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					       Community Policing

           Many municipalities now utilize "customer satisfaction" surveys to determine how
           residents view the quality of police services. In a 2009 survey of residents in Kansas
           City, Missouri, citizens in areas that had the highest incidence of crime rated "quality
           of life" issues as the #1 priority for police, while areas with lower levels of crime
           listed "crime fighting" as the #1 priority.
           Discuss why you think this paradox might exist within the different communities and
           what the implications are for the police in trying to find a balance between
           community satisfaction and public safety.
           You are required to discuss the three areas identified above (high crime community,
           low crime community, implications for police) as well as posting a response on two
           other class member discussions.

           White collar crime/test 2
1-Define “payola” and give at least two examples
2-Provide three examples of corruption in the print media.

3-Identify three effects of the religious scandals of the 1980s.

4-Describe the conditions adopted by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) in its 1988
code of ethics for the religious broadcasting industry

5- Identify and describe three possible solutions to the problem of religious fraud.

6-What is insider trading, why is it considered a crime, and who are the victims?

7-Identify and discuss three possible explanations for the increase in insider trading among the
8-How has corporate restructuring, including leveraged buyouts and mergers, affected the
employment rate and contributed to a reduction in the standard of living?

9-What is check kiting and how can companies profit from this fraudulent practice

10- What is “pumping and dumping”? Give two examples

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