
of Nelson's Dockyard Antigua, and distributes worldwide. It specializes in yachting event clothing and has sup-
plied major events throughout the world. With full in-house embroidery, printing, and design facilities, Ocean
World also produces custom crew uniforms for boats and yachts of all sizes from a small Optimist to a full
America's Cup campaign. There are few sailors who don't have an Ocean World garment in their wardrobe!
Come and visit us in our shop during the week, or to order crew uniforms in advance, go to our website at


                                  Rolex and Antigua Sailing Week
                                  would like to Thank our Sponsors

                                  BRONZE SPONSORS
                                  LIAT (1974) Ltd
                                  LIAT is a proud Bronze Sponsor and “Official Regional Carrier” of Antigua Sailing Week and has been serving
                                  the Caribbean for over 48 years. Visitors are able to easily access any one of 19 islands of choice. LIAT pro-
                                  vides excellent connections with international carriers serving the major hubs of the Caribbean. LIAT offers a
                                  wide range of affordable fares. LIAT is headquartered at V.C. Bird International Airport Tel: (268) 480 5600
                                  Fax: (268) 480 5635 Call Centre 1 888 844 LIAT (5428). Website:

                                  It is with great pleasure that we welcome back Heineken and the local representative Trans Caribbean
                                  Marketing (TCM) as Bronze Sponsors and the “Official Beer of the Rolex Antigua Sailing Week 2006”. In 2003
                                  when TCM became the authorized distributor for Heineken Beer they partnered with Antigua Sailing Week to
                                  introduce themselves to the people of Antigua & Barbuda by contributing to the land based events that are
                                  such an important part of this prestigious event.
                                  Now in 2006 we welcome them back as an official sponsor and are pleased that they can once again con-
                                  tribute to the social side of Antigua Sailing Week.

                                  Special Thanks

                                  ANTIGUA SAILING WEEK
                                  Would like to thank the following Businesses for their support
                                  CURTAIN BLUFF HOTEL                                        QUINN FARARA LIQUOR STORE
                                  JOLLY HARBOUR VILLAS                                       VEUVE CLICQUOT
                                  COMPUTECH SERVICES LIMITED                                 A.P.U.A. TELEPHONES
                                  WEST INDIES PUBLISHING                                     A.P.U.A. ELECTRICITY
                                  REX HALCYON COVE HOTEL                                     DOLLAR RENT-A-CAR
                                  ADMIRALS INN                                               NATIONAL PARKS AUTHORITY
                                  TEMO SPORTS                                                MINISTRY OF TOURISM
                                  SANHALL TRADE MARKS LTD                                    DICKENSON BAY BUSINESSES
                                  ILLUMINAT LIMITED                                                                                          12

                                  Antigua Sailing Week 2005

                                  The 38th annual Antigua Sailing Week held April 24       “It wasn’t the windiest day ever but it was a good
                                  to 30, 2005, saw 183 boats representing 27 differ-       trade wind day and there weren’t any holes,” said
                                  ent countries competing in the granddaddy of them        Titan’s tactician Peter Isler on how long he thought
                                  all. Although winds up to 20 knots were seen some        the Round Island Race record would hold. “The key
                                  race days, light winds dogged the event with             is keeping the marks in the same place. That [racing
                                  Division A racing cancelled on Tuesday. Division A       against the clock] has been the constant challenge
                                  completed four races and Division B, five.                for us throughout the Caribbean series,” continued
                                                                                           Isler, “except for St Maarten where we had Carrera
                                  While the weather was unusual, spirits were high,
                                                                                           to play with. The clock has always been foremost in
                                  Penny Bloxham of Team Club Colonna, a Sun
                                                                                           our minds especially in Tortola where we were
                                  Odyssey 451 in Bareboat IV, said: “We had a fantas-
                                                                                           always within a minute on corrected time. We knew
                                  tic time – raced hard, partied hard, it’s just a pity
                                                                                           we had to keep the pedal down and that’s the way
                                  the wind wasn’t hard! The organization was slick
                                                                                           we have been sailing all week. We didn’t leave
                                  and superb – you should be proud. We’re all very
                                                                                           much on the table.”
                                  sad it’s over.”
                                                                                           After her fifth place on the penultimate day of racing,
                                  “This year’s Sailing Week may not have been one
                                                                                           Equation managed to take Sir Peter Ogden’s Swan
                                  of the most spectacular but it was certainly memo-
                                                                                           601 Spirit Of Jethou to a tiebreak with a second
                                  rable,” added vice-chairman Jan Santos. “We’re
                                                                                           place finish on Friday, the final day of racing. Bill
                                  used to perfect conditions here but managed to get
                                                                                           Alcott and his Equation came out better to take sec-
                                  as much racing as we could under the circum-
                                                                                           ond in class with Ogden taking the third place spot.
                                  stances. It was still a good year and we’re looking
                                  forward to welcoming everybody back next year            Les Crouch’s R/P 44 Storm with the boat’s builder
                                  including all the big boats that are undertaking other   Paul Amon at the helm also beat Edgar Cato’s
                                  endeavours this year.”                                   Hissar on a tie-break in Racing II – both had seven
                                                                                           points each. Filip Balcaen’s Swan 56 Aqua Equinox
                                  Titan XII, Tom Hill’s Reichel/Pugh 75 from Puerto
                                                                                           was third. However Cato took home the coveted
                                  Rico and always the favourite this year, won Big
                                                                                           Asprey trophy for winning the NetJets Swan
                                  Boat Racing II with four points, the Lord Nelson’s
                                                                                           Caribbean Challenge after a demanding week of
                                  Trophy for fleet overall by four points and set the
                                                                                           racing against 22 other Swans.
                                  inaugural Round Island Race record with an elapsed
                                  time of 5 hours, 4 minutes and 45 seconds to win         Enzyme, the Trinidadian Henderson 35 comprised of
                                  the Yachting World trophy. Titan also won Best           old Legacy crew, paid Dougie Myers, their skipper
                                  Caribbean Yacht (Division A), Best Yacht Over 60         who passed away last year, the respects they had
                                  Feet and Racing Class, Caribbean Big Boat Series.        hoped by winning Racing IV, the “Caribbean class”.
                                  The much-anticipated participation of the ‘fresh out     Antiguan Lost Horizon II was second having suffered
                                  of the box’ New Zealand supermaxi Maximus was            a disqualification the previous day. EIB-Marina Bas
                                  foiled by engine problems with the transport ship        du Fort, the Beneteau First 10 from Guadeloupe,
                                  and she arrived in Antigua as Sailing Week finished       was third. Russian Swan 48 Murka topped
                                  on Sunday morning.                                       Racer/Cruiser III.
Tarka, the Cork and Cowes Week class winner, can now add Antigua Sailing
Week to the list. The UK-based First 40.7 bested fourteen other boats including
five other First 40.7s in Racer/Cruiser II and took the Sanhall Trademarks Trophy
for best overall racer/cruiser. Having cruised and raced the Caribbean since
crossing the Atlantic with the ARC, Antigua Sailing Week was the prize. Nick
Jones, owner and bowman for the week said: “This [Antigua Sailing Week] was
always the big one and this was the one that we went ball’s out for to try and get
all the boys out from home and do well. It’s always nice to finish up a regatta
with four points from four races even beating the mighty Titan which I think had
six [in fleet] in the end.”
Next 57 Genesis – full of Maximus crew, including co-owners Charles St Clair
Brown and Bill Buckley, left high and dry by the 100-foot supermaxi’s no-show
– took the class win in Performance Cruiser I and Danilo Salsi’s Swan 75 Dasian,
was second. Swan 46 Milanto was third.
Dasian, on her first regatta outing since her launch last year and loaded with
Italian talent including America’s Cup veteran Lorenzo Bortolotti as tactician,
round the world sailor and Star Olympian, Pietro D’Ali, as mainsail trimmer, and
Gigio Russo of North Sails Italy as headsail trimmer, saw her class lead in
Performance Cruiser I disappear before her eyes on the last day of racing. Some
of the larger faster boats, including Dasian and YDL 96 Symmetry, suffered from
the shifting winds on the Division B course when the beat back to the finish
turned to a fetch for the boats at the back of the fleet. Swan 651 Burggolf took
the day and Dasian was relegated to tenth place, Symmetry, eighth.

                                  Antigua Sailing Week 2005

                                                                                            Day by Day
                                                                                            For the first day of racing the fleet made its way to
                                                                                            Dickenson Bay and the bad weather that sliced
                                                                                            through the fleet as they prepared for the regatta the
                                                                                            day before, held off. A dark sky welcomed partici-
                                                                                            pants but 14 knots of wind, with some 18-20 knot
                                                                                            gusts, drove the fleet North and sunshine was even-
                                                                                            tually the staple for most of the day. The fleet started
                                                                                            off English Harbour and after a short beat East,
                                                                                            headed West and then North with those that could,
                                                                                            carrying spinnakers for much of the way. Division B
                                                                                            boats were given a little dog leg into Curtain Bluff
                                                                                            and Division A was sent further out to sea.
                                                                                            Surprising few, Titan XII romped home first taking
                                                                                            the day on elapsed and corrected time in Big Boat II.
                                                                                            She beat Mari-Cha’s time last year by 12 minutes
                                                                                            with an elapsed time of 2 hours and 21 minutes.
                                                                                            Showing good form, Bill Alcott’s Andrews 68
                                                                                            Equation was second. Storm topped Racing III.
                                                                                            Antigua’s Jamie Dobbs and his Lost Horizon crew on
                                                                                            their Olson 30 – the smallest boat in their class –
                                                                                            surfed their way to a win in Racing IV. In Division B,
                                                                                            Dasian got elapsed and corrected time in
                                                                                            Performance Cruiser I. Second was 57 Genesis.
                                  Warren Batt’s Australian Farr 46 Mustang Sally took       As the fleet anchored in Dickenson Bay the Virgin
                                  home two trophies for winning Cruising Class I and        Atlantic Beach Bash kicked off with a water ski
                                  the overall prize for Cruising.                           demonstration by the Stars of Florida water ski team
                                  In a hard-fought week, Beneteau 44 Seabiscuit with        accompanied by the pumped up and pumped out
                                  an all-woman crew, took the overall Bareboat fleet         James Bond theme on the beach side sound sys-
                                  prize and Bareboat V. “It has been a hard week all        tem. Virgin Atlantic’s Sir Richard Branson made a
                                  week long,” said skipper Pat Nolan. “We concentrat-       guest appearance in the Bath Tub Derby but didn’t
                                  ed really hard. We paid a lot of attention to our navi-   rank in the final three – throwing his crew overboard
                                  gation, we worked very well together as a team and        and jumping ship himself may have had something
                                  we kept our eye on our competitors the whole time         to do with that. After the Derby prize giving, which
                                  to try and stay between them and the mark. We just        saw some leg wrestling for additional tickets on
                                  tried to sail as fast as possible and as smart as pos-    Virgin Atlantic, Abba One closed the proceedings for
                                  sible – at the same time!”                                the afternoon by opening their set with Gimme!
                                                                                            Gimme! Gimme!

                                  Antigua Sailing Week 2005

                                                                                        first race was abandoned due to the wind shifts.
                                                                                        Yachts heading to, and from, the leeward mark with
                                                                                        their spinnakers up was the clincher for the race
                                                                                        Further inshore, Division B sat in rain, which took
                                                                                        the wind with it. The rain held off until the fleet had
                                                                                        rounded the marks off Blue Waters on the northwest
                                                                                        tip of Antigua. After an unusual spinnaker run to
                                                                                        these marks, the fleet was heading back on an
                                                                                        equally unusual beat when the heavens opened and
                                                                                        the wind disappeared. The fleet sat bedraggled
                                                                                        looking for wind, facing each and every direction.
                                                                                        This same rainsquall, which had headed up along
                                                                                        Antigua’s coast from the south, hit the committee
                                                                                        boat on Division A from the north. The yachts in
                                                                                        Division B slowly escaped the wind vacuum and the
                                                                                        race committee shortened the course.
                                                                                        Although it looked like a lottery on the water, a num-
                                                                                        ber of class winners from the previous day’s racing
                                                                                        also won in these trying conditions including Dasian,
                                                                                        Mustang Sally, Nanuk, Justice, Seabiscuit and
                                                                                        Durley Dene. Those that headed inshore got the
                                                                                        wind when it returned first. “We just kept trickling
                                  The weathermen struck for the second day as the       along. A lot of the others just parked up,” said Ollie
                                  light wind that was forecast settled on the fleet.     Alsop, crew member on Durely Dene.
                                  Unseasonably light wind postponed the races for
                                                                                        Another boat to head inshore was Dufour 47, SAP
                                  Division A and B fleets for an hour and while it
                                                                                        Lycee Blanchet. This yacht, crewed by students from
                                  eventually filled in enough to start races, it never
                                                                                        Guadeloupe that had never flown a spinnaker before
                                  really held.
                                                                                        this event and skippered by their teacher, racked up
                                  On the Division A course – further out to sea than    a first place.
                                  Division B – the wind was in the region of 8 knots
                                                                                        “The rain and wind went left and right and we
                                  and 220 degrees. By the time the start sequence
                                                                                        played good,” said skipper Frederic Fernandez.
                                  had completed the wind had dropped to four knots.
                                                                                        “After the rain came, everyone took their spinnakers
                                  When the racing was finally abandoned for the day,
                                                                                        down but we kept ours for three or four minutes
                                  the wind was down to two knots and had shifted to
                                                                                        more. During the rain we stayed in the right
                                  340°– it reached all other directions in between.
                                                                                        direction for the next buoy and we had a little 18
                                  Titan XII was 300 yards from the finish when the

                                  Antigua Sailing Week 2005

                                                                                         boats was a pleasant surprise as they raced on the
                                                                                         South Coast Race between Curtain Bluff and Shirley
                                                                                         Heights. The Division B Falmouth Harbour Race start-
                                                                                         ed with lighter winds off Jolly Harbour. The course
                                                                                         started with a short beat, which was followed by
                                                                                         some deep downwind sailing, a reach and then a
                                                                                         good solid beat in a freshening breeze with twenty-
                                                                                         knot gusts to the finish off Falmouth Harbour.
                                                                                         In Division A, as it was for Division B towards the
                                                                                         end, sailing the shifts – of up to 30 degrees – was
                                                                                         the order of the day. As the fleet headed upwind
                                                                                         “good size puffs” came off the island to the left and
                                                                                         while following them was the thing to do, the key
                                                                                         was to not get too close to the cliffs and get
                                                                                         becalmed below Shirley Heights. Downwind these
                                                                                         same puffs held further offshore and so the winning
                                                                                         boats stayed further out where there was also a lit-
                                                                                         tle more current to carry them back to the leeward
                                                                                         mark. Both divisions converged towards the end of
                                                                                         racing at the Legacy mark off Curtain Bluff, the last
                                                                                         windward mark for Division B, and the leeward mark
                                                                                         for Division B.
                                  wind, but enough, to go on. After we go to the left,   Titan XII racked up another win to go into Lay Day
                                  inshore, we kept the wind and doubled [the dis-        leading class and fleet with two points in each.
                                  tance] on all boats. We stayed in the wind but we      Edgar Cato’s Swan 56 Hissar won Racing III and
                                  were a little bit lucky.”                              shared class lead with Swan 56 Aqua Equinox and
                                  None of the old-hands that have run Antigua Sailing    Trinidad’s R/P 44 Storm, each with six points
                                  Week were able to recall a similar race day for the    “We got a good start and got out in the fresh air
                                  event. “Late-80s or early-90s” was as close as it      before the other boats did and then we had really
                                  got. The race committee cancelled the inaugural        good speed and legged out from the other boats”
                                  Round Island Race due to take place the next day       said Hissar’s tactician Jack Slattery. “Once we got
                                  and the yachts in Big Boat Racing II and Racing 3      about 50 yards out we stretched from there and
                                  joined the rest of the Division A fleet on the South    stretched all day.”
                                  Coast Race.
                                                                                         Disco Inferno II, the UK-based First 47.7, racked up
                                  The wind returned for the third day of racing and      her first win in Racer/Cruiser I and Tarka won
                                  although not as strong as some Sailing Week days,      racer/Cruiser II to solidify her class lead.
                                  the 12-20 knots that greeted the Division A racing

In Performance/Cruiser I, Abbott Brown’s 96-foot        II and Racing III undertook the 44-mile challenge of
Symmetry finally got the better of the Italian Swan      the inaugural Round Island Race for the Yachting
75 Dasian. So did Genesis, Capercaillie and             World Trophy which was re-instated after its cancel-
Burggolf. Dasian found herself fifth but remained top    lation on Tuesday.
of the class with Symmetry only one point behind.
                                                        From Titan’s race-winning perspective, the weather
In the Bareboat classes, some yachts had started to     was good for the entire way around the island: 14-
entrench their positions: Patrick Festing-Smith’s       18 knots as they beat up the south coast, 15-20
Nanuk Of The North racked up a third win and was        knots along the east side of the island on a jib reach
leading Bareboat II by three points. Justice also       that opened to a spinnaker reach and then a spin-
racked up her third win to lead Bareboat IV by seven    naker run in 16 knots along the north side. By the
points as did Durley Dene in Bareboat VI.               time Titan had turned the corner at ‘Sandy’ on the
                                                        north west side of the island, Titan hadn’t seen the
Racing returned on Thursday after the Layday high
                                                        wind fade at all. A five-minute wind hiccup to 10
jinks which included beach antics on Pigeon Beach
                                                        knots after ‘Sandy’ quickly built back up to 14-18
and hockey Canadian-style on the Falmouth Harbour
                                                        knots for the beat around the bottom of the island
basketball court. The fleet was greeted by 14 knots
                                                        back to the finish.
on the start line and twelve boats in Racing Big Boat

                                                 Antigua Sailing Week 2005

                                                                                                         Division B beat to ‘Standfast’ out to sea and headed
                                                                                                         back inshore on a spinnaker reach to ‘Willoughby’,
                                                                                                         followed by another beat to ‘Halfmoon’ and a long
                                                                                                         downwind leg back to finish off Falmouth Harbour.
                                                                                                         By Willoughby, the wind and seas had started to die
                                                                                                         a little and as the afternoon wore on the wind was
                                                                                                         down to 9 knots with puffs taking it to 11 knots.
                                                                                                         The Italians onboard the 75-foot Swan Dasian, pow-
                                                                                                         ered away from a good start and held off the YDL 96
                                                                                                         Symmetry until the last windward mark but Dasian
                                                                                                         was faster downwind and beat the higher-rated
                                                                                                         Symmetry over the water to earn another first place.
                                                                                                         In the bareboat classes, Nanuk and Durley Dene of
                                                                                                         Horizon Yacht Charters, together with Justice,
                                                                                                         topped Bareboats II, VI and IV respectively for the
                                                                                                         fourth time. The battle was on for the fleet prize
                                                                                                         with one race to go. Justice was leading Seabiscuit
                                                                                                         by one point, with Durley Dene five points behind
                                                                                                         her. Last year’s clean sweep winners in class, fleet
Go to Page 50 for the Official ASW 2005 Results   In Racing III, Michael Finn’s J/160 Kativa from the
                                                                                                         and the BCR, Phil Otis and crew, were third in class
                                                 USA obviously reveled in the round island conditions
                                                                                                         and tenth in fleet. Jan Soderberg was tied for first
                                                 and got her first gun with Hissar second and Storm
                                                                                                         place in Bareboat III with fellow Swede Pereric
                                                                                                         Berggren with nine points each. Both were sailing
                                                 The rest of Division A sailed a South Coast Race        Dufour 50s.
                                                 looping between buoys off Falmouth Harbour and
                                                                                                         Light winds returned to Antigua Sailing Week for the
                                                 Curtain Bluff.
                                                                                                         last day of racing. Both divisions raced off the south
                                                 Racing IV saw some upset for the Antiguan boats.        coast of Antigua but Division A, on the eastern side
                                                 Jamie Dobbs’ Lost Horizon II was disqualified for        of the island with a course that took them further
                                                 missing a mark which sent them to fourth in class.      out to sea, had a little more wind. By the afternoon,
                                                 After a dismasting on Tuesday, Geoffrey Pidduck’s       fifty-foot bareboats were traveling downwind at 2.5
                                                 Mermaid II did not return to the start line and nei-    knots. Although light, the wind did hold to give a
                                                 ther did Caccia Alla Volpe after a disqualification on   final tally of four races for Division A and five for
                                                 Tuesday. Trinidadian Henderson 35 Enzyme won to         Division B.
                                                 go into the last day leading the class by one point.
                                                                                                         The Lord Nelson’s Ball held at the Copper & Lumber
                                                 Mikhail Mouratov’s Murka turned the table on First      Store marked the end of the 38th annual Antigua
                                                 47.7 Disco Inferno II to take the lead in               Sailing Week. Rain brought an abrupt finish to the
                                                 Racer/Cruiser I by three points.                        prize giving but filled the dance floor early.

Antigua Sailing Week 2006 – Sailing Instructions

1.0   PREAMBLE                                                                     2.5   RRS Appendix D (Team Racing Rules) shall not apply.
1.1   The 39th Antigua Sailing Week Regatta will commence on Sunday April          2.6   RRS 52 (Manual Power) shall not apply to the Division ‘B’ fleet, nor to
      30th 2006 and end on Friday May 5th. There will be an additional                   any boat granted a written exemption from it by the Race Committee.
      Bareboat Championship Race on Saturday May 6th. The Organising
      Authority is the Antigua Sailing Week Committee, affiliated to the Antigua    3.0   NOTICES TO COMPETITORS
      Yacht Club. The Principal Sponsor is ROLEX S.A. of Geneva
                                                                                   3.1   Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board adja-
      1.1.1 For Division ‘A’ the series will consist of four day races around            cent to the committee desk which will be set up at each start and finish
            laid marks off the coast of the island and two windward/leeward              location.
            courses on the second racing day.
                                                                                   3.2   Skippers’ Briefing
      1.1.2 For Division ‘B’ the series will consist of five day races around
            laid marks off the coast of the island plus the Bareboat                     3.2.1 There will be a briefing for one (only) representative from each
            Championship Race on Saturday May 6th.                                             entered boat at 1730 on Saturday, April 29th 2006 on the tennis
                                                                                               court at Temo Sports, Falmouth Harbour. No smoking is allowed
      1.1.3 Division ‘A’ will consist of the Racing, Big Boat, and Racer/Cruiser               at this briefing.
            (with spinnaker) classes.
                                                                                         3.2.2 Entry to the briefing will be by special pass, which must be
      1.1.4 Division ‘B’ will consist of Performance Cruiser, Cruiser and                      obtained in advance as specified in Notice of Race 4.1.
            Bareboat classes.
                                                                                         3.2.3 An information pack, together with identification numbers, class
1.2   Times are Antigua Standard Time (UT minus 4 hours) throughout.                           flags, decals and ROLEX flags and a list of entries, will be distrib-
                                                                                               uted to each competing boat before this briefing.
2.0   RULES
2.1   The regatta will be governed by:-                                            4.0   CHANGES TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS
      a)   The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2005 – 2008.                          4.1   Any change in the Sailing Instructions will be posted on the official notice
      b)   ISAF Regulations 19, 20 and 21.                                               board before 0730 on the day of the race to which it refers. Copies of
      c)   The Current CSA Rating and Safety Rules.                                      any notice or amendment will be available from the Committee Desk on
      d)   The printed Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.
                                                                                   4.2   Copies of Amendments to Sailing Instructions will not be available from
2.2   RRS 63.7 is changed in that in the event of conflict these Sailing
                                                                                         the Committee Boats. It is the sole responsibility of each boat to check
      Instructions shall prevail. The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions
                                                                                         the notice board near the Committee Desk and obtain any amendments
      promulgated on the internet are provisional and intended for planning
                                                                                         that may have been issued, before leaving the dock.
      purposes only.
                                                                                   4.2   Verbal changes in Sailing Instructions may be given by VHF from the
2.3   RRS 63.1 is changed in that penalties may in some circumstances be
                                                                                         committee boats as specified in SI 11.3 (ii).
      applied by the Race Committee on the water without a hearing as speci-
      fied in Notice of Race 7.1 and SI’s 7.7, 12.5, 14.2, and 14.3.1. The
      specific offenses referred to are not subject to protest by competing         5.0   SIGNALS ASHORE
      boats. Any boat thus penalised may request redress from the                  5.1   There will be no signals made ashore.
      International Jury under RRS 62.1.
2.4   RRS 77 shall not apply. Competing boats shall be identified as described      6.0   SCHEDULE OF RACES.
      in SI 7.3 and 7.5.                                                                                                                                      23
                                                                                   6.1   Details of the daily races are given in Appendix One.

Antigua Sailing Week 2006 – Sailing Instructions

7.0   CLASSES & CLASS FLAGS                                                        9.2    The diagrams in Appendix One are provided as an aid only and are not
7.1   Classes are as specified in the Notice of Race, Para. 5. The Classes,                part of the Sailing Instructions. Competitors are urged to purchase the
      Class Flags, times of starting sequence signals and starting times are              Imray-Iolaire Chart of Antigua Number 27. Note that the positions of the
      given in Appendix Three.                                                            Antigua Sailing Week buoys vary from year to year and competitors are
                                                                                          strongly advised to plot all of them by hand from the ranges and bearings
7.2   Four sets of identification numbers will be issued to each entered boat              given in Appendix Two.
      at the Skippers’ Briefing together with two ROLEX bow decals and a
      ROLEX flag.                                                                   9.3    Courses may be shortened at any gate or rounding mark. Where flag ‘S’
                                                                                          is displayed with a class flag or several class flags, the designated class
7.3   The identification numbers shall be clearly displayed on the lifelines on            or classes only are to finish at the shortened course location.
      both sides, fore and aft, by each competing boat while racing. This is
      especially important at the start and finish.                                 9.4    Prohibited Areas – Boats are neither to sail inside Warrington Bank
                                                                                          buoys, nor any of the WIOC oil mooring buoys, nor any part of Cades
7.4   The Race Committee on the water reserves the right to record any finish-             Reef while racing.
      ing boat not fully complying with SI 7.3 “DNF” at its sole discretion.
7.5   Class Flags and ROLEX flags shall be displayed from the backstay while        10.0   MARKS
      racing. No other flags shall be displayed from the backstay except, where
      required, a protest flag.                                                     10.1   Starting and Finishing Marks will be inflatable buoys with the ROLEX logo
                                                                                          on them.
7.6   ROLEX bow decals shall be properly positioned and stuck on to the port
      and starboard side of each competing boat’s bow prior to the com-            10.2   Course Marks will be orange or yellow inflatable buoys and will have their
      mencement of the first race.                                                         designating letter as given in Appendix Two marked on them in black
                                                                                          together with the ROLEX logo.
7.7   Competing boats shall not wear an ensign while racing with the excep-
      tion of an optional, small Antiguan courtesy ensign flown from the            10.3   Mark ‘Windward’ will be a yellow, circular, ‘tomato’ buoy with the letters
      crosstrees. Any boat racing with an ensign displayed and not subse-                 ‘WD’ marked on it.
      quently retiring will be marked on the score sheet with the letter ‘W’. If   10.4   In an emergency, yellow, other orange inflatable buoys or a mark boat
      such a boat finishes with an ensign displayed in subsequent races from               flying flag ‘M’ may replace any of these marks.
      which she does not retire, she will be penalized with a 10% place penalty    10.5   All Antigua Sailing Week buoys may remain in position for the entire
      for each such occurrence. A blue EEC flag shall count as an ensign for               regatta whether incorporated in current courses or not.
      the purpose of these Sailing Instructions
                                                                                   10.6   With reference to RRS Definitions ‘Mark’, a buoy or fender attached to
                                                                                          the Starting or Finishing Committee Boat is to be regarded as a perma-
                                                                                          nent attachment to that vessel.
8.1   Racing will be around laid marks located off the coast of the island of
      Antigua as shown in Appendix One.
                                                                                   11.0   SIGNALS AFLOAT AND RADIO

9.0   COURSES                                                                      11.1   The Committee Desk maintains a listening watch on VHF Ch 12.
                                                                                          Competitors are requested to use VHF Chs. 16 or 12 in the event of an
9.1   The courses for Races One to Five and the Bareboat Championship                     emergency. No other communications on VHF Ch. 12 will be acknowl-
      Race are as described in Appendix One. The positions of the mark buoys              edged. Committee Boats do not monitor either VHF Chs. 16 or 12.
               are given in Appendix Two, and are approximate. Where mark
               buoys are moored in deep water they may move due to wind            11.2   A safety boat, call sign ‘Absar Rescue’ with a paramedic on board main-
               and current effects for a distance of up to 300 yards from                 tains a listening watch on VHF Ch. 16 during racing.
               their charted position.                                             11.3   Committee Boats will maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch 17 (Division

       ‘A’) and Ch 77 (Division ‘B’) during racing and may, in accordance with               20% place penalty to any boat seen infringing this instruction or seen
       RRS 89.2(c), broadcast the following information:-                                    crossing the finishing line of the wrong division.
       Both Divisions                                                                 12.6   Recalls
       (i) Time checks 30 and 15 minutes before the first start each day.                     12.6.1 Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.1.
       (ii) Notification of Amendments to the Sailing Instructions and, if the                12.6.2 General recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.2.
            amendment is new, its text.                                                      12.6.3 The Race Committee may identify premature starters on VHF Ch
       (iii) The side to pass Mark ‘WINDWARD’ (at or before each class’s                            17 (Div ‘A’) or 77 (Div ‘B’) or by hail, as appropriate, shortly after
             Preparatory Signal).                                                                   the start of each race, using the race identification number on the
       (iv) The identity of boats listed OCS, BFD and ZFP.                                          lifelines or the boat’s name or its sail number
       (v) The Shortening, Abandonment or Postponement of any race.                          12.6.4 RRS 29.2 is changed in that in the event of a General Recall of
                                                                                                    any class, the recalled class will be started after the scheduled
       (vi) The Committee Boat leaving the finish line.                                              times for all other classes except later classes subsequently
       Division ‘A’ Only                                                                            recalled. In this event the Warning Signal for the next scheduled
       (vii) The bearing and distance of buoy AFRICA                                                class to race will be displayed one minute after Flag ‘First
                                                                                                    Substitute’ is lowered.
       (viii) The expiry of the time limit for races 2A and 2P.
       (ix) The anticipated start time for Race 2P                                    13.0   THE FINISH
11.4   Visual signals shall govern at the start in accordance with RRS 26. The        13.1   The finish for each race will be in the locations specified in Appendix
       failure of the Race Committee to make any sound signal or VHF trans-                  One. Each Division shall finish on separate finishing lines. The Finishing
       mission shall not form grounds for any protest or request for redress.                Committee Boats will fly a dark blue flag with a white ‘C’ thereon, with
                                                                                             flags ‘A’ or ‘B’ under it as appropriate for each division.
12.0   THE START                                                                      13.2   The finishing lines will be between the course side of an inflatable mark
12.1   The location of the starting lines for all races are as specified in Appendix          and an orange flag on each Finishing Committee Boat.
       One.                                                                           13.3   All competing boats are required to take the time of their finish and the
12.2   The starting line for each race will be between an orange flag on the                  race identification numbers of the boats finishing immediately ahead and
       Starting Committee Boat and the course side of an inflatable mark.                     astern of them and make this information available to the Race
12.3   There will be separate starting lines for Division ‘A’ and Division ‘B’.              Committee if so requested.
       These will be separately identified by each Starting Committee Boat flying       13.4   The Finishing Committee Boats may leave station when the Race
       the appropriate Flag ‘A’ or ‘B’ below a dark blue flag with a white ‘C’                Committee is satisfied that the majority of each division has finished or at
       thereon.                                                                              1800, whichever is earlier.
12.4   Starting Signals; RRS 26 is changed in that the Warning Signal will be         13.5   In the event of a Committee Boat not being on station at the finish, the
       given ten minutes and the Preparatory Signal five minutes before the                   observance of SI 13.3 is especially important. The time to be taken is
       start of each class, as shown in Appendix Three.                                      that when the bow of the boat crosses an imaginary line from the posi-
12.5   All boats shall keep well clear of both starting lines while other classes            tion of the finishing buoy, at right angles to the direction from the previ-
       are starting on them, whether racing or not. In addition, all boats that              ous mark of the course.
       have either finished or retired shall keep clear of boats still racing espe-
       cially in the vicinity of the finish lines. The Race Committee will award a

Antigua Sailing Week 2006 – Sailing Instructions

14.0    PENALTIES                                                                       16.0   PROTESTS
14.1    The penalty for an infringement of Part 2 of the RRS will be as specified        16.1   RRS 61 is changed in that protesting boats are urgently requested to
        in RRS 44.2 (Two-Turns Penalty).                                                       notify the Committee Boat for their Division of their intention to protest by
14.2    The Race Committee on the water reserves the right at its absolute dis-                hail or on VHF Channel 17 or 77 as appropriate. Such boats shall keep
        cretion to disqualify any boat, which has, in its opinion, been handled                clear of the finish line when making this notification after finishing.
        dangerously and/or in gross disregard of the RRS. RRS 36 is changed in          16.2   Protests shall be submitted on protest forms available from the Protest
        that any such disqualification will be applied to the following race should             Committee Desk and should be completed and lodged as soon as possi-
        the current race be abandoned.                                                         ble, but in any event no later than one hour after the Finishing Committee
14.3    The International Jury may, at its discretion, impose a percentage penalty             Boat for their Division docks. The protest time limit for each division will
        in lieu of disqualification for any infringement with the exception of                  be posted.
        infringements of Parts 1 or 2 of the RRS but including infringements of         16.3   There will be an International Jury, constituted as specified in RRS 70.4
        the safety requirements contained in Appendix Four.                                    and Appendix N 1.4b. The time limit for filing a written request for a
14.3.1 Competing boats observed with an anchor projecting over their bows                      hearing under N 1.4b is one hour after the decision is announced. The
       while racing will be penalised by a 20% place penalty for the first                      decision of the International Jury is final.
       offense. Subsequent offenses under this SI will result in their being dis-       16.4   Notices informing competitors of the place and time of each protest will
       qualified.                                                                               be posted as soon as possible and hearings will be commenced as soon
14.4    A boat which acknowledges an infringement prior to the relevant protest                as these notices are displayed. The International Jury will normally hear
        hearing may be penalised with a 40% place penalty or five places,                       protests in the order of their receipt. Representatives of the parties to
        whichever is greater, at the discretion of the International Jury.                     each protest shall remain on call in the vicinity of the protest rooms until
14.5    Any boat seen disposing of garbage into the sea may be protested and                   their protest is heard.
        subsequently penalised or disqualified after a hearing before the                16.5   When a competing boat has been involved in an incident that may make
        International Jury.                                                                    her subject to a protest, it is her sole responsibility to check the protest
                                                                                               notice board and to ascertain if she is involved. The failure of a repre-
15.0    TIME LIMITS & RETIREMENTS                                                              sentative from such a boat to appear when called to a hearing will be
                                                                                               considered by the International Jury as grounds for their proceeding
15.1    RRS 35 is changed in that the time limit will be 1800 for each day’s rac-
                                                                                               under RRS 63.3(b).
        ing with the following exceptions:
                                                                                        16.6   RRS 63.5 is changed in that a protest involving contact may be heard by
        15.1.1 The Bareboat Championship Race on Saturday May 6th, where
                                                                                               the International Jury even though the requirements of RRS 61.1(a) and
               the time limit shall be three hours, or one hour from the time of
                                                                                               61.3 have not been fulfilled.
               the finish of the first boat (if within three hours) whichever is later.
        15.1.2 Races 2A and 2P (Division A) where the time limit will be one            16.7   No measurement or rating protest will be accepted after 1900 on
               hour from the time of the finish of the first valid finisher in each               Tuesday, May 2nd 2006.
               class.                                                                   16.8   RRS 66 is changed in that on the last day of racing, a party to a hearing
15.2    Boats not finishing within the time limit will be scored ‘DNF’.                         may ask for that hearing to be reopened no later than one hour after
                                                                                               being informed of the decision of the initial hearing.
15.3    A boat retiring may hoist her ensign and shall notify the Race Committee
                 of her retirement either by calling the appropriate Committee          16.9   Any claim for damages arising from an incident while a boat is bound by the
                 Boat on VHF channels 17 or 77, or by hailing the Finishing                    Racing Rules of Sailing shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts and not
                 Committee Boat. In either case she shall receive an acknowl-                  considered by a protest committee or jury. A boat that takes a penalty or retires
                 edgement prior to leaving the course area.                                    does not thereby admit liability for damages or that she has broken a rule.

17.0   ARBITRATION                                                                    19.6   There will be a special, ‘Around the Island’ trophy, presented by Yachting
17.1   For protests involving an alleged breach of RRS Part 2 a short arbitration            World, for the best aggregate time for Division A boats completing Races
       hearing will be held, prior to any protest hearing, except that protests              One and Three
       where contact between boats has occurred will not be arbitrated, but will
       be adjudicated by the International Jury.’                                     20.0   DISCLAIMER
17.2   After a written protest form is properly lodged, one representative from       20.1   The ROLEX S.A. and the Organising Authority is providing this Regatta
       each boat will meet the arbitrator unless the protestor requests that the             only on the understanding that neither it, nor its representatives bear any
       protest be withdrawn. No witnesses will be allowed. Protests not resolved             responsibility for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever
       by arbitration will be forwarded to the International Jury for adjudication.          caused to any competitor, skipper or crew as a result of their taking part
17.3   A boat that accepts the arbitrator’s opinion that she has infringed a rule            in this regatta.
       of RRS Part 2 shall receive a 40% penalty. The acceptance of this arbi-        20.2   By entering, each competitor warrants the suitability of the entered boat
       tration cannot be appealed or be grounds for a redress claim.                         for the races. Prior inspection of the boats does not in any way limit the
                                                                                             absolute responsibility in this respect of the Owner/Skipper entering the
18.0   SCORING                                                                               boat.
18.1   Scoring shall be as specified in RRS Appendix A using the Low Point             20.3   In particular, owners shall accept full responsibility for the seaworthiness
       Scoring System. Six races are scheduled for Division A and five for                    and safe navigation of their boats and the competence of their crews and
       Division B, of which at least one shall be completed by each Division to              use their own judgment whether to start, continue or retire from a race in
       constitute a series. All races completed shall count except as provided in            the existing or forecast conditions. Owners shall draw the attention of
       SI 18.2.                                                                              their crews to this disclaimer before the start of any race and also to RRS
                                                                                             Fundamental Rule 4 (Decision to Race)
18.2   The application of handicaps will be on the ‘Time on Time’ system. The
       Bareboat Championship Race Results shall not be counted towards the            20.4   In addition the Owner/Skipper bears full responsibility for the conduct and
       remainder of the Antigua Sailing Week scoring or results.                             good behavior of their crews and guests for the duration of this Regatta.
                                                                                             In the event of a serious breach of conduct, bad sportsmanship, the
                                                                                             destruction of property or any material failure to comply with the proper
19.0   RESULTS & PRIZEGIVING                                                                 request of any Race Officer, Committee Member or agent of ROLEX
19.1   Provisional Results will be posted at the Committee Desk as soon as pos-              ANTIGUA SAILING WEEK by a boat’s crew or their guests, the
       sible after each race.                                                                Owner/Skipper will be held responsible and the boat or one or more of its
19.2   Prizes and Cups for Division B will be presented on Friday, May 5th 2006              crew may be subject to penalization or expulsion from the regatta by the
       in the Sailing Week Village at about 1830. The remaining prizes will be               International Jury, which may include being banned from future Antigua
       presented during the Lord Nelson Ball on Saturday, May 6th at about                   Sailing Weeks as well as the current one.
       2100. Decisions of the Prize Committee are final.
19.3   Prizes to be distributed are listed elsewhere in this programme. Only Big
       Boat 1 and 2 and Racing 3 classes are eligible for the Lord Nelson Cup.
19.4   Special first, second and third prizes for the Bareboat Championship
       Race will be presented at the Lord Nelson Ball on Saturday, May 6th.
19.5   ROLEX will present watches to the winners of six of the competing
       classes, as well as other prizes and gifts, at their discretion.

                                  Appendix One – Race One – Sunday, April 30th

                                  1ST LEG – AROUND THE ISLAND RACE – DIVISION A [35.4 MILES]

                                  START    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed
                                           south of Falmouth Harbour and an inflatable buoy.
                                           GREEN ISLAND                       PASS TO PORT
                                           INDIAN                 E           PASS TO PORT
                                           JOBO                   N           ROUND TO PORT
                                           SUNSAIL                M           PASS TO PORT
                                           DIAMOND                Q           ROUND TO PORT
                                           SANDALS                S           ROUND TO PORT
                                  FINISH   Northwest to southeast, 0.5 miles north west of Sisters Island,
                                           between an orange flag on a Committee Boat and an inflatable buoy.

                                  DICKENSON BAY RACE – DIVISION B [21.3 MILES]

                                  START    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed
                                           south of Rendezvous Bay and an inflatable buoy.
                                           TUNA                   V           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           CAT                    C           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           BLUFF                  O           ROUND TO PORT
                                           LEGACY                 F           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           CURTAINS               B           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           JOLLY                  Z           PASS TO STARBOARD
                                           FFRYES                 I           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           ROYAL                  L           PASS TO STARBOARD
                                  FINISH   0.3 miles west of Great Sisters Island. Southwest to northeast,
                                           between an orange flag on a Committee Boat and an inflatable buoy.
                                  N.B.     All boats shall pass to the south of the start line when sailing from Cat to Bluff.


                                  Appendix One – Race Two – Monday, May 1st

                                  START     A windward start between an orange flag on a Committee Boat and an inflatable buoy. The
                                            Committee Boat will be stationed approximately 0.5 miles to Leeward of Mark 3. The start line will
                                            be approximately 6 miles from the Dickenson Bay area. The sequence of starts for Race 2P will be
                                            as for Race 2A. The time of the first start for Race 2P will be given on VHF Channel 17 at least 15
                                            minutes prior to the commencement of the sequence.
                                  COURSE RACE 2A – BIG BOAT 1 & 2 AND RACING 3             COURSE RACE 2P – BIG BOAT 1 & 2 AND RACING 3
                                            1          ROUND TO PORT                          1       ROUND TO PORT
                                            3          ROUND TO PORT                          3       ROUND TO PORT
                                            1          ROUND TO PORT                          1       ROUND TO PORT
                                            3          PASS TO PORT                           3       ROUND TO PORT
                                                                                              1       PASS TO PORT
                                  COURSE RACE 2A – RACING 4 AND RACER CRUISERS             COURSE RACE 2P – RACING 4
                                                                                                            AND RACER CRUISERS

                                            2          ROUND TO PORT                          2       ROUND TO PORT
                                            3          ROUND TO PORT                          3       ROUND TO PORT
                                            2          ROUND TO PORT                          2       ROUND TO PORT
                                            3          PASS TO PORT                           3       ROUND TO PORT
                                                                                              1       PASS TO PORT
                                  FINISH: In the starting area between an orange flag       FINISH: Approximately a quarter of a mile to wind-
                                  ward on a Committee Boat and an inflatable buoy.          and to starboard of Mark 1 between an orange flag
                                                                                           on a Committee Boat and an inflatable buoy.

                                  JOLLY HARBOUR RACE – DIVISION B [21.5 Miles]
                                  START     Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed approximately 1.5 miles northwest
                                            of Warrington Bank and an inflatable buoy. The start line is approximately 3.2 miles from the
                                            Dickenson Bay anchorage.
                                            WINDWARD              WD         SIDE TO BE BROADCAST
                                            SISTERS ISLANDS                  PASS TO STARBOARD
                                            BLUE                  R          ROUND TO PORT
                                            BLUE WING             RW         ROUND TO PORT
                                            SISTERS ISLANDS                  PASS TO PORT
                                            SANDY                 P          ROUND TO PORT
                                            GALLEY                G          ROUND TO PORT
                                            ROYAL                 L          ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                  FINISH    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed
                                            approximately 0.5 miles west of Five Islands and an inflatable buoy.


                                  Appendix One – Race Three – Tuesday, May 2nd

                                  2ND LEG – AROUND THE ISLAND RACE – DIVISION A [28.8 MILES]

                                  START    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed two miles west of Hawksbill Rock
                                           and an inflatable buoy. The start is approximately four miles from Jolly Harbour.
                                           BLUE                  R          ROUND TO PORT
                                           BLUE WING             RW         ROUND TO PORT
                                           SANDY                 P          ROUND TO PORT
                                           GALLEY                G          ROUND TO PORT
                                           JOLLY                 Z          PASS TO PORT
                                           CURTAINS              B          ROUND TO PORT
                                           LEGACY                F          ROUND TO PORT
                                           BLUFF                 O          ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                  FINISH   Off Rendezvous Bay. Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat and an inflatable buoy.

                                  FALMOUTH HARBOUR RACE – DIVISION B [19.2 MILES]

                                  START    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed approximately 1.5 miles west of Fullerton
                                           Point and an inflatable buoy. The start is approximately 3.3 miles from Jolly Harbour.
                                           WINDWARD              WD         SIDE TO BE BROADCAST
                                           ROYAL                 L          ROUND TO PORT
                                           GALLEY                G          ROUND TO PORT
                                           JOLLY                 Z          PASS TO PORT
                                           CURTAINS              B          ROUND TO PORT
                                  FINISH   Off Falmouth Harbour. Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat
                                           stationed approximately 0.2 miles South of Proctor Point and an inflatable buoy.


                                  Appendix One – Race Four – Thursday, May 4th

                                  SOUTH COAST RACE – DIVISION A [22.3 MILES]

                                  START    Between an orange flag on a committee boat stationed south of
                                           Rendezvous Bay and an inflatable buoy.
                                           TUNA                   V           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           CAT                    C           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           CURTAINS               B           ROUND TO PORT
                                           LEGACY                 F           ROUND TO PORT
                                           CURTAINS               B           ROUND TO PORT
                                           TUNA                   V           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           CAT                    C           ROUND TO STARBOARD

                                  FINISH   Between an orange flag on a committee boat stationed south of Rendezvous Bay
                                           and an inflatable buoy.
                                  N.B      All boats shall pass to the south of the starting line in the vicinity of Rendezvous Bay
                                           on the leg from CAT to CURTAINS

                                  SOUTH COAST RACE – DIVISION B [20.4 MILES]

                                  START    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed south of
                                           Falmouth Harbour and an inflatable buoy.
                                           STANDFAST              H           ROUND TO PORT
                                           WILLOUGHBY             W           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           HALF MOON              D           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                  FINISH   Off Falmouth Harbour between an orange flag on a Committee Boat and an inflatable buoy.


                                  Appendix One – Race Five – Friday, May 5th

                                  THE OCEAN RACE – DIVISION A
                                  START     Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed south of Falmouth Harbour
                                            and an inflatable buoy.
                                  COURSE BIG BOAT 1 & 2 AND RACING 3
                                            AFRICA                J           ROUND TO PORT
                                            HERCULES              K           ROUND TO PORT
                                            AFRICA                J           ROUND TO PORT
                                            HERCULES              K           ROUND TO PORT
                                            SHIRLEY               A           ROUND TO PORT
                                  COURSE RACING 4 AND RACER CRUISERS
                                            AFRICA                J           ROUND TO PORT
                                            HERCULES              K           ROUND TO PORT
                                            AFRICA                J           ROUND TO PORT
                                  FINISH    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed
                                            south of Falmouth Harbour and an inflatable buoy.

                                  THE OCEAN RACE – DIVISION B [19.7 MILES]
                                  START     Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed south of Rendezvous Bay
                                            and an inflatable buoy.
                                            TUNA                  V           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                            CAT                   C           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                            BLUFF                 O           ROUND TO PORT
                                            LEGACY                F           ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                            CURTAINS              B           ROUND TO PORT
                                            LEGACY                F           ROUND TO PORT
                                            CURTAINS              B           ROUND TO PORT

                                  FINISH:   Between an orange flag on the Committee Boat stationed
                                            south of Rendezvous Bay and an inflatable buoy.
                                  N.B.      All boats shall pass to the south of the start line when on the leg from CAT to BLUFF.


                                  Bareboat Championship Race – Saturday May 6th

                                           WARNING               PREP                  START
                                           0850                  0855                  0900
                                  START    Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed south of Falmouth Harbour
                                           and an inflatable buoy:
                                  COURSE ‘X’ [13.3 MILES]
                                           SHIRLEY               A          ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           LEGACY                F          ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                           BLUFF                 O          ROUND TO STARBOARD
                                  FINISH   Between an orange flag on a Committee Boat stationed south of Falmouth Harbour
                                           and an inflatable buoy
                                  COURSE ‘Y’ – WINDWARD/LEEWARD
                                           A laid windward/leeward course with Mark WD (MARK 1) to Windward and a Yellow Tetrahedral
                                           Buoy (MARK 2) To Leeward. Marks 1 & 2 to be rounded to port. The start/finish line is not a mark
                                           of the course on the downwind leg. All competing boats shall pass through the start/finish line at
                                           the end of each round.
                                           The course selected and the number of rounds to be sailed to complete Course ‘Y’ will be broad-
                                           cast by the committee boat before the Warning Signal.

Bareboat Championship Race 2005

2006 will see the fourth annual Bareboat
Championship Race take place. Introduced in 2003,
the Bareboat Championship Race is held on the
Saturday after the main racing finishes and pits the
top three in each of the bareboat classes against
each other.
For 2005 six bareboat classes were represented
and thirteen yachts made it to the start line in a
light, 8-knot breeze. Hans Petersohn and his crew
onboard the Sun Fast 37 Ora emerge victorious over
Pat Nolan on Seabiscuit in the three-hour race. With
Seabiscuit having already won Bareboat V and the
overall Bareboat fleet prize, Nolan and crew were
aiming for a hat trick with a Bareboat Championship
Race victory also but Petersohn managed to block
Seabiscuit’s third title; Ora had finished second to
Seabiscuit in Bareboat V.

                                                       2005 Bareboat Championship Race Results
                                                       1st   Ora                Sun Fast 37   Hans Petersohn, Germany
                                                       2nd Seabiscuit           Beneteau 44   Pat Nolan, British Virgin Islands
                                                       3rd   Fifty Feet Ahead   Dufour 50     Pereric Berggren, Sweden


                                  Appendix Two – Buoys Used in Offshore Courses

                                   LETTER    NAME             APPROXIMATE POSITION
                                   A         SHIRLEY          195° M x 0.5 MILES FROM INDIAN CREEK POINT
                                   B         CURTAINS         212° M x 1.5 MILES FROM JOHNSONS POINT
                                   C         CAT              195° M x 0.7 MILES FROM PROCTOR POINT
                                   D         HALFMOON         152° M x 4.0 MILES FROM HUDSON POINT
                                   E         INDIAN           057° M x 1.5 MILES FROM INDIAN TOWN POINT
                                   F         LEGACY           215° M x 0.8 MILES FROM CURTAIN BLUFF
                                   G         GALLEY           285° M x 3.0 MILES FROM PEARNS POINT
                                   H         STANDFAST        190° M x 3.0 MILES FROM HUDSON POINT
                                   I         FFRYES           285° M x 2.0 MILES FROM PEARNS POINT
                                   J         AFRICA           TO BE ANNOUNCED ON VHF PRIOR TO THE RACE
                                   K         HERCULES         157° M x 0.25 MILES FROM SNAPPER POINT
                                   L         ROYAL            285° M x 1.0 MILES FROM SHIPSTERN POINT
                                   M         SUNSAIL          029° M x 2.7 MILES FROM PRICKLY PEAR ISLAND
                                   N         JOBO             045° M x 3.2 MILES FRON N. POINT OF GREAT BIRD ISLAND
                                   O         BLUFF            195° M x 0.15 MILES FROM CURTAIN BLUFF
                                   P         SANDY            285° M x 0.75 MILES FROM SANDY ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE
                                   Q         DIAMOND          328° M x 4.5 MILES FROM WEATHERALLS POINT
                                   R         BLUE             330° M x 0.5 MILES FROM MILL TOWER AT BOON POINT
                                   RW        BLUE WING        016° M x 0.2 MILES FROM BLUE BUOY
                                   S         SANDALS          339° M x 2.7 MILES FROM SHIPSTERN POINT
                                   T         PELICAN          255° M x 1.0 MILES FROM FULLERTON POINT
                                   V         TUNA             195° M x 0.45 MILES FROM PROCTOR’S POINT
                                   W         WILLOUGHBY       240° M x 1.3 MILES FROM HUDSON POINT
                                   Z         JOLLY            269° M x 2.0 MILES FROM FFRYES POINT
                                   WD        WINDWARD         UP TO 1.5 MILES UPWIND OF THE START

Appendix Three – Division A

                          DIVISION A – VHF CH.17
                          PREPARATORY SIGNALS (P) AND START TIMES (S)
CLASS                     CLASS              RACE 1                   RACE 2A                   RACE 3                    RACE 4                   RACE 5
                          FLAG               P        S               P         S               P         S               P        S               P        S
Racer/Cruiser 4           White              0900     0905            0900      0905            0900      0905            0900     0905            0900     0905

Racer/Cruiser 3           Green              0910     0915            0910      0915            0910      0915            0910     0915            0910     0915

Racer/Cruiser 2           Dark Blue          0920     0925            0920      0925            0920      0925            0920     0925            0920     0925

Racer/Cruiser 1           Pink               0930     0935            0930      0935            0930- 0935                0930     0935            0930     0935

Racing 4                  Brown              0940     0945            0940      0945            0940      0945            0940     0945            0940     0945

Racing 3                  Yellow             0950     0955            0950      0955            0950      0955            0950     0955            0950     0955

Big Boat 2                Light Blue         1000     1005            1000      1005            1000      1005            1000     1005            1000     1005

Big Boat 1                Black              1010     1015            1010      1015            1010      1015            1010     1015            1010     1015

                          NOTE 1: A warning signal shall be sounded ten minutes before the first start each day with the class flag for that class
                          displayed on the starting Committee Boat. The warning signal of each class will be the start signal for the preceding class.
                          NOTE: 2: In the event of a postponement or a general recall some or all of the times shown will be subject to delay.

Appendix Three – Division B

                                 DIVISION B – VHF CH. 77
                                 PREPARATORY SIGNALS (P) AND START TIMES (S)
CLASS                            CLASS          RACE 1                    RACE 2                   RACE 3                    RACE 4                    RACE 5
                                 FLAG           P         S               P        S               P         S               P         S               P        S
Bareboat 1                                      0835      0840            0835     0840            0835      0840            0835      0840            0835     0840
Vert. Dark Yellow/Light Yellow

Bareboat 2                                      0845      0850            0845     0850            0845      0850            0845      0850            0845     0850
Vert. Dark Blue/Light Blue

Bareboat 3                                      0855      0900            0855     0900            0855      0900            0855      0900            0855     0900
Vert. Grey/Black

Bareboat 4                                      0905      0910            0905     0910            0905      0910            0905      0910            0905     0910
Vert. Maroon/Pink

Bareboat 5                                      0915      0920            0915     0920            0915      0920            0915      0920            0915     0920
Vert. Dark Green/Light Green

Bareboat 6                                      0925      0930            0925     0930            0925      0930            0925      0930            0925     0930
Vert. Brown/Sand

Cruising 2                                      0935      0940            0935     0940            0935      0940            0935      0940            0935     0940
White with Pink Circle

Cruising 1                                      0945       0950           0945      0950           0945      0950            0945      0950            0945     0950
White with Green Circle

Performance Cruiser 3                           0955      1000            0955     1000            0955      1000            0955      1000            0955     1000
White with Black Circle

Performance Cruiser 2                           1005      1010            1005     1010            1005      1010            1005      1010            1005     1010
Black with White Circle

Performance Cruiser 1                           1015      1020            1015     1020            1015      1020            1015      1020            1015     1020
Light Blue/White Circle                  NOTE 1: A warning signal shall be sounded ten minutes before the first start each day with the class flag for that class
                                         displayed on the starting Committee Boat. The warning signal of each class will be the start signal for the preceding class.
                                         NOTE 2: In the event of a postponement or general recall some or all of the times shown above will be subject to delay.

                                  Appendix Four – Safety Requirements for Racing

                                  1. Softwood plugs or other suitable material, tapered to fit into all through-hull fittings.
                                  2. Lifelines and bow and stern pulpits, or lifelines secured in such a way as to form a stern pulpit of not less
                                     than 18” in height, except that lifelines may be split at the bow to facilitate sheeting. Lifelines shall be taut
                                     with not more than seven feet between supports, taut being defined as no apparent sag between supports.
                                     Lifelines shall be attached securely and in such a way that no part of the system is elastic in nature.
                                  3. A fire extinguisher charged and in date accessible from the deck.
                                  4. Two buckets of not less than two gallons capacity, fitted with lanyards of suitable length and strength.
                                  5. One anchor with a chain of suitable size for the boats length and displacement and a suitable rode of at
                                     least 150 feet in length. NO PART OF THE ANCHOR SHALL OVERHANG THE ENDS OF THE BOAT WHILE
                                  6. A first aid kit suitable for rendering First Aid treatment in minor emergencies.
                                  7. A chart or charts covering the racing area.
                                  8. A lifejacket constructed to an acceptable standard with whistle attached, for each person on board.
                                     Lifejackets shall be of an acceptable size for the intended wearer and be readily accessible.
                                  9. One lifebuoy capable of supporting the largest member of the crew in the water and positioned above
                                     deck such that it is immediately available for use in an emergency.
                                  10. A heaving line at least fifty feet in length, capable of floating, positioned above deck such that it is imme-
                                      diately available in an emergency.
                                  11. Four red hand-flares and two orange smoke-flares all in date.
                                  12 A VHF radio capable of transmitting and receiving on the emergency and Race Committee channels.
                                  13. A compass suitable for navigation.
                                  14. A shut-off valve in working order shall be fitted to each fuel tank outlet.
                                  15. Hatches, companionways and ports shall be capable of being made watertight while racing.
                                  16. Cockpits to be self-bailing and to be fitted with adequate drains.
                                  17. Sufficient water shall be carried on board so that there remains at least one pint for each member of
                                      crew after completion of each race.

                                  Appendix Five – Codes for Downwind Sailing

                                  DIVISION A:         A – Asymmetrical Spinnaker             S – Spinnaker
                                  DIVISION B:         J – Jib only                           P – Pole + 1 Jib        T – Pole + 2 Jibs
                                                      A – Asymmetrical Spinnaker             S – Spinnaker                                      46

                                  General Information

                                                                                         All classes US$10.00 (EC$27.00) per foot LOA.
                                                                                         Affiliated C.S.A. members receive a 10% discount.
                                                                                         Cheques should be made payable to Antigua Sailing
                                                                                         Week. For the Guadeloupe Race US$40.00
                                                                                         (EC$108.00) payable to: Antigua Yacht Club.
                                                                                         Please note: A late fee of US$100.00 and any bank
                                                                                         charges will be levied on all returned cheques for
                                                                                         whatever reason. Fees can be paid in US dollars,
                                                                                         Pounds Sterling, Euros or E.C. Dollars. Credit Card
                                                                                         payments are accepted by VISA, Mastercard and
                                                                                         American Express.
                                                                                         Full details of C.S.A. Measurers, Rules & Amendments
                                                                                         can be obtained from or
                                                                                         contact your local C.S.A. Measurer or Antigua
                                                                                         Sailing Week Committee Desk. All competitors must
                                  ENTRY FORMS                                            have a current C.S.A. Measurement Certificate.
                                  Entry forms and racing information may be obtained     The Antiguan Measurers are:
                                  from Entries may be made          Tony Maidment, Tel: (268) 463-0260,
                                  on-line or sent to the Race Secretary at the follow-   Fax: (268) 460-1799 Email:
                                  ing address:                                           Sandy Mair, Tel: (268) 460-6128,
                                  Antigua Sailing Week                                   Fax: (268) 460-1799 c/o Antigua Yacht Club
                                  PO Box W2005, St John’s                                Appointments for measuring in Antigua must be
                                  Tel: (268) 462-8872 Fax: (268) 462-8873                made prior to Wednesday April 26th, 2006. There
                                  Email                       will be NO extensions to this decision. Do not arrive
                                  Completed entry forms, C.S.A. Certificates and fees     on the Guadeloupe Race and expect to be measured.
                                  must be received no later than Wednesday April         COMMITTEE DESK
                                  26th, 2006. Copies of valid C.S.A. Certificates         A Committee Desk will be set up in the Sailing Week
                                  should be submitted with entry forms, but if they      Village adjacent to Falmouth Marina during the two
                                  are unavailable at the time of entry, they must be     weeks prior to the commencement of racing. During
                                  presented to the Committee Desk no later than          Sailing Week a Committee Desk will be set up at the
                                  10:00am on Wednesday April 26th, 2006.                 daily race end location which will monitor VHF
                                  LATE ENTRIES, IF ACCEPTED,                             Channel 12. There will be a protest desk at each
                                  WILL BE PENALISED US$100.00                            race end location.

PRESS                                                 LORD NELSON’S BALL
Registration should be made online at                 Held on Saturday May 6th, 2006. Tickets will be For further information          available from the Committee Desk or from the
contact Alastair Abrehart our media co-ordinator at   Antigua Hotel & Tourist Association. A dress code or              will apply, for men a jacket and tie and long
1.284.495.1090. A Press Briefing will be held on       trousers, for ladies cocktail dresses. This dress code
Friday 28th April at 18:00.                           will be strictly enforced.
WATER & FUEL                                          MEDICAL FACILITIES
Available at Antigua Slipway Ltd’s dock in English    A safety boat, call sign “ABSAR” with a paramedic
Harbour, Port Authority Dock, Antigua Yacht Club      on board, maintains a listening watch on VHF
Marina, Catamaran Club and Marina in Falmouth         Channels 16 & 12 during the race. When calling on
Harbour and at the Jolly Harbour Marina               the radio make certain you use the word EMER-
                                                      GENCY on your call as the Committee only acknowl-
                                                      edges radio calls for emergencies, retirements and
Visiting yachts must clear on arrival and departure
from Antigua. Clearance facilities are provided at
English Harbour (call Dockyard Immigration on VHF
Channel 16), at St John’s Deepwater Harbour and
at Jolly Harbour Marina
Visitors arriving by air must have a valid return
airline ticket. For further information visit
For enquires regarding accommodation please
contact the Antigua Hotel & Tourist Association,
PO Box 454, St John’s, Tel: (268) 462-0374
Fax: (268) 462-3702 or visit the hotel guide page
Yachts requiring crew or persons wishing to crew
should register on the crew pool page on www.sail- Just prior to the event enquires
should be addressed to the Committee Desk in the
Sailing Week Village.

                                  Official Results Antigua Sailing Week 2005

                                  Racing Fleet – Overall Racing                              Racer/Cruiser Class 1 – Red Stripe Cup
                                  1st Lord Nelson Trophy                                     1st Murka, 48'            Mikhael Mouratov, Russia
                                      Titan 12, 75'       Tom Hill, Puerto Rico              2nd Disco Inferno II, 48' Matt Abbis, Great Britain
                                  2nd West Indies Publishing Cup                             3rd Northern Child        Don Thompson, Great Britain
                                      Storm, 44'          Paul Amon, Trinidad                    of Saint Peterport, 51'
                                  3rd Visa International Cup                                 Z Cat 20 years + – Quin Farara Cup
                                      Hissar, 56'         Edgar Cato, USA                        Northern Child        Don Thompson, Great Britain
                                                                                                 of Saint Peterport, 51'
                                  Racing Big Boat Class – Curtain Bluff Trophy
                                                                                             Racer/Cruiser Class 2 – Air Canada Cup
                                  1st Titan 12, 75'        Tom Hill, Puerto Rico
                                                                                             1st Tarka, 41'        Nicholas Jones, Great Britain
                                  2nd Equation, 68'        Bill Alcott, USA
                                                                                             2nd Aya Sofia, 41'     Marshall Murphy, USA
                                  3rd Spirit of Jethou, 60' Sir Peter Ogden, Great Britain
                                                                                             3rd Sete Mares, 40' Phillipe Marie, France
                                  X Cat 15 years + – AHTA Cup
                                                                                             Z Cat 20 years + – Universal Trophy
                                      Dreamland, 86'       Brook Lenfest, USA
                                                                                                 White Lady, 43'   Claude Picard, Guadeloupe
                                  Racing Class 3 – PriceWaterhouseCoopers Cup
                                                                                             Performance/Cruiser Fleet
                                  1st Storm, 44'          Paul Amon, Trinidad
                                                                                             Overall Performance/Cruiser
                                  2nd Hissar, 56'         Edgar Cato, USA
                                                                                             1st Chippy Seaward Sales Trophy
                                  3rd Aqua Equinox, 56'   Filip Balcaen, Belgium
                                                                                                 Pavlova II, 43'     Richard Burbridge, Great Britain
                                  X Cat 15 years +        No Qualifier
                                                                                             2nd Helical Moorings Cup
                                  Around the Island Race – Yachting World Trophy                 Budget Marine, 34' Tony Maidment, Antigua
                                  Best Elapsed Time                                          3rd National Parks Heritage Trophy
                                     Titan 12, 75'        Tom Hill, Puerto Rico                  Finn, 39'           Diederik deMesel, Belgium
                                  Racing Class 4 – American Airlines Cup                     Performance/Cruiser 1 – Big Banana Trophy
                                  1st Enzyme, 35'          Paul Solomon, Trinidad            1st Genesis, 56'        Russel Steiner, USA
                                  2nd Lost Horizon II, 30' James Dobbs, Antigua              2nd Dasian, 75'         Danilo Salsi, Italy
                                  3rd EIB – Marina Bas du Fort, 34'                          3rd Milanto, 46'        Valerio Bardi, Great Britain
                                                           Sylvain Homo, Guadeloupe
                                                                                             Z Cat 20 years +        No Qualifier
                                  X Cat 15 years + – Bank of Antigua Trophy
                                      Lost Horizon II, 30' James Dobbs, Antigua              Performance/Cruiser 2 – Antigua & Barbuda
                                                                                                                 Investment Bank Trophy
                                  Racer/Cruiser Fleet
                                                                                             1st L’Esperance, 45' Sir Robert Velasquez, AHO
                                  Overall Racing/Cruiser
                                                                                             2nd Wayward, 43'       Jerome McQuilkan, Trinidad
                                  1st Sanhall Trademarks Trophy
                                                                                             3rd Hugo B, 45'        Hugh Bailey, Antigua
                                      Tarka, 41'        Nicholas Jones, Great Britain
                                                                                             Z Cat 20 years + – Lipton Cup
                                  2nd Global Bank of Commerce Cup
                                                                                                 Hugo B, 45’        Hugh Bailey, Antigua
                                      Murka, 48'        Mikhael Mouratov, Russia
                                  3rd Catamaran Marina Cup
                                      Aya Sofia, 41'     Marshall Murphy, USA

Performance/Cruiser 3 – Antigua Sails Trophy              Bareboat Class 3 – Jolly Harbour Trophy
1st Finn, 39'          Diederik deMesel, Belgium          1st Heliodore, 50'      Christophe Neilsson, Germany
2nd Pavlova II, 43'    Richard Burbridge, Great Britain   2nd Fifty Feet Ahead, 50' Pereric Berggren, Sweden
3rd Budget Marine, 34' Tony Maidment, Antigua             3rd Dill, 50'           Jan Soderburg, Sweden
Z Cat 20 years + – E.E.Williams Memorial Trophy           Bareboat Class 4 – Western Union Cup
    Pavlova II, 43'    Richard Burbridge, Great Britain   1st Justice, 47'        Justin Barton, USA
Cruising Fleet                                            2nd Blue Loon, 44'      Ralph Cerretani, USA
1st Peter Deeth Cup                                       3rd Rubis, 45'          Hans Hamil, Sweden
    Mustang Sally, 46' Warren Batt, Australia             Bareboat Class 5 – LIAT “The Caribbean Airline” Cup
2nd Cable & Wireless Trophy                               1st Seabiscuit, 40'    Pat Nolan, B.V.I.
    Arawa, 50'         Douglas Decluitt, USA              2nd Ora, 37'           Hans Petersohn, Germany
3rd A & F Sails Trophy                                    3rd BVI Yacht Charters/HIHO, 43' Phil Otis, USA
    Arc Angel, 36'     Elizabeth Jordan, Antigua          Bareboat Class 6 – Dewars Highlander Trophy
Cruising Class 1 – Island Provision Trophy                1st Durley Dene, 36'    Alsop Thompson, B.V.I.
1st Mustang Sally, 46'   Warren Batt, Australia           2nd KHP Iroise, 38'     Dirk Schmoll, Germany
2nd Persuasion, 54'      Steve Kuhl, Great Britain        3rd Magnolia, 38'       Curt Gelin, Sweden
3rd Mediterraneo, 64'    Bilancioni Luciano, Italy
Z Cat 20 years +         No Qualifier                      Special Categories (based on Class Points)
Cruising Class 2 – Admiral’s Inn Trophy                   Jan Santos Trophy
1st Arawa, 50'         Douglas Decluitt, USA              Prize for exceptional support of ASW Peter Deeth
2nd Arc Angel, 36'     Elizabeth Jordan, Antigua
                                                          Team Trophy
3rd Elethea, 38'       Rick Gormley, Great Britain
                                                          Division A – Commander Nicholson Trophy
Z Cat 20 years + – British Airways Trophy
                                                              Great Britain
    Arawa, 50'         Douglas Decluitt, USA
                                                          Division B – Bryson’s Cup
Bareboat Fleet                                                Sweden
Overall Bareboat
1st The Governor General’s Cup                            Best Elapsed Time
    Seabiscuit, 40'     Pat Nolan, B.V.I.                 (Big Boat & Racing 3) – CIBC Trophy
2nd Sunsail Trophy                                            Titan 12, 75'       Tom Hill, Puerto Rico
    Justice, 47'        Justin Barton, USA                (Racing 4 & Racing/Cruiser 1 &2) – Celtic Cup
3rd Bailey’s Irish Cream Trophy                               Gienah, 62'          Morrisons, Great Britain
    Durley Dene, 36' Alsop Thompson, B.V.I.               Division B – Christl Cup
Bareboat Class 2 – Antigua Slipway Cup                        Symmetry, 96'        Abbot Browne, USA
1st Nanuk, 50'           Festing Smith, Canada
2nd Jasmine, 50'         Ben Vanderwerf, USA
3rd Pervenche, 50'       Phillipe Bouissou, France                                             continued next page                   51

                                  Official Results Antigua Sailing Week 2005

                                  Best Yacht over 60ft – Black & White Cup                 Guadeloupe Race
                                      Titan 12, 75'        Tom Hill, Puerto Rico           Racing – Ray Aitken Trophy
                                  Best Ultra Light Disp over 50ft – Seac Banche Trophy        Top 50, 50'       Luc Coquelin, Guadeloupe
                                      No Qualifier                                          Racer/Cruiser
                                  Best Swan                                                   Liara, 65'
                                  Division A – Antigua Breweries Cup                       Cruising – Gitana IV Cup
                                      Murka, 48'          Mikhael Mouratov, Russia            Kings Legend, 65' Gijs Van Liebergen, Netherlands
                                  Division B – Seagull Services Trophy                     Classic
                                      Arc Angel, 36'      Elizabeth Jordan, Antigua           Ashanti,
                                  Best Caribbean Yacht
                                                                                              Heliodore, 50'    Christophe Neilsson, Germany
                                  Division A – Beefeater Trophy
                                                                                           Best Elapsed Time – Time Out in Antigua Cup
                                      Titan 12, 75'      Tom Hill, Puerto Rico
                                                                                              Liara, 65'
                                  Division B – American Express Cup
                                      Durley Dene, 36' Alsop Thompson, B.V.I.
                                  Best Antigua Yacht                                       Caribbean Big Boat Series
                                  Division A – Hightide Trophy                             Combined Results of Heineken, BVI and ASW Regattas
                                      Lost Horizon II, 30' James Dobbs, Antigua            Overall Winner Racing Class
                                  Division B – Antigua Air Station Trophy                     Titan 12, 75'     Tom Hill, Puerto Rico
                                      Arc Angel, 36'       Elizabeth Jordan, Antigua       Antigua Leg Racing Class
                                                                                              Titan 12, 75'     Tom Hill, Puerto Rico
                                  Best British Yacht
                                  Division A – Fletcher Trophy
                                      Tarka, 41'           Nicholas Jones, Great Britain   CSA Annual Champion Yacht – Traveler’s Trophy
                                  Best American Yacht                                         Legacy            Doug Meyers, Trinidad
                                  Division A – Ricochet Cup
                                      Hissar, 56'          Edgar Cato, USA
                                  Best German Yacht – KH + P Cup
                                      KHP Iroise, 36'      Dirk Schmoll, Germany
                                  Best Crewed Charter Yacht – B.O.A.C. Cup
                                      Disco Inferno II, 48' Matt Abbis, Great Britain
                                  Best Yacht Sailed by Women – Holtmann Cup
                                      Seabiscuit, 40'      Pat Nolan, B.V.I.
                                  Best Classic Yacht– Mollihawk Trophy
                                      Annagine, 76'        Cok Mudde, Netherlands


Jan Santos Trophy

Behind every sporting event in the world there are
key individuals who make things happen behind the
scenes. Antigua Sailing Week is no exception. For
the first 34 regattas there was no official way to pay
tribute to these individuals. So, in 2001 the Jan
Santos Tropy was established as a special way to
recognise those people who make a difference each
spring in Antigua.
The Trophy was named for the indefatigable Jan
Santos who has given so many years of service to
Antigua Sailing Week. She continues to do so in her
present role as vice-chairman.
The Jan Santos Trophy is awarded each year to a
Sailing Week participant for outstanding service or a
special contribution to the annual event. The award
is open to volunteers and to competitors.
In 2005 the award was a attributed to Mr Peter
Deeth. Peter first came to Antigua in 1960 after a
distinguished flying career with the RAF and subse-
quently with B.O.A.C. and B.W.I.A. He built the Inn
at English Harbour which opened the following year
in 1961 and ran the hotel for the next 30 years.
Peter was the first Antigua Yacht Club Commodore
(then the English Harbour Yacht Club) and was part
of the start up group for Antigua Sailing Week,
personally funding it when necessary. It was his
enthusiasm that has made the Antigua Sailing Week
into the world class event that it is today.


                                  Swan Caribbean Challenge 2005

                                  Hissar Best Swan In Sailing Week                       On the final day of Antigua Sailing Week, Nautor’s
                                  On the final day of Antigua Sailing Week, Edgar Cato    Swan hosted the Swan owners’ reception, attended
                                  with Swan 56 Hissar took home the coveted Asprey       by Challenge Trophy winner Cato and other mem-
                                  trophy winning the NetJets Swan Caribbean              bers of the Swan family. More than 300 guests
                                  Challenge after a demanding week of racing.            gathered at the Cooper & Lumber Store in Antigua
                                                                                         to celebrate a great week of sailing and launch
                                  Across the classes at Antigua Sailing Week, there
                                                                                         NetJets title sponsorship of the Swan Challenge
                                  were 22 Swans in the running for the NetJets Swan
                                                                                         Series. Spanning the international racing circuit, the
                                  Caribbean Challenge Trophy. Winner Edgar Cato
                                                                                         NetJets Swan Challenge Series trophies are award-
                                  chartered Swan 56 Lolita for the week and raced
                                                                                         ed to owners of Swans with the highest ranking in
                                  her under the new guise of Hissar. Frank Savage,
                                                                                         regattas around the world.
                                  Lolita’s owner, had taken home the Swan Challenge
                                  Series trophy at the previous two Antigua Sailing
                                  Weeks, which only goes to confirm the strength and
                                  stamina of this classic Swan 56 when coupled with
                                  two impressive crews.
                                  Throughout the week, competition between Swans
                                  was strong in the Racing Big Boat II division, with
                                  Erck Rickmer’s Swan 86 Flying Dragon, Sir Peter
                                  Ogden's Swan 601 Spirit Of Jethou and Swan 86
                                  Dreamland (returning to competition after a 41Z2
                                  year circumnavigation, and last seen racing in the
                                  2002 Sydney to Hobart Race), competing alongside
                                  the new Swan 62 Gienah, chartered from Nautor’s
                                  Swan Caribbean Charter base. It was Spirit of
                                  Jethou that in the end triumphed as the highest
                                  placed Swan in the class, taking second place over-
                                  all. Four Swan 48s also enjoyed a week of close
                                  competition within the Racer/Cruiser I Class –
                                  Murka, Affinity, Vocation and Yocahu, along with
                                  Swan 51’s Northern Child of St. Peter Port and Star
                                  battled it out for a podium place, with Murka claim-
                                  ing overall victory as class winner.

The Caribbean Big Boat Series

Would you rather spend your winter racing in the         Can you turn down the chance to race against one     For more information please contact Cary Byerley
cold and the gray, or the warm and the blue of par-      of our own great Caribbean boats, the mighty Titan   Email
adise? Well, if it’s paradise you pick, paradise is      XII from Puerto Rico? Tom Hill and Titan have now    Website:
spelt C-B-B-S. The Caribbean Big Boat Series             won the CBBS for past two years beating some very    Phone: 599-552-0068
(CBBS) is the answer you’re looking for, the three       worthy opponents. Are you up to the challenge?
jewels of the Caribbean are just waiting for you to
                                                         The proud sponsors of the CBBS are FKG Rigging
enjoy the sparkle of life and colour that they offer.
                                                         and the Yacht Clubs at Isle de Sol and Port de
As soon as we said the three jewels of Caribbean         Plaisance.
you knew at once that of course we were talking
about these three outstanding regattas: the
St.Maarten Heineken Regatta, March 3rd 4th and
5th; the BVI Spring Regatta, March 27th to April
2nd, which, talking of jewels, is celebrating its
Emerald Jubilee – 35 years and going strong; then
we have the jewel that started the collection,
Antigua Sailing Week, April 30th to May 6th.
The CBBS offers double the fun at each regatta. Not
only do you compete in the regatta classes but
each race of that regatta counts towards the points
for the CBBS. Each regatta leg has its own CBBS
trophy and each leg counts towards the ultimate
bragging rights – winner of the 2006 Caribbean Big
Boat Series,
If for some reason you are not able to make three
trips to paradise then two will do just fine, you can
still enter the series by only doing two regattas. The
series is open to boats of 60 foot and up, please
don’t get me wrong this does not mean that we
would not love to have you racing in the Caribbean
if you have a smaller boat but for the Caribbean Big
Boat Series you do need to be one of the big boys.


                                  Guadeloupe to Antigua Yacht Race 2006

                                  Under the Auspices of THE ANTIGUA YACHT CLUB
                                  And in co-operation with LES AMIES DE VOILE DE POINTE-A-PITRE
                                  THURSDAY, APRIL 27th 2006
                                  BAREBOAT, CRUISER, CRUISER/RACER, RACING CLASSES, 42 MILES
                                            ALL CLASSES
                                            Warning Flag          0850
                                            Preparatory Flag      0855
                                            Start                 0900
                                            N.B. CLASS FLAGS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED
                                  START:    South to north between a red flag on the Committee Boat situated north of Des Haies Bay and
                                            a mark to its west.
                                  COURSE: Des Haies, Guadeloupe to English Harbour, Antigua.
                                  FINISH:   Off English Harbour between a red flag on the hill above the Pillars of Hercules and a buoy to its
                                            south west. All competitors should monitor VHF Channel 12 and communicate with the Committee
                                            giving the yacht’s name, description and C.S.A. TCF.
                                  SKIPPER’S BRIEFING:
                                            Yachts should assemble in Des Haies Bay,Guadeloupe, on the afternoon of Wednesday, April
                                            26th,2006. The Skippers’ Briefing will be held at 1730 hours on that afternoon at the main dock.
                                  CUSTOMS FORMALITIES:
                                          Yachts leaving Antigua for the Guadeloupe to Antigua Race must clear immigration before leaving
                                          Antigua. The necessary clearance forms should be obtained from Customs. The Committee Desk
                                          will be pleased to assist and can supply further information.
                                  ENTRANCE FEES:
                                          US$40.00 payable at or before the Skippers’ Briefing.
                                  NEW RECORD:
                                          Set in 2004 by Bob Miller aboard MARI CHA IV – 140' Briand Schooner.
                                  TIME TO BEAT:
                                            02 hours 18 minutes 42 seconds.

Guadeloupe to Antigua Yacht Race 2005

The annual precursor to Antigua Sailing Week is the
44-mile Guadeloupe to Antigua Race starting off
Des Haies and finishing off English Harbour. The
current record is held by Robert Miller’s Mari-Cha IV
which was set in 2004 when she took line hours
with a time of two hours, 18 minutes and 42 sec-
onds – she shattered her own record set by her
previous incarnation in 2001 by 22 minutes and 20
seconds. Visione, Hasso Plattner’s 140-foot Baltic,
also broke the record finishing eight minutes behind
The 2005 run from Guadeloupe was a little more
sedate and light winds meant that Mari-Cha’s
record was never in any peril. Fourteen boats
crossed the startline off Des Haies and Dixon 65,
Liara, earned line honours crossing the finish line
off English Harbour, five hours, 13 minutes and 30
seconds later. But it was Top 50, a BOC Open 50
skippered by Guadeloupe’s Luc Coquelin, that won
the overall prize in the 44-mile race. Swan 65
King’s Legend was second and Santa Cruz 70 Hotel
California was third.
                                                        2005 Guadeloupe to Antigua Race
Each year the race is followed by the English Harbour   Overall Results
Rum Crew Ball at Pigeon Beach, Falmouth Harbour.
                                                        1st   Top 50              BOC Open 50
                                                        2nd King’s Legend         Swan 65
                                                        3rd   Hotel California    Santa Cruz 70
                                                        Best Elapsed Time         Liara
                                                        Time Out in Antigua Cup


                                  Antigua Sailing Week & Cable & Wireless
                                  Schools Art Competition 2005
                                  Antigua Sailing Week was very pleased to partner with Cable & Wireless to host the Schools Art Competition
                                  for ASW 2005. Cable & Wireless was one of Antigua Sailing Week’s longest standing sponsors and as a gold
                                  sponsor continues to play a key role in community and social development in Antigua & Barbuda. The compe-
                                  tition was open for school children all over Antigua & Barbuda who were invited to submit paintings reflecting
                                                         the theme “I love Sailing Week” and include nautical and telecommunications concepts.
                                                         The paintings of all finalists are displayed at the Antigua & Barbuda Museum in St.
                                                         John’s for ten days prior to Sailing Week and then are moved to the Admiral’s Inn
                                                         inside Nelson’s dockyard for the duration of Antigua Sailing Week. The winners are
                                                         awarded cash prizes. The traditional Mistress Quickly Cup, Mill Reef Cup and Edie-Hill
                                                         Cup are loaned for display at the winners’ schools.
                                                        Age Category 4–6 years           Edie-Hill-Thibou Cup
                                                        1st Place   Alec Roberts         Sunnyside School
                                                        2nd Place   Eleazar Hull         Jennings Primary
                                                        3rd Place   Kibwana James        Jennings Primary

                                                        Age Category 7–11 years          Mill Reef Cup
                                                        1st Place   Jamie Gardner        Antigua Girls High School
                                                        2 Place     Jonathan Murphy      Island Academy
                                                        3rd Place   Ebony Hull           Jennings Primary

                                                        Age Category 12–15 years         Mistress Quickly Cup
                                                        1st Place   Emile Murphy         Island Academy
                                                        2nd Place   Glenson Goodwin      Antigua Grammar School
                                                        3rd Place   Katie Meyer          Island Academy


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                                  The 40th Annual Antigua Sailing Week 2007
                                  29th April – 5th May, 2007

                                  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                  P.O.BOX W2005, ST. JOHN’S, ANTIGUA
                                  TEL: (268) 462 8872/462 6164 FAX: (268) 462 8873/462 2527
                                  Email: Website:

                                  PLEASE CONTACT THE FOLLOWING OVERSEAS OFFICES:
                                  ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM
                                  610 FIFTH AVENUE, SUITE 311,NEW YORK, NY 10020, U.S.A.
                                  TEL: (212) 541 4117 FAX: (212) 757 1607
                                  CONSULATE GENERAL OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA,
                                  60 ST. CLAIR AVENUE E, SUITE 601, TORONTO, ONTARIO, M4T 1N5 CANADA
                                  TEL: (416) 961 3085 FAX: (416) 961 7218
                                  HIGH COMMISSION OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA
                                  ANTIGUA HOUSE, 15 THAYER STREET, LONDON W1M 5LD, ENGLAND
                                  TEL: (207) 486 7073/5 FAX: (207) 486 1466
                                  EMBASSY OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA
                                  3216 NEW MEXICO AVENUE, N.W., WASHINGTON D.C. 20016, U.S.A.
                                  TEL: (202) 362 5122 FAX: (202) 362 5225
                                  25 S.E. SECOND AVENUE, SUITE 300,MIAMI, FLORIDA 33131, U.S.A.
                                  Tel: (305) 381 6762 FAX: (305) 381 7908
                                  THOMASTRASSE 11,D-61348 BAD HOMBURG,GERMANY
                                  TEL: 061 72 21504 FAX: 061 72 21513 EMAIL:
                                  ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM
                                  TOURISM SALES REPRESENTATIVE: MS. YVONNE FISHER
                                  VIA SANTA MARIA, ALLA PORTA 9, 20123, MILAN, ITALY
                                  TEL: 039 02 877983
                                  HONORARY CONSUL: MANUEL PREUDHOMME
                                  OFFICE DU TOURISME D’ANTIGUE ET BARBUDA
                                  43 AVENUE DE FRIEDLAND, 75008 PARIS, FRANCE
                                  TEL: 33 1 53 75 15 71 FAX: 33 1 53 75 15 69

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