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alexander pope


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									                                                                                    Kelsey Byers

                                        Alexander Pope

1. Background


He was expelled from Twyford School for his writing that insulted a teacher. He had attended
Twyford in 1697. He learned how to read from his Aunt at home. Also, the local church priest
taught him Latin and Greek. Pope also went to some clandestine church schools. Some of those
were School at Marylebone and School at Hyde Park Corner.

Nationality/Important Dates:

He was born in London on May 21st 1688. In the year 1700, Pope came down with tuberculosis.
Due to this he was a humpback, and also he was only 4’ 6”. 1709, his first poem was published.
1711, An Essay on Criticism was published. 1725, Pope was the first English poet to earn a
living off of his work. May 30th 1744 Pope died.


Both his mother and father were Roman Catholic. They were forced to move to Benfield, in
Windsor forest because of their religion.


He met John Caryll at Benfield. Pope later dedicated The Rape of Lock to Caryll. Caryll later
introduced Pope to William Wycherley and to William Walsh who helped him edit his first
major poem. In addition, he became lifelong friends with Teresa and Martha Blount. He also
became good friends with Jonathan Swift, Henry St. John, and Lord Bolingbroke. They were
considered to be some of the greatest minds of their time.

2. Summary of important accomplishments

Pope was the first English poet to actually make a living off publishing his work. He is
considered one of the greatest poets to ever live. His two most well known works are: The Rape
of Lock and An Essay on Criticism. He also translated the work of Homer from Greek to English.

3. Selected piece

The Rape of Lock, because it is one of Pope’s greatest works. This piece also demonstrates the
form of writing he usually used, satire.

4. Detailed summary

He was raised as a Roman Catholic. His family and him were forced to leave London because
the rulers of England were Protestant.

Human nature:

His work often poked fun at the high society way of life in the 18th century. He wanted people to
laugh at their own things they did. This is reflected in his work The Rape of Lock.


In politics he supported the Troys. He also Pope supported Bolingbroke against Prime Minister
Robert Walpole’s government. He even supported the barbarians against George III.

5. Position

The modern progress should go before the ancient traditional ways of life. Due to his religion he
wasn’t allowed to attend a university. Also, his family was forced to move away from London
due to this. Pope most likely would have pushed for religious tolerance.

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