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                                                Payment Policies:
          Check Class Choice                    Transfers & Substitutions honored up to the date
                                                                                                            IDENTITY THEFT:
                                                of the class without penalty or loss of fees.           EXPOSURES & RESPONSES
___Identity Theft: Exposures &                  Registration for a class not attended due to
Responses                                       unavoidable circumstances, may be held for 5
                                                working days during which time fees must be               CYBER SECURITY AND
 3 hours CE 9:00 am – 12:00 pm / $50.00         transferred or substituted. Fees not applied
                                                within 5 working days of the event will be
                                                                                                          LIABILITY EXPOSURES:
___Cyber Security & Liability Exposures:
Are Your Clients At Risk?                       reported as a No Show.                                  ARE YOUR CLIENTS AT RISK?
                                                “No Show” absentees (no office
  3 hours CE 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm / $50.00         contact/explanation) will lose 100% of their
                                                registration fees. Loss applied to contracted food,
___SPECIAL RATE: TAKE BOTH - $80.00             room reservation & material printing costs.
                                                Cancellation / Refunds: 100 % refund IF request
                                                has been given 7 DAYS PRIOR to date of class.
Name (Print)      National Producer License #   Cancellation / Refunds: 50% refund IF received 7
                                                DAYS OR LESS from date of class.
                                                Held or Extended Credit is not an option. Credit
                                                will be refunded, transferred or substituted as
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                                                policies stated above.
                                                Prompt contact with our office may prevent loss
                                                of registration fees in the event of sickness,
City/State/Zip                                  personal or family emergency.

                                                In accordance with Title III of the Americans with
Phone Number                    Fax Number      Disabilities Act, We invite all registrants to advise
                                                us of any disability and any requests for

Payment enclosed/Charged:            $
                                                accommodation to that disability. Your request
                                                should be submitted as far as possible in advance
                                                                                                             MAY 10, 2012
                                                of the program you wish to attend. If you have           AIIA Association Office
                                                any questions, call (205) 326-4129.
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           Make checks payable and mail to:
        Alabama Independent Insurance Agents                                                              of the Alabama Independent
                 141 London Parkway                                                                           Insurance Agents, Inc.
             Birmingham, Alabama 35211
         (205) 326-4129  Fax (205) 326-3086
        IDENTITY THEFT:                           Meet the Speaker……………………..                                   IDENTITY THEFT:
                                                                                                           EXPOSURES & RESPONSES
    EXPOSURES & RESPONSES                                Jimmy Parrish, CITRMS                                    OUTLINE
                                                           TBG Fraud Solutions                     1) Background & Need for Identity Theft Risk
      CYBER SECURITY &                                                                                 Management Certification
                                                    Jimmy Parrish is a native of Montgomery,       2) Identity Theft IQ
    LIABILITY EXPOSURES                                                                            3) What is Identity Theft?
                                                  Alabama and graduate of The University of
  ARE YOUR CLIENTS AT RISK?                       Alabama and The Southern Baptist
                                                                                                   4) The Cost of Identity Theft
                                                                                                   5) Important Identity Theft Legislation
                                                  Theological Seminary. He served for 10 years     6) What Is the “Red Flags” Rule?
                                                  as Minister of Single Adults at the Shades       7) Minimizing the Risk of Identity Theft
Alabama has risen from 37th to 12th in the        Mountain Baptist Church in Vestavia Hills. He    8) Social Media and Identity Theft
number of identity theft complaints filed with    also served as one of the original consultants   9) Insurance Industry Responses & Best
the Federal Trade Commission. Of the large        to E-Harmony, the internet-based dating and          Practices
Alabama metro areas, Montgomery ranked            relationship service.                            10) Action Steps for Insurance Agencies, Their
                                                                                                       Clients & Customers
second in complaints. Dothan was also in the        In 1999, Jimmy Parrish, founded Parrish
top 50. However, few consumers actually                                                            CYBER SECURITY & LIABILITY EXPOSURES
                                                  and Associates, Inc. specializing in Identity                  OUTLINE
have coverage for this important exposure.        Theft Consulting and Legal Benefit Plans. He
                                                                                                   1) Background & Need for Cyber Security
“Identity Theft: Exposures & Responses” will      also serves as Senior Vice-President in              Training
review the problem and outline solutions to       Alabama for the Employee Benefits Division       2) What is Cyber Security?
the problem.                                      of Legal Shield and was named as their           3) The Cost of a Data Breach
                                                  “International Trainer of the Year” in 2005.     4) Implications of Breach Notification Laws
A second course, “Cyber Security & Liability      The following year he obtained his                   Including The Proposed Cyber Security Act
                                                  designation as a Certified Identity Theft Risk       of 2012
Exposures: Are Your Clients at Risk?” will
                                                  Management Specialist (CITRMS), the only         5) The Emerging Security Connotations for
deal with the rapidly developing exposure to                                                           Web 2.0
                                                  designation in North America in this rapidly-
internet-related “cyber” liability. More and      emerging field of security and data breaches.    6) The New Age of Data Mining
more businesses, including insurance                                                               7) Cyber Security & Privacy Settings:
                                                  Since then he has trained thousands of
                                                                                                       Social Networking’s Privacy Oxymoron &
agencies, are using “Facebook”, “twitter” and     employees in 29 states in the area of Identity
                                                                                                       Significance of Google’s New Privacy
other social networking methods to attract        Theft Risk Management with specific                  Settings
and service customers. This change in             emphasis in educating employees on FACTA         8) Social Networking Risks & Cyber Liability
marketing     and     prospecting    methods      and the Red Flags Rule.                              for Employees, Employers, Marketers,
                                                                                                       Agency’s Client Network
increases the businesses’ exposure to liability   Currently, Jimmy serves as Regional Vice         9) Insurance Industry Responses & Best
suits. Again, most customers do not realize       President of TBG Fraud Solutions                     Practices
the exposure, nor do they have proper                                                              10) Action Steps for Insurance Agencies &
insurance coverage for this exposure.                                                                  Their Clients & Customers

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