Vanier Safety Committee Meeting - DOC by QSKwBT


									                       January 9th-2009 9:00 to 11 a.m.
                         CPC – Vanier-252 McArthur
Attendees:    Andrew Rhéaume, Mehdi Louzouaz, Abid Jan, Hélène Berthelet Nancy
              Worsfold, Fernando Vieira, Linda Pearson, Michael Justinich, Francine
              Demers (recorder)

Regrets:      Paul Lavigne, Léo Lavergne, Franceska Gnarowski

1. Welcome and Introductions
   Andrew welcomed everyone.

2. Approve the agenda
   Members approved agenda with the additions:
      # 9-Projects: Outreach Material

3. Approve the past minutes
   Members approved the minutes from November 27th

4. Matters arising from last minutes
      CPO is looking for a Vanier writer to write a report on the “Together for
         Vanier/Ensemble pour Vanier” Initiative
         Andrew to look for someone to write up the report (i.e. Denis Boucher,
         Susanne Valiquet)

5. Results of survey-Forum (CPO)
       Michael Justinich gave some basic nary results
       Discuss results with BIA before presenting to residents
       Michael to cross tab some of the responses for Forum
       Centre Pauline Charron (164 Jeanne Mance, Vanier) on Thursday, February
          12, 2009 at 6:00 to 8:30
       6:00 Light Refreshments
       6:30: Presentations and Discussion Period
       History of “Ensemble pour Vanier/Together for Vanier”-Working Groups and
          Initiatives )Debbie St-Aubin and CPO
       Ottawa Police-Fernando
       Results of Survey-CPO
       Vanier Community Association-Michael Horne
       Website
      Discussion Working groups:
       Have 3-4 questions relating to the survey-Solutions to problems

         Facilitators: Nancy, Andrew, Hélène, Fernando, Mike, Mehdi
         Flip Chart for each group
Action: Mehdi to develop questions for review at the next meeting.

        Perspectives Vanier-Mehdi to work Forum information document and send to
          CPO and CPO to send to newspaper
        EMC-CPO to send document with Forum information
        Posters: Mehdi to work on poster and send to CPO –CSC Vanier to print and
          distribute throughout Vanier and to post on CSC Vanier Website
        Invitation: CPO to send poster to members of both working groups-CSC
          Vanier to invite: Madeleine Meilleur and Mauril Belanger
6. Working Groups update:
      Drugs and Prostitution
             S.T.O.R.M (street team outreach Mobile): 30 hours a week
              counselling for Sex Trade Workers with Minwaashin Lodge-
              Aboriginal Women's Support Centre. There is a lack of
              communications between groups-funded through City of Ottawa
              *Action: Andrew to contact Castille and get more information
      Beautification –Next meeting is January 20 -BIA

7. Street Update (Andrew and Mehdi)
       E-Fry project
              A funding proposal to Law Association has been sent for 1 day a week
                counselling for Sex Trade Workers
       Situation Cyr avenue
              Very enthusiastic group- starting a Neighbourhood Watch
              A meeting-info session is scheduled for residents and landlords
       AQV ($)
              CSC Vanier will hold the funds in trust for the Vanier Community

8. Website Together for Vanier: Update (Mehdi)
      Website to go live on January 9
      Links to members organization are on the web and members to add Vanier
         link to their website
      Calendar of events –good to see Vanier events-event information to send to
      CSC Vanier received letters of support from the offices of Mauril Belanger,
         Madeleine Meilleur and Georges Bédard
         *Action: Mehdi to send link to members for feedback

9. Ottawa Police Update: Cst Fernando Viera
       252 Deschamps was shut down-Crack house and prostitutes
       OPS working with OCH regarding problems in the area
       4 new volunteers-total of 20
       Female suspect in Vanier-counterfit –Fraud-charges being laid
       New hours of operation for the CPC office as of February 1st-9a.m. to 8 p.m.
       Article in EMC on behind the scene at the CPC in Vanier
          OPS Stats were given to members
          Neighbourhood Watch in Vanier:
               Shakespeare St
               Emond St
               Presland Rd
               Cyr Ave./Jeanne D’arc St
               Blake blvd (working progress)

10. Projects:
        Lowertown Community Resource Centre
               “Cinema de Rue” July-August-Free movies on Dupuis and Richelieu
                Street- Friday in Vanier and Saturday in Lowertown-From 8:30 to
               Sponsor: Bytown
               More details to follow at next meetings
        No Ccommunity Left Behind Update (Abid)
               Abid gave an update “CDF at a Glance” on the Community
                Development Framework –4 Community Centres are involved.
                Andrew or Bara to be part of the group
        Outreach Materials
               Mehdi working on flyer for Ensemble for Vanier for residents
               More details at the Beautification meeting

11. Next meeting:
           Tuesday, January 27 , Centre Richelieu Vanier, 9 to 11: 00 a.m.


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