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									Generating and Testing Hypotheses

    Using Technology with Classroom Instruction
                    that Works
                Staff Development
                   Spring 2011
• Please read Chapter 11
  on pages 202 to 216
  prior to working through
  this PowerPoint
Generating and Testing Hypothesis
  • Engages students in complex mental
  • Applies content knowledge like facts
    and vocabulary
  • Enhances students overall
    understanding of content
  • More than a strategy for science
    instruction – it can be used in all
    content areas
     Marzano’s Research
• Generating and Testing Hypotheses
  enhances students’ understanding of
  and ability to use knowledge by
  engaging them in mental processes that
  involve making and testing hypotheses.

• As an instructional strategy, Marzano’s
  research concludes that students can
  achieve a 23 point percentile growth with
  regular use

• Make sure students   • Use a variety of
  can explain their      structures tasks to
  hypothesis and         guide students
  conclusions            through generating
                         and testing
Six tasks teachers can use to
 help students generate and
       test hypothesis

 1. System Analysis – study parts of
    a system and make predictions
    about what would change if one
    or more parts were altered
2. Problem Solve – Students look at
  various solutions given the
  obstacles and restraints posed by
  the problem
3. Historical Investigation –
  students construct hypothesis
  related to a historical event for
  which there is no agreed upon
4. Invention – students examine a
  need, then work to create a solution
  to the need
5. Experimental Inquiry – students
  observe a phenomenon, make an
  informed hypothesis about why or
  how the event happened and set up
  an experiment to test their prediction
6. Decision Making – students define
  criteria and apply weight to the
  various criteria to decide which
  choice makes the most sense
• Technology is used in the generating and
  testing of hypotheses at a data collection
  tool, a tool for organizing the data, and for
  simulations to test a hypothesis.

• All of these are time saving components of
  generating and testing hypotheses

• BUT the next step in this process is that
  students need to use critical thinking skills
  to do the “generating of the hypothesis”
  and “drawing conclusions” – The
  technology can’t do this for them.
• In the next slides are various links
  to examples of generating and
  testing hypotheses to draw

• Please go through these examples
  and find one or two that are
  appropriate to your grade and
• Putting the Pieces   • Manila

 Tech Trekkers         Project based

Research Project       Technology That

  EdWeb Templates          Learning
• Because there is not much time left in
  the school year, your task is to think
  through the use of generating and
  testing hypotheses as an
  instructional tool. Then add it to two
  or three places in your curriculum
  map that fit. Then send me an email
  that includes the standard, classroom
  activity and how you plan to use it.

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