CAOA Nomination Process by QSKwBT


									CAOA Nomination Process

  For MHSAA Playoff consideration
New MHSAA Policy

 The MHSAA has changed their system for playoff
 MHSAA office will now make all tournament assignments in
  both football and basketball
 Previous committee will be used for oversight
How does this affect us?

 Greater importance is now given to Association nominations
   Each Association gets ten nominations
 Association, Assignor, and League nominations are now 50%
  of the data used by the MHSAA office to assign the
 Our nomination process was insufficient for the new process
New CAOA Nomination Process
 Apply for a nomination by filling out the form on the web
    site and email it to sport director
   Sport director will compile a list of all the applicants
   All members present at a designated meeting will rank each
   Point values will be given to rankings and a composite list
   Composite List will go to CAOA Committee
CAOA Committee

 Who is on the committee?
   Executive Director, Mike Conlin
   President, Jeff Spedoske
   Sport Director(s)
   Other appropriate board members
   Previous year’s MHSAA Finalist(s)
Committee Responsibility

 The committee will take the list generated by the
 The top eight on the list will automatically get put on the
  nomination list in some order
 The committee gets two “wild card” picks from numbers 9
  through 20
 The committee will rank the list from 1 to 10
Committee Meeting
 Meeting will be open to any member
   Football meeting: Wednesday, August 26, 6:00 pm
     Mark Coscarella’s
     1773 Enfield
     Holt, MI 48842
MHSAA Deadlines
 Football Deadline
   September 1
 Basketball Deadline
   December 1

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