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Alexander_Chris_chris bio by ajizai


									    Founder: Chris Alexander
   Award winning speaker, author,
  and business building strategist.

      If you would like to hear the words:
“Outstanding!”, “Impressive!”, “Inspiring!” and
  “World Class!”, then book Chris Alexander
        to speak at your next meeting.

   Because of Chris Alexander’s books, powerful messages
and engaging humorous teaching gift, businesses and
organizations throughout the world invite him to speak and
coach their Executives and business teams. Executives from
client companies such as: Mercedes Benz, Barratt American,
Interior Specialists, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson say that it is
Alexander’s 25 years of real world business experience,
examples and results that have struck a chord and won him

Chris Alexander is an expert at building organizational culture,
high-performance teamwork and world class customer
service. He speaking topics are:
          World Class Leadership
          The WOW Factor
          Team Power
          Sales Power
          Synergy Communication Styles

     He also conducts Synergy retreats, custom designed workshops and ongoing culture change programs.

    “It’s about those magic moments when working in concert toward a shared destiny that communication flows openly,
  everyone feels a sense of belonging and connection. That synchronicity multiplies, energy, focus, fun and productivity. W
  see it in sports teams and in business teams - there’s no difference.”

     Chris Alexander is an example of the American dream, he was born in a small country in the middle of Africa, then ca
  Rhodesia and now renamed Zimbabwe. He emigrated to the USA 18 years ago and has since published five books - Jo
  the Workplace, Creating Extraordinary Joy, Synergizing Your Business, Catch the Wind with Your Wings and “The Wow
  Factor!”. He has also authored many extremely successful business audio’s, CD’s and DVD’s to support his training
  programs. Recently, along with a team of educational specialists, Alexander won the prestigious Los Angeles Area Emm
  Award for Overall Excellence in Business Education for the Coast Telecourse, Dollar$ and Sense: Personal Finance for
  21st Century. Alexander’s largest audience is his two PBS TV shows, titled Creating Extraordinary Joy and Joy in the
  Workplace, which reaches 4,500,000 people with each broadcast.

      Alexander’s stories, anecdotes, international flavor and fresh feet on the ground examples will “WOW” your audience
  ... and like so many groups, you will want him to come back - again and again...

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