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									                          Fernielea Features
January 2011
                         Happy New Year!
                         We are now in our second week of term and the hard work has started for
                         all our children. This is a busy term with enrolment to school and nursery
                         and the start of all our transition projects. Let’s hope we
                          have seen the worst of the snow and ice! I somehow feel
                         that we will have another spell before the winter is over.
If you have any
                         The arrangements remain the same, you should check the
comments about
                         city council website, phone the school information line or
any of the
information              listen to the local radio. The emergency closure information is on the side
please let us            of every newsletter.
know                     This term we welcome Miss Laing a B Ed 4 student to our P6 class, she will
                         spend most of the term with us and will have extended periods of time in
                         the class under the supervision of Mrs Walker.
School Telephone         A number of class outings have been planned this term to support the
01224 318533
                         learning in classes, look out for information in your child’s book bag.

Emergency                                 Illness at school
                                          As many of you will be aware many children have had a range of illn
0870 054 1999
                                          over the last few weeks. I must say that thanks to parents keepin
                                          children off school for the recommended 48 hours after sickness o
                                          diarrhea, there have been fewer absences this week. Please contin
Pin Code
011320                                    support us in this.
                                          We are continually reminding children to be particularly mindful of
                                          general advice given by the NHS regarding hygiene practices to pr
                                          spread of germs:

                                                     use a tissue to catch your sneezes, and throw
                                                     away used tissues when you are finished
                                                     then wash your hands;
                                                     wash hands frequently with soap and water
                                                     to reduce the spreading of germs to others.

                                          Please remember, if your child is ill it is important to keep your chi
                                          home to prevent others from catching an illness. Please ensure sch
                                          your current contact details. Thank you for your support in this ma

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Primary 1 Enrolment
Enrolment week for children starting school in August is Monday 10 – Friday 14 January.
Please remember that if your child is 4 by 28 February 2011 you may enrol him/her for
school starting in August 2011. May I remind you that you should
bring your child’s birth certificate when you return the forms.
If you live outwith our School Zone you will also have to complete a
Placing Request Form. Please return this to school with the
application form. As in previous years, we do not expect that
there will be a problem obtaining a place at Fernielea however our
school roll is growing and we cannot guarantee a place until the end
of the enrolment period and final numbers are calculated. If you
are choosing to come to Fernielea you should also enrol your child at your local school to
ensure your child has a guarenteed place.
Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you would like an
appointment to discuss your child starting school with either Mrs Webb or
Mrs Fjellroth.

Nursery Applications
If your child will be 3 before 28 February 2012 and is applying for a nursery place for the
first time, you can collect an application form from the school office. This enrolment
period lasts from 17 January – 11 February 2011.
Please bring your child’s full birth certificate with you as we need to check dates of birth.
Ante pre school children must also re-apply for their nursery place, you should have
already received application forms from school – if you have not please contact the
school office as soon as possible..

                      Parents should hear from us before the Easter holidays informing
                          you if your application has been successful.
                             If you know any families with young children in the area
                              please ask them to contact the school for details.

Our new prefects for this term were announced at assembly on Friday. Congratulations go
to: Leona McKay, Natasha Main, Kirsten Andrew, Kayleigh Black, Russell Andrew, Robyn
Strachan, Sherrie Shand, Connor Robertson, Iona Jenkins, Kyle Edwards, Rylan Franklin,
Rushdy Shiham and Nadine Milton.

Enterprising Primary 7
Once again our Primary 7’s with Ms Ross will be bag packing at Sainsbury’s
at Garthdee on Saturday 29 January. They are raising funds to assist with
the payment of buses for their residential trip to Ardeonaig in Perthshire.
We hope they have a successful day!

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This term all the classes will be studying different aspects of Scotland. The main focus
will be on Social Studies (history and geography)
It also links with language and traditions leading up to our Ceilidh and Scottish language
has a significant part to play in our language curriculum.

Red Nursery          Granny & how she lived
Green Nursery        People who help us
P1 C & FM            Toys - now and then
P2                   Castles in Scotland
P3                   Aberdeen
P3/4                 Highlands & Gaelic Language
P4/5                 Jacobites
P5                   Jacobites
P6                   Highland Clearances
P7                   Scotland and WWII

The older children will be asked over the term to study an area in greater depth.
This will be on an aspect of their topic which interests them and may be part of their
This will give our children more choice in aspects of their learning and hopefully lead
to our children having a deeper understanding of their topic whilst also allowing them
greater independence in their work.

School Ceilidh
This year we are having a school Ceilidh where classes will be sharing their
dances with each other. This will be held on Tuesday 25 January at 1.30pm.
Parents are welcome to come along and join in….. be prepared to dance! The
children may wear tartan that day to celebrate Robert Burns.

Out of School Club
Tine Jorgensen the manager of our Out of School Club left us in December to return home
to Denmark. Tine worked really hard along with the management committee to make the
club financially viable and achieved great success. We thank her for all her work and
commitment to the club and the school. We are pleased that in the near future Wendy
Lockren will be taking over where Tine left off. In the meantime Nicola will be the acting
manager until Wendy starts.

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Dates for this term

10 January            Primary 1 Enrolment Week
17 January            Nursery Application period starts
18 January            Hazlehead Roadshow for P7 parents and pupils
24 January            School Clubs start
25 January            School Ceilidh
11 February           Nursery Application period stops
11 February           Inservice Day – School Closed to pupils
14 February           Mid-Term holiday – School closed
15 February           Inservice Day – School closed to pupils
11 March              Clubs stop for the term
1 April               End of Term
18 April              School Starts at 9.00
21 April              School Photographer
22 April              Good Friday Holiday - School Closed
28 April              Inservice Day - School Closed (NEW DATE)
29 April              Royal Wedding - School Closed
2 May                 May Day holiday – School Closed
5 May                 Local Elections – School Closed
30 May                P7 Trip to Ardeonaig
4 June                School Fair
7 June                School Sports Day (weather permitting)
30 June               School Disco - run by Parent Council
1 July                End of Term

I have attached the term dates for the beginning of next school session as I am aware
that a number of parents have to book their annual holidays at the beginning of the year.
Please try to take your holiday during the children’s breaks as holidays during term time
are usually classed as unauthorised.

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                                 School Holidays

Session 2011 – 2012
Term 1

     Teachers Training Day – Monday 15 August 2011
     Pupils Return – Tuesday 16 August 2011
     September Holiday – Friday 23 and Monday 26 September 2011
     Term Ends – Friday 7 October 2011
     October Holiday – Monday 10 to Friday 21 October 2011

Term 2

        Term Starts – Monday 24 October 2011
        Term Ends – Friday 23 December 2011
        Christmas Holiday – Monday 26 December 2011 to Friday 6 January 2012

Term 3

     Term Starts – Monday 9 January 2012
     Mid Term – Monday 13 February 2012
     Term Ends – Friday 30 March 2012
     Easter Holiday – Monday 2 April to Monday 16 April 2012

                       (Good Friday 6 April 2012)

Term 4

     Term Starts – Tuesday 17 April 2012
     May Day Holiday – Monday 7 May 2012
     Term Ends – Friday 29 June 2012

In-Service days

  Monday 15 August 2011 and 4 days to be set.
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