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									   Don’t be sure until you try it .
Presented By: Cameron Bennett
 How old were you when you started working on
 What made want to study electricity?
How Many years of experiments did it take to figure
  out what you know ?

    Ben in his lab
Franklin’s Kite
Franklin made a home made kite to try to get the
 lightning to travel through the kite down the
 string and through him and down into the ground.
 Franklin did not really realize the risks of this
 experiment he just wanted to accomplish his task
 of creating electricity. Benjamin thought lightning
 was electricity because a former scientist was
 shocked and killed by lightning trying to figure
 out electricity.
and his partner saw the spark of electricity
between him and the metal rod he was holding so
Franklin tried to do an experiment with lightning
because he learned from others but he new the
risks and he avoided them.
Born- 1706
Died- 1790 he was 84 years old and to this day no one knows
 the exact date that Franklin was born or of the day he died.
1 son- he had a son named James or jimmy for short
 Franklins son James got to go on the kite experiment in the
 field with his dad.
    Social Contribution
Benjamin Franklin really
figured out electricity
because other people
new about it but Ben
took it to the next level
to actually study it and
he is why electricity has
adapted from a simple
light bulb to a I pod and
Wii. This was a very
positive contribution to
the world.

There was no president at the time of
 Benjamin Franklins life but there was the
 thirteen colonies and the king of Britain
 ruled them so he was like a president.
     When Franklin was just a boy he was already
getting into creating different sculptures and trying new
things and that was only when he was 5 years old. By the
time he was ten he was making more advanced
experiments using fire, or sparks to do something else
     His two parents knew from the start that this boy
would be successful in life because of his intelligentsia
and willing to try new things. Ben was very good in
school which defiantly paid off in the long run. He liked
to experiment because when he was 5 a experiment was
done on him and so he just feel in love with electricity.
Ben Franklin was the most famous man of his generation
 . He lived much longer than most men in that time.
 Ben went off on his own to get away from his family
 because he was not very close to them . When he was
 away that’s when he became really famous because of
 the kite experiment and he did not get electrocuted and
 he had written and published some books in his brothers
 printing office. Benjamin Franklin was very important to
 the world.
When Franklin hit his teenage years he was doing
extremely well in in grade school he had to get bumped
up a grade because he was to smart and sophisticated for
the other students and he would get interviewed by
scientist to get Franklins side of the story on a project
they would be starting. Ben started getting into the
higher grades like high school now and he would already
be building and planning out special projects. He was a
very successful student and person.

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