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July August 2012 Newsletter by ajizai


									                                                                                                             Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 1

                                                                                                                         July/August 2012

                                                       CHURCH COUNCIL                                    COMMITTEE
                                                    President: Danna Drescher (246-9302)                CHAIRPERSONS
                                                    Vice President: Bill Stone (417-6580)       Christian Education Stephanie Kusmierski
                                                    Treasurer: Bob Quickel (757-2872)           (318-5445)
                                                    Secretary: Robin Stump (244-4620)           Endowment Bob Quickel (757-2872)
                                                    Members: Charlotte Bergdoll (968-           Evangelism Al Myers (741-2347)
                                                    3625), Joan Caruso (741-1626), Laura        Fellowship Jeanné Hineline (747-8905)
                                                    DiBiase (747-0435), Joyce Fengfish
                                                                                                Finance Dean Henry (854-9840)

                                                    (741-1560), Curtis Ferree (741-0444),
                                 Good News Letter

                                                                                                Property Ed Druck (741-0419)
                                                    Nicole Figdore (318-7345), Kelly Miller
                                                                                                Strawberry Festival Cindy Druck
                                                    (747-0165), Raymond Rudacille (578-
                                                    1764), Adam Titter (812-0640), Pastor       (741-0419)

                                                    Jim 741-4639 (Office) or 757-1917           Mutual Ministry, Stewardship, Worship &
                                                    (Home)                                      Music

                                                             May 15, 2012 meeting

                                                    Treasurer’s Report: Filed for review.
                                                    Committee Reports: Mission Trip Fund                Inside This Issue
                                                    will be taking over gift cards sales as a
                                                    fundraiser. More information will be        Church Council, Committees               1
                                                    presented at the June council meeting.
                                                    Letter Carriers food drive brought in       Birthdays, Endowment, Food Closet        2-4
                                                    about 500 pieces for our food closet.
                                                                                                Finance, LSS Auxiliary                   5
                                                    Old Business: Youth Sunday - gift for
                                                    the seniors have been obtained.             Prayer Requests                          6
                                                    Lutheran Camping Corporation - a rep-       Open Houses, Shurfine, Shut-ins          7
                                                    resentative will attend the June council
                                                    meeting.                                    Thank you, Well Span, Worship & Music    8

                                                    New Business: Church picnic - sched-        Calendars, Schedules                    9-12
                                                    uled for July 29, 2012. Jeanne Hineline     Prayer Ventures                         13-14
                                                    will co-ordinate and more information
                                                    will be forthcoming.                        Church Picnic                           cover

                                                    Next meeting: June 19, 2012
                                                                            Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 2
                BIRTHDAYS                               ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE
                           July                       We are hopeful that with the past few months’ stock
July 3        Herman Ladd
                                                      market improvement that we will be able to
July 7        Donna Fulton
                                                      disburse funds in fall 2012. Please remember that
July 8        Robin Stump
                                                      there are no guarantees. Just as a reminder, the
July 12       Jack Dunkle
                                                      funds are disbursed based on the following: 30%
July 13       Sara Laird
                                                      will be reinvested for future needs, 10% will be des-
July 18       Laura Winitsky
                                                      ignated for outside benevolence, and the final 60%
July 25       David Miller,
                                                      will be disbursed based upon church member re-
              Catherine Stetler-Lighty
July 26       Edward Druck, Ronald Snider Jr.
July 28       Dale Ruppert                            Applications should be received at the church no
                                                      later then July 31, 2012. Endowment guidelines and

                       August                         an application are on the next two pages. Any ques-

August 1      Donaline Grove                          tions may be directed towards any of the committee

August 2      Cassandra Beeler                        members: Danna Drescher, Donna Fulton, David

August 5      Delorian Bretz, Nathan Caruso           Miller, Bob Quickel, or Pastor Jim.

August 7      Norman Gladfelter, Jr.
August 9      Connie Moyer
August 10     Christine Kinsley                            FACILITIES CALENDAR
August 12     Douglas Boyer                           There is a calendar in the church office to be used by
August 14     Brynn Gundel                            each committee as it sponsors an event. The event(s)
August 18     Janet Julius                            should be listed on the calendar under the room(s)
August 20     Linda Kashner                           that will be used for the event.
August 27     Liam Titter
August 28     Gary Aughenbaugh
August 31     Grace Boyer
                                                                    FOOD CLOSET
                                                      Below is a list of needed items. If you can donate
                                                      any of these items, please mark the bag “Food
                                                      Closet” and place it in the church. Curt Ferree (741-
                                                      0444) can be contacted with any questions.
                                                      macaroni & cheese, dish detergent, laundry detergent,
                DIRECTORY                             paper goods such as toilet paper, tissues, paper
Be sure to notify the church office if your address
and/or phone number changes.
                                                                                Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 3

                               Mabel Grove Trust Guidelines

                                Deadline for the application is July 31, 2012

                      The funds are designated to fulfill the mission of the congregation.

                                              Mission Statement
                                Centered in Christ to gather, grow and go.

       The application shall be placed in the Endowment Committee mailbox or mailed and received by the

church office by July 31, 2012. The Endowment Committee will forward the respective application to the ap-

propriate committee for review and for them to make a recommendation. The recommendations shall be sent

to the Endowment Committee by August 31st and they will be reviewed and recommendations made for the

Church Council appropriate to the amount of funds available. The Church Council will make the final

decisions for these funds.

       Additional application forms may be created by copying the enclosed form or contacting the church

office. After this process is complete we will have future disbursements, as funds allow, every six months.

       Just a reminder that 30% of the gain in the fund will be reinvested to help grow the fund for future min-

istry. 10% of the increase has been designated towards ministry outside of this congregation. That could be

something in our community, synod, nation or world. The remaining 60% will be disbursed this fall.

       Any questions may be directed towards the Endowment Committee members: Danna Drescher,

Donna Fulton, David Miller, Bob Quickel, or Pastor Jim.

       With the volatility of the stock market, there is no guarantee that funds will be available.

However, we are hopeful based on the past few months’ financial returns.
                                                                            Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 4

                           2385 South Queen Street, York, Pennsylvania 17402

                                           Mission Statement
                               Centered in Christ to gather, grow and go.

Name of Committee or Individual Requesting Funds:__________________________________________

Phone Contact Number:______________________              Date of Request:________________________

Describe how the funds will be used: (attach paper if needed)
How will this project further the mission of the Church? (attach paper if needed)
List the items and approximate cost of the items needed to complete this project:
 Item Needed                                 Approximate Cost

Total amount requested _____________________ Date needed:_______________________

 To be completed by the Endowment Committee

______Request referred to Committee       Committee Name:_________________________

______Request approved for Council review         Amount suggested:_________________

______Request denied               _______Request approved _________Amount approved


                                                                                         Revised 03-03-12
                                                                               Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 5

     FINANCE COMMITTEE                                                 LSS AUXILIARY
                                                                        Membership Drive
             Attendance for April/May
                                                       Thanks to those who contributed to this year’s mem-
         Apr 1 - 108, Apr 8 - 175, Apr 15 - 80,
                                                       bership campaign. Our 2012 contribution totaled
              Apr 22 - 102, Apr 29 - 51
                                                       $225. During the membership drive, memorial con-
May 6 - 65, May 13 - 68, May 20 - 70, May 27 - 101     tributions were received for Barry Grace and Margaret
   Automated Giving Program: Simply Giving             Robertson.

Simply Giving offers a simple way for you to act on
a profound choice. By participating in this program,
you can use electronic funds transfer (EFT) to give            NEWSLETTER/WEBSITE
your weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly financial
                                                       The newsletter is available electronically on our web-
gifts to Christ Lutheran Church of Spry.               site at or request an emailed copy by
Sign up by completing the Member Authorization         emailing the church at      Pa-
Form available at each entrance and in the church      per copies will be available for pick up in the narthex.
office. Then, return the completed form to the church For those who are unable to pick one up at the church
office or to Bob Quickel, Treasurer.                   or download one from the internet, contact the church

Let Simply Giving help you build better stewardship    office (741-4639) for other options.

by turning a simple choice into a generous response.   Please have information you would like included in

If you have any questions, please call Bob Quickel     the newsletter to the church office by the 15th of the
                                                       prior month.
(757-2872) Treasurer or the church office (741-
4639).                                                 If there is information you would like to have put on
                                                       the website (, email the information to
                Budget Update
Our monthly income needed to meet our budget is        the church office:

$15,246.00. In April our actual income was
$17,117.87 and our expenses were $14,716.72.
Please remember to mail your offering if you do not
make it to church.                                               PRAYER VENTURES
                                                       Prayer Ventures can be obtained through the elca web-

                                                       When viewing the newsletter on the website or in
                                                       email, Prayer Ventures will not be included. However;
                                                       Prayer Ventures is easily obtained through the above
                                                       elca website.
                                                                         Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 6

        PRAYER REQUESTS                                PRAYER REQUESTS continued
Dennis and Mary Ann Barley. Dennis recently       To have prayer requests included in the newsletter,
                                                  please provide the information on the Welcome Sheet
found out he has cancer.
                                                  inserted into the weekly bulletin or call the church office
Sarah Rehmeyer and her mother, Amy. The           (741-4639). Prior to including names on our prayer
family is dealing with Tourettes Syndrome.        list, it is required that you receive the person’s permis-
                                                  Those added to the prayer list will be removed after
Sandy Leese’s cancer has returned.
                                                  three months, unless asked to be placed on the list again
                Friends and Family                or updates are added. They will however

Bruce Fetrow, brother of Lori Trout Whitebread,   remain in our hearts & personal prayers.

battling bladder cancer.

Warren Foster, brother of Jeanné Hineline, contin- Call the Church Office at 717 741-4639 when:
ues to battle cancer.                                A member of your family or a church friend is ad-

Dr. Kenneth Holtzapple, brother of Yvonne Holt-   mitted to the hospital (so that visits can be made and the

zapple, has been diagnosed with lung cancer.      proper people notified)

Kelly Morrison                                       There is a change to either your name, home or work
                                                  phone number, e-mail or address (so that the church re-
Ben and Ashley Stine and family, nephew of Judy
                                                  cords and directory can be changed).
Hess, stationed in Japan. Keep in your prayers.
                                                     A new baby arrives in your family
                    New Parents

Dr. David and Megan Boyer’s son, Brett Eugene,       A member of your household leaves for college or

was born March 12, 2012. David is the son of      establishes a new residence

Lorrie and Rob Boyer and the grandson of Grace       You desire to join Christ Lutheran or are planning a
and the late Bob Boyer.                           wedding or baptism

                                                     There is a death
John and Maryam Boyer’s daughter, Soniyah            Upcoming surgery
Elizabeth, was born April 12, 2012. John is the
                                                     You would like Pastor Jim to visit
son of Lorrie and Rob Boyer and the grandson of
                                                  If not during regular business hours, call
Grace and the late Bob Boyer.
                                                  Pastor Jim at 717 757-1917 when:

                                                     A member is hospitalized in an emergency

                                                     A death occurs
                                                                                  Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 7

              OPEN HOUSES                                                  SHURFINE
                Lily Ann Gardens                                   Community Rewards Program
               Annual Open House                         As a Shurfine Gold Card shopper, you can support our
Come and enjoy the blossoms of summer at our annual      church simply by signing up for the program, then
open house, Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 10 am – 2       each time you shop, a percentage of your Gold Card
PM. Bring a friend or family, everyone is welcome.       purchases will be credited to our church. There is no
Ann and Ed Witman (741-5929) 1853 Ebony Drive,           cost to you.   Registration is easy. Register online at
York.                                           You will be asked to
                                                         designate a nonprofit group from a drop-down list.

                                                         If you have already registered, THERE IS NO NEED
                                                         TO REGISTER AGAIN! If you have any questions
                                                         about the Shurfine Community Rewards program, bro-
                                                         chures are available in the Shurfine store at the cus-
                                                         tomer service desk in the front of the store, or call the
                                                         church office (741-4639).

                                                         Kathryn Garrett        Birthday: November 6
                                                         2321 Freedom Way, Room 136
                                                         York, PA 17402
                Garden Railroad
                   Open House
On Saturday, August 18, 20112, the Geeseys will be       Lois Jay               Birthday: May 19

having an open house to share their interest in garden   1801 Folkemer Circle, Room 105

railroading. You are invited! The event begins at        York, PA 17404

12:00 PM and ends when all have enjoyed.
                                                         Mae Lightner           Birthday: September 2
Our address is 2932 Exeter Drive, S., York PA 17403
                                                         110 Kreidler Avenue
and our telephone number is 347-7637.
                                                         York, PA 17402-4925
Marlyn and Doris Geesey

                                                         Helena Weitkamp Birthday: April 29
                                                         The Haven at Springwood
                                                         2321 Freedom Way, Room 235
                                                         York, PA 17402
                                                                                 Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 8

                THANK YOU                                      WELLSPAN eGREETING
I want to thank Pastor Jim for everything he did for     If you know of a church member, family member or
me and my family during our difficult time with the      friend who is a patient at the York or Gettysburg
passing of Nevin. I also want to thank the ladies and    Hospitals WellSpan offers a free service to deliver a
                                                         personal message on select stationary.
gentlemen that did the luncheon, it was perfect.
                                                         These greetings may be sent on “Get Well Soon”,
Thank you also for the sympathy cards.
                                                         “Thinking Of You” or “New Baby” stationary. It is a
Sincerely, Nancy Mitzel
                                                         nice way to let others know that you care. Simply go
                                                         to for details.
everyone who helped in any way, shape or form with
this year’s Strawberry Festival. The weather couldn't
have been better as well as the food and auction. Your
support and dedication to this event is truly appreci-
ated. Let me know if you have any suggestions for
next year. Thanks again, Cindy Druck

I would like to send a sincere thank you to all who             WORSHIP AND MUSIC
                                                                        Communion Assistants
participated in the Strawberry Festival in whatever
                                                         If you have any questions regarding the communion
capacity. Your cooperation and participation is
                                                         assistant schedule, or if you need to make any changes
sincerely appreciated.   Danna Drescher
                                                         to the schedule, please contact Mae Myers (741-2347).
Just a thanks to say, your kindness really made my            Soloist Schedule for the Summer Months
day! To thank Dave and Joyce Fengfish for coming in
                                                         July 1 to be determined      July 8 The Troubedours
and visiting me while I was in the hospital. Also the
                                                         July 15 Jann Conrad & Gala Simpson
cards I received while I was there and at home. And
                                                         July 22 Joseph Rojahn
also the help from Raymond. I hope we are done with
                                                         July 29 to be determined     Aug 5 to be determined
our problems being sick or hurt for a while. May God
Bless you always! Gloria Rudacille                       Aug 12 to be determined      Aug 19 Mark Downs

                                                         Aug 26 to be determined      Sept 2 to be determined

                                                                Substitute Children’s Church Leaders

                                                         Andrea Anstine 741-3911, Jean Quickel 757-2872

                                                                     Substitute Nursery Helpers

                                                         Judith Hess 428-2740, Barb Mount 741-9164,
                                                         Jeanné Hineline 747-8905
                                                                         Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 10

                      WORSHIP ASSISTANTS FOR JULY
If you are unable to serve on the Sunday assigned to you, please trade days with someone else or find a
            substitute and notify the church office (741-4639) with the corrected schedule.

  Date     Acolyte       Altar       Children’s   Communion        Nursery      Reader        Ushers
                         Guild        Church       Assistants     Assistants

07-01       Emily       Elaine        Emily and     Danna         Stephanie      Ryan         Jeanné
           DiBiase     Trimmer       Liz DiBiase,  Drescher,      Kusmierski     Snider      and Will
                                        Jason     Bob Quickel,                               Hineline
                                        Pepper    Robin Stump
07-08       Aaron       Darlene         Erin        Marlyn          Doris      Danna Dre-    Jean and
            Miller      Winters         Titter      Geesey,        Geesey,       scher         Bob
                                                  David Miller,    Jeanné                    Quickel
                                                  Adam Titter      Hineline

07-15        Liz      Laura and/or      Kelly     Doris Geesey, Judy Hess,       Roger       Christine
           DiBiase       Roger         Pepper      Raymond      Barb Mount      DiBiase      and Tim
                        DiBiase                    Rudacille,                                 Miller
                                                   Bill Stone
07-22       Jason        Vicki         Carolyn    Kathy Henry,     Andrea        Dave         Sharon
           Pepper        Dill          Beeler     Heidi Snider,    Anstine,      Miller      and Curt
                                                                    Jamie                     Ferree
07-29       Emily        Cindy         Carolyn    Laura DiBiase    Jeanné        Ken        Al Myers,
           DiBiase       Druck         Beeler      Mae Myers,      Hineline      Billet     Betty and
                                                   Bob Quickel                              Bill Stone
                                                                        Volume 16, No. 07/08, Page 12

 If you are unable to serve on the Sunday assigned to you, please trade days with someone else or find a
             substitute and notify the church office (741-4639) with the corrected schedule.

  Date      Acolyte      Altar      Children’s     Communion         Nursery      Reader       Ushers
                         Guild       Church         Assistants      Assistants

08-05        Aaron       Elaine     Emily and Danna Drescher,       Stephanie      Jean      Jeanné and
             Miller     Trimmer    Liz DiBiase, Bob Quickel,        Kusmierski    Quickel       Will
                                      Jason     Robin Stump                                   Hineline,
                                      Pepper                                                  Betty and

08-12         Liz        Doris         Erin       Marlyn Geesey,      Doris         Lori      Jean and
            DiBiase      Geesey        Titter      David Miller,     Geesey,        Abel        Bob
                                                   Adam Titter       Jeanné                   Quickel,
                                                                     Hineline                Gloria and

08-19       Jason        Laura         Kelly       Doris Geesey,    Judy Hess,     Ryan      Sharon and
            Pepper      and/or        Pepper        Raymond         Barb Mount     Snider      Curtis
                         Roger                      Rudacille,                                 Ferree
                        DiBiase                     Bill Stone

08-26       Rebecca       Vicki       Carolyn      Kathy Henry,      Andrea         Al          The
             Snider       Dill        Beeler       Heidi Snider,     Anstine,      Myers     Les Miller
                                                                      Jamie                   Family
09-02      Rebecca       Cindy        Heidi      Danna Drescher, Kelly Green,      Sharon
           Polanzke      Druck        Snider      Bob Quickel,    Stephanie        Ferree
                                                  Robin Stump    Kusmierski
                                            inside cover

            Sunday, July 29
     Begins with lunch at 1:00 PM
            Rain or Shine

The annual church picnic will be held at
      Camp Myers Retreat Center
         Sunday, July 29, 2012.

       Meat, drinks, place settings will
                 be provided.
     Please bring a covered dish to share
               and lawn chairs.

    Bring games for everyone to enjoy…
              or just relax!!

     A short Vesper Service will be held
                at 3:00 PM.

      Directions to the Retreat Center:
         Take Rt. 74 north to Dover.
     Five miles from the Dover square is
        Mockingbird Road, turn right.
 The Retreat Center is at the end of the road.
               (Look for signs)
                                                           NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION
2385 South Queen Street                                    US POSTAGE PAID, PERMIT #13
York, PA 17402                                             DALLASTOWN, PA 17313

717 741-4639                                                   Return Service Requested

                           Church Picnic
             Join us on Sunday July 29th at Camp Myers Retreat Center
                            for our annual church picnic.

                   Meat, drinks, and place settings will be provided.
                   Please bring a covered dish to share, lawn chairs
                           and games for everyone to enjoy.
                              Lunch will be at 1:00 PM.

                                 We will have a brief
                              Vesper service at 3:00 PM.

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