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									Macquarie University
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postal enquiries                         in person
Macquarie International                  Macquarie International
Macquarie University                     Building E3A, Level 1
NSW 2109 AUSTRALIA                       Macquarie University
                                         North Ryde NSW
tel:     +61 2 9850 7346
         or Freecall: 1800 181 828 (within Australia)
fax:     +61 2 9850 9198
email: enquire online –

                                           CRICOS provider number 00002J

postal enquiries                         in person
Macquarie City Campus                    Macquarie City Campus
Level 2, 11 York Street                  Level 2, 11 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000                          Sydney NSW
tel:     +61 2 9964 6533

As a Macquarie University student you will join a diverse and welcoming
community of 35,000 students, with over 12,000 international students from over
                                                                                       ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
120 countries. Ranked within the top 2 per cent of world universities, Macquarie is   Read page 23 for general information about admission requirements.
renowned for excellence in interdisciplinary teaching and first-class facilities.
                                                                                      Admission requirements are the minimum qualifications you need before
Set on 126 hectares of parkland in the heart of Sydney’s high-technology              you can be selected for admission to a course of study.
business precinct, Macquarie’s main campus blends beautiful green space
                                                                                      As an international student attempting one of the following qualifications,
with state-of-the-art facilities including a brand new multimillion-dollar library
                                                                                      you will apply for admission through UAC and will generally be selected on the
and private teaching hospital. The only Australian university with its own train
                                                                                      basis of your performance in these studies (that is, your ATAR or equivalent):
station, Macquarie students enjoy a direct 30-minute train link to the city
centre and over 20 direct bus routes to the city and suburbs.                         ■ an Australian Year 12 qualification (either offshore or in Australia)
                                                                                      ■ an International Baccalaureate
                                                                                      ■ a New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement Level 3.

                                                                                                                                                                               MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY
                                                                                      When assessing your application, Macquarie University may take any
                                                                                      or all of your qualifications or attempts at study into account. Visit
In Australia                                                                 for more information.
Macquarie University Open Day is held each year on campus in September.
In 2012, it will be held on Saturday 8 September (10am–4pm).                          Limited ATAR
                                                                                      The University accepts the NSW Limited ATAR for admission purposes
Overseas                                                                              – read section 6.8 in Part 1.
Macquarie University attends many exhibitions and interview sessions around
the world. For more information on when a Macquarie representative will be            Additional selection criteria
visiting your city, visit                       In addition to achieving the standard of performance required for admission,
For a list of official Macquarie University educational agents and                     for certain courses you must also satisfy any additional selection criteria. These
representatives, visit                    criteria may include portfolio, interview, audition, questionnaire or test and are
                                                                                      taken into account either instead of, or in conjunction with, your ATAR or equivalent.
                                                                                      Details of additional selection criteria and how applicants can meet these
 IMPORTANT DATES                                                                      requirements are outlined in the course descriptions. For course descriptions,
The academic year at Macquarie University is divided into two main sessions:          visit the international course search on UAC’s website at
■ Session 1 (between February and June)
■ Session 2 (between July and November).                                              If you are undertaking your Year 12 studies offshore and are applying to a
                                                                                      course that has additional selection criteria that you will find difficult to meet,
Most courses offer both Session 1 and Session 2 commencement. A number                call +61 2 9850 7346.
of units can be also studied during Session 3 – an optional study period
offered in the summer months from December to February.                               Offers made to applicants who have an ATAR
Refer to the ‘Table of courses’ section in Part 1 or visit our website at             (or equivalent) below the cut-off to see when you can commence each course.                 Macquarie University has alternative pathways for admission, which may allow
Session 1, 2013 (February)                                                            for a select number of students with strong performance in Year 12 subjects
International Student Orientation              Thurs 14 – Fri 22 February 2013        relevant to the course they are applying for, to receive an offer to a course
& Enrolment                                                                           even though they have an ATAR or equivalent below the cut-off.
Semester starts                                       Monday 25 February 2013         For further information on methods of selection call +61 2 9850 6320.
Session 2, 2013 (July)                                                                The Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) (CRICOS Provider
International Student Orientation & Enrolment        Thurs 18 – Fri 26 July 2013      Code 01576G), located at the North Ryde and Macquarie City campuses,
Semester starts                                            Monday 29 July 2013        offers pathway diplomas to give students entry to the second year of
                                                                                      Macquarie’s Bachelor degrees:
Academic calendar                                                                     tel:    +61 2 9850 6222           email:
For important dates concerning teaching periods, study breaks and vacation            fax:    +61 2 9850 6223           website:
periods check the University Calendar at

                                                                                                         UAC 2013 International Booklet                         119
                                                                                                              outstanding students on the basis of academic merit. There are over 100 full
                       STUDENTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE                                                         and partial scholarships available each year for undergraduate and postgraduate
                       Before you are granted a student visa, the Australian Government must be               students across all disciplines. For more information on the scholarships available
                       satisfied that you have appropriate accommodation, support and general                  and how to apply, visit
                       welfare arrangements in place for the period that you will be in Australia.
                       Macquarie University accepts responsibility for welfare arrangements for               SPONSORED STUDENTS
                       international students who are under 18 years of age.
                                                                                                              Read page 38 for general information about sponsored students.
                       For more information on what arrangements need to be in place, visit
                                            OVERSEAS STUDENT HEALTH COVER (OSHC)
                                                                                                              Read page 39 for general information about OSHC.
                       AREAS OF STUDY                                                                         All international students who want to study in Australia must pay health cover
                       Macquarie University offers a wide range of undergraduate courses and                  in advance for the entire length of their visa duration.
                       majors or specialisations in:                                                          Students are free to choose their own health-cover provider but Macquarie
                       ■   Accounting                            ■   Finance                                  University’s preferred provider is OSHC Worldcare, which has arranged a
                       ■   Actuarial Studies                     ■   Games Design and Development             special package and price for international students.
                       ■   Advanced Science                      ■   Geography                                For more information on OSHC and Macquarie University visit
                       ■   Ancient History                       ■   Geology                        
                       ■   Anthropology                          ■   Health
                       ■   Astronomy and Astrophysics            ■   Human Resources                          HEALTH SERVICES ON CAMPUS
                       ■   Biology                               ■   Information Technology
                                                                                                              Macquarie University’s campus is well equipped with access to health
                       ■   Brain, Behaviour and Evolution        ■   International Business                   services, including:
                       ■   Business Administration               ■   International Studies
                                                                                                              ■ general medical practice                ■ physiotherapist
                       ■   Chemistry                             ■   Languages
                                                                                                              ■ chiropractor                            ■ counselling services.
                       ■   Chiropractic Science                  ■   Law
                                                                                                              ■ pharmacy
                       ■   Climate Science                       ■   Linguistics
                       ■   Commerce                              ■   Marine Science
                       ■   Communication                         ■   Marketing and Media                      WORKING WHILE STUDYING
                       ■   Creative Arts                         ■   Mathematics
                                                                                                              Read page 39 for general information about working while studying.
                       ■   Criminology                           ■   Medical Sciences
                                                                                                              For more information on working in Australia visit
                       ■   Cultural Studies                      ■   Philosophy
                       ■   Decision Studies                      ■   Physics
                       ■   Demographics                          ■   Planning
                       ■   Development Studies and               ■   Politics and International               PREPARING FOR STUDENT LIFE
                           Cultural Change                           Relations                                The Student Advocacy and Support team at Macquarie University offers a
                       ■   Early Childhood                       ■   Psychology                               continuing support service to international students. They provide advice and
                       ■   Economics                             ■   Public Sector Management                 information on matters ranging from immigration, visa and health insurance
                       ■   Education and Teaching                ■   Science                                  procedures, administrative and fee advice, to welfare and social activities. For
                       ■   Engineering                           ■   Social Science                           more information on preparing for your student life at Macquarie University
                       ■   English                               ■   Speech and Hearing                       visit

                       ■   Environment                           ■   Statistics.
                                                                                                              ACCEPTANCE, ORIENTATION, ENROLMENT AND DEFERMENT
                       For course descriptions, visit the international course search on UAC’s website
                       at                                         Acceptance
                       For information on course structure, fees and entry requirements, visit                Successful applicants will receive their offer by email. In order to secure your
                                                     place in the course, you will need to accept the offer by the date outlined in
                                                                                                              your offer letter.
                       TUITION FEES                                                                           For more information on how to accept your offer, visit
                                                                                                     and follow the instructions.
                       For information about tuition fees check the ‘Table of courses’ section in Part 1 or
                       visit the course search at                           Orientation and enrolment
                       Fees are calculated on a per credit point basis, and are set annually.                 Orientation is essential for all new international students at Macquarie
                                                                                                              University – it’s also a lot of fun! As well as receiving important information
                       Student Services and Amenities Fee                                                     about studying at Macquarie, you will meet Macquarie’s student advisers,
                       International students are not required to pay a Student Services and                  take part in social events, meet other students, receive academic advice
                       Amenities Fee at Macquarie University.                                                 about your course and enrol in your program.
                                                                                                              Orientation and enrolment for session 1 starts on Thursday 14 February 2013.
                       Fees policy                                                                            Orientation and enrolment for session 2 starts on Thursday 18 July 2013.
                       For more information on Macquarie’s fee policy, visit
                                                                                                              It is compulsory for students to attend this whole week. For more
                                                                                                              information visit
                       LIVING EXPENSES
                       Read page 38 for general information about living expenses.                            If you wish to defer your offer until the next session, you will need to submit
                       Students should consider annual living costs of approximately A$18,000                 the ‘Deferral’ page from your offer pack and email it to the Admissions’
                       to A$21,000 (in addition to tuition fees). For more information visit                  contact person as listed on your offer letter.
                                            Read page 18 for general information about acceptance, orientation,
                                                                                                              enrolment and deferment, or visit
                       Read page 38 for general information about scholarships.                               STUDENT SUPPORT
                       As part of its commitment to internationalisation, Macquarie University has            Macquarie University is committed to providing its students with an enjoyable,
                       one of the most generous range of scholarships and travel grants in the country.       enriching experience, with support available whenever they need it. The
                       The Macquarie University International Scholarship (MUIS) is awarded to                student services available at Macquarie include:

                       120           UAC 2013 International Booklet
■   student advisers                                                               Sports and recreation
■   airport reception                                                              Macquarie boasts some of the best university sporting facilities in the country
■   study skills service                                                           – they’re so good, professional sporting teams like the Sydney Swans, Sydney
■   careers service                                                                FC and Sydney Kings use them.
■   social events and excursions                                                   The modern sport and aquatic centre features indoor and outdoor pools, a
■   graduation and farewell functions.                                             gym, basketball and squash courts and a martial arts area.
For more information visit             For more information visit

ACCOMMODATION                                                                      Macquarie University is accessible by train, bus, bicycle and car. A rail station
Macquarie’s Accommodation Office helps international students find                   links the campus directly to Sydney’s Central Business District; more than
accommodation. Through the Accommodation Office you can book a fully                20 bus routes service the campus; and there are 5,000 car parking spots
furnished room in one of several apartment blocks within walking distance of       available. There are tree-lined paths across campus, making walking between
the University. If you prefer catered accommodation, rooms are also available      classes and student accommodation pleasant and easy.
in two on-campus colleges (dormitories). We can also help you organise
temporary accommodation, so that you have somewhere to stay when you               FAQs AND FURTHER INFORMATION
first arrive if your long-term accommodation is not ready, or if you want to find
accommodation after your arrive.                                                   For further information on admission to Macquarie University, accommodation
For more information visit                             options, transport services, working in Australia, orientation activities and
                                                                                   more, visit

Macquarie’s campus has all the facilities you could need. These include:
■ a new state-of-the-art library, opened in 2011
■ a Sport and Aquatic Centre, including indoor and outdoor pools and gym
■ a recently refurbished Campus Hub, with a large variety of food outlets
  and student amenities
■ a railway station right on campus, linking Macquarie with Sydney’s Central
  Business District
■ The only private teaching hospital located on an Australian university

Careers advice
Macquarie University graduates are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their
field of study. Our graduate starting salaries are ranked amongst Australia’s
highest for over a decade (Good Universities Guide, 1998–2011), The Career
Service equip students with the skills and experience they need for career
success. Visit

Food and shopping
The Macquarie campus is complete with numerous shops, food outlets, cafes,
banks and a bar. On top on this, the Macquarie Centre shopping complex
is located next door to the University, offering over 250 shops, a multiplex

                                                                                                                                                                       MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY
cinema and ice-skating rink.

Library/computing services
Macquarie University’s new library is like no other in the country. Designed for
sustainability, it has open spaces for learning, an on-site cafe and Australia’s
first robotic document storage and retrieval system.
The library houses more than one million items, as well as online materials
and journal databases. Computer terminals (with printing facilities) and
wireless internet access is available across campus.

Life on campus
As a student at Macquarie University, you will become part of a vibrant and
diverse campus community. With students from over 120 nations on campus
you will have a truly international learning experience.
■ Health and wellbeing: Macquarie looks after it’s students with a 24 hour
  security service, on-campus health and welfare services, disability support
  unit, chaplaincy, prayer rooms and childcare facilities.
■ Events on campus: there is always something happening on Macquarie’s
  campus – from live music shows and market days to career seminars,
  public lectures and exhibitions.
■ Getting involved: one great way to get involved with campus life is to join
  one of the many special interest or sporting clubs on campus – for more
  information visit
■ Beyond the classroom: at Macquarie, you also have the opportunity to
  learn outside the classroom, including the opportunity to study overseas
  on exchange, engage with industry leaders as part of the Macquarie
  Global Leadership Program, gain work experience in the internships
  program, or expand your horizons by volunteering in Australia or abroad.
  For more information visit

                                                                                                     UAC 2013 International Booklet                      121

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