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									                 Timely and Accurate Information – When, Where & As Needed
      A ‘now’ information tool today, enhancing the security and safety of future generations
Police leaders are constantly searching for methods to improve community safety and satisfy Police
Service Board expectations; all the while under the stress of budgetary pressures and increased
Victimization is not ‘owned’ by any one community, every jurisdiction experiences victimization. We
know criminals seek communities of opportunity, offering high rewards with a low risk (of
apprehension). A community’s risk of victimization (absence of crime), for the most part, is determined
by the ability to determine responsibility (clearance rates) and prevention initiatives. The higher the
clearance rates the lower the risk (of victimization); the more information available the greater the
success (or visa versa).
How, When, Where, Why and Who are the universal information ingredients that enable police officers
to perform their responsibilities. Significant resources are channeled to provide ‘intelligence’. Officers
develop informants, Crime Stoppers promotes anonymous tips, community “watch programs” are
created and specialized units are dedicated to report, collect and analyze information. INFORMATION
(accurate and timely) determines success.
Research of best practices identifies no one initiative or strategy has historically guaranteed success
‘everywhere’. Resources and community ‘differences’ impact initiative outcomes. Constantly being
sought are ‘tools’ and/or strategies providing accurate and timely information that:
 increase detection and prevention of victimization responsibilities (inclusive of officer safety),
 support current resource levels and business plan goals and objectives,
 are uncomplicated, offer quick deployment and facilitate success anywhere and anytime, and
 offer flexibility (of use/application) and affordability
Safe environments and police successes are now no longer ‘tied to’:
 limited resources and/or resource availability or fiscal restraints,
 the lack of accurate and timely information, or
 the availability of power or communication lines, or acceptable daylight and/or weather conditions.
The ‘Information-PRO’ system eliminates these issues.
“NOW” situational awareness is available anywhere and anytime. The Information-Pro system is
instantly deployed as needed and easily moved as required. Information needed (to be successful) is
immediately provided to and controlled by the police; 3rd party participation is not involved.
This (RSI Video Technologies) system facilitates responses (safe and appropriate) to ‘situations-in-
progress’. Completing the How, When, Where, Who and What knowledge ingredients enables police to
more successfully ‘clear’ an entire array of incidents and community concerns
The applications of this system, to improve a community’s safe environment and increase
clearance rates, are infinite. At last ‘the ability’ to respond to community concerns (with success)
without negatively impacting front line resources. No longer experience residents having to hire private
security companies to fulfill their ‘protection/prevention’ requests because of our resource limitations.
        Dtektion Security Systems Inc. is proud to be the Canadian Distributor of
                             The ‘Information-PRO’ system
The system is a ‘tool’ supporting police forces by enhancing and enabling capabilities (response,
investigative and preventative) through accurate and timely information anywhere and anytime.
The ‘tool’ has the ability to instantly detect ‘crimes-in-progress’; it is a Force Multiplier in a box with
no privacy issues. It is not too good to be true.

          The message could be: “criminals will be arrested immediately - on site”.

The unplugged and wireless Videofied ‘Information-Pro’ unit (USA Stakeout-Pro Kit) is a portable remote
sentry information system that can be instantly deployed as needed and moved as situations evolve. It is
battery powered (self contained) and delivers up to 3,000 video information clips on a single set of batteries.
The units ‘ Motionviewers’ use sophisticated PIR technology to trigger the integrated night vision camera
and instantly captures a 10 second clip of any incident. The portable (police) monitoring laptops’ integrated
cell modem receives the information sent by the wireless control panel for instant knowledge and response
(e.g. crime-in-progress). The control panel controls up to 20 remote (outdoor/indoor) MotionViewers
enabling coverage of huge areas; anytime, anywhere and designed to operate in harsh outdoor environments.

Unlike CCTV systems - it does not record yesterdays’ crimes. The need is ‘now’ not yesterday.

Imagination is the only limitation of the ‘Information-Pro’ system. The delivery of Police mandates, directly
affected by the lack of sufficient resources, can be more successful with ‘accurate and timely’ information. The
lack of resources to apprehend criminals who chose ‘the when’ will be the concern of the past. The unplugged
and self contained ‘sentry’ can be placed in a tree, on a lamp post or any ‘enabling’ location (inside or out).
Simple and fast deployment, anywhere and anytime, makes the ‘Information-Pro’ system the perfect
remote sentry for mobile security details, mobile command post monitoring demands and the protection of
communities. A single person can monitor multiple entry and exit points.
This unit delivers the information you need - when you need it regardless of the location or incident type
(e.g. night ‘stalkers’, break and enters, vandalism, trespassing, evacuated area or site security protection or
the apprehension of persons responsible for ‘grow operations’ or ‘caches’ of stolen property).
Increased clearance rates, increased officer safety and accountability of business plan strategies are the
types of successes that identify communities as being ‘too high a risk’ (of apprehension) from a criminals’
perspective. No longer will communities who deploy Dtek’VISION be considered as ‘targets of opportunity’.
Now authorities will have the ability to provide ‘protection’ to the fearful and vulnerable through the
deployment of this sentry. Enhanced community security and safety without the historical resource impacts –
overdue but available now !

Other Benefits
A policing environment enabling success (satisfaction), providing lower than average service complaints
(including frustrations) and increased officer safety will advantage recruiting by attracting candidates to
this new professional environment. Budgets (e.g. overtime) will be positively affected through the
investigational/response capabilities; Business plan goals will include the ‘Information – PRO’ system
deliverables (e.g. reduced workloads, increased clearance rates), guaranteeing accountabilities and related
successes. And the ‘Information- PRO’ parallels the abilities of the newly introduced public videofied
security system designed to eliminate all false alarms. Similar to the police agencies in Europe, an
amendment to current alarm policy can eliminate false alarm workloads (98%), increased clearance rates
and officer safety and facilitate value-added community security initiatives.

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