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									                                  Iota Informant
                                             December 2006
Elected Officers and Committee Appointees for 1/2006-1/2007

Master Alchemist – Chuck Compson
Vice Master Alchemists – Amanda Isom                  Chemistry on Wheels – John O’Grady
        Karen Kirchman                                V-Cow’s –        Phil Booher
Master of Ceremonies – Rich Do                                         Kyle Kamischke
V-Master of Ceremonies – Brandon Kocher*                               John Pinkus
Reporter – Ben Mann                                   Rush Chairs – Ross Poland
Recorder – Amanda Rhode                                                Anthony Sloan
Treasurer – Alex Lamont                               Public Relations – CeCe Latta
Webmaster – Mark Vaccari                              Service Chair – Ashley Trantham*
Alumni Secretary – Chris Nicholson                    Social Chairs – Amanda Rhode
Chapter Advisor – Dr. Howard McLean                                    Ashley Trantham*
Faculty Advisor – Dr. David Miller                    Venerable Degenerate – Steve Jugle

*: In the departure of Ashley Trantham and Brandon    Kocher, Mariah Walton has taken the position of
          VMC, Adam Georgas is now Service Chair,     and Pam Major joins Amanda Rohde as Social Chair.

2006 Conclave wrap-up

The 48th Biennial Conclave was held at Beta Gamma Chapter at UCLA in early August 2006. Two collegiates
from Iota attended: CeCe Latta was our official chapter delegate, and Rich Do was also present. Other alumni
brothers in attendance were John Becker, Harold Cowan, Craig Czymanski, Pat Kemle, Bill Lewis, Howard
McLean, and Mike Raffay – and of course Rosaniline. Harold helped throughout the week with the electronic
support of the National Office operations.

Rosaniline ready to attend the toga party.                Iota brothers in California.
National and District Leadership Changes

The Supreme Council and Grand Recorder for the
2006-2008 biennium consists of:
       GMA Sherrie Settle, Alpha Kappa 1983
       GCA John Stipp, Epsilon 1989
       GR Patrick Johanns, Alpha Theta 1982
       GPA Howard McLean, Iota 1989
       GMC Jennifer Showerman, Zeta 1992

Christy Gesell, Epsilon 1994, was appointed as the new North Central District Counselor to replace Jennifer
Showerman, Zeta 1992, who was elected to the S.C. This created a vacancy in the presidency of the Indianapolis
Professional Chapter filled by the elevation of VP Valerie Knoll, Iota 1998.

The Annual North Central Regional Conclave

Iota chapter was again well-represented at the 11th
annual North Central Regional Conclave held at the
National Office in Indianapolis on September 30, 2006.
Iota had 6 collegiates and 10 alumni present.

Brother Harold Cowan, Iota 1988, once again opened his
house to provide food and lodging for brothers needing
a spot of floor for the Friday and Saturday night. Many
thanks Harold!!                                               Iota brothers with a new traveling “I” token.

Homecoming Gathering with the Alumni

Iota brothers with a new traveling “I” token. guests gathered at Applebees after the bonfire. The chapter stayed until
Once again the chapter collegiates, alumni, and
midnight to toast Karen Kirchman’s 21st birthday. For the sports-minded brothers, the outhouse fell outside the
bonfire and Rose-Hulman lost the football game.

Professional Events
The Chemistry on Wheels Program continues…
Upcoming COW Events (as the calendar stands)              Looking for COW Tales!!!
    13— SWE Day                                           We are currently working on an article about Iota’s “Chemistry
    20—Chem Show @ Sarah Scott Middle School              on Wheels” program for an Indiana teachers’ newsletter. We
Feb                                                       are looking for any fond memories you may have of the program
     3— Chem Show @ Chauncey Rose Middle School           (provided they are appropriate newsletter material) along with
     8— DeVaney Science Fair                              any moments you believe to be important to the growth of the
                Morning—Judging                           program. Email your stories to .
                Evening—Chem Show
    10— Engineering Merit Badge
    13—Chem Show @ Indianapolis School for the Blind
    10—SWE Day
        Science Fair
    24—Chem Show @ West Vigo Middle School
    19— Chem Show @ Ben Franklin Elementary School
    21—Composite Materials Merit Badge
    12—Space Exploration Merit Badge
Nuclear Science Merit Badge Day
written by Kyle Kamischke, 12/13/2006;

          On Saturday, December 9, several of our brothers
volunteered their time to help local Boy Scouts fulfill the
requirements for the Nuclear Science merit badge. The
badge is designed to get scouts to delve deeper into
chemistry and learn about the structure of atoms and their
properties. John O’Grady, Chemistry on Wheels Director,
started off the event with a discussion about the properties
of atoms and their ability to emit radiation.
          Next, the scouts split into groups and attended
three separate sessions to teach the scouts about the uses
and dangers of nuclear materials. Brothers Chuck
Compson, Alex Lamont, and John Pinkus talked about
careers in nuclear science while scouts built a model of a
nuclear power plant and learned the dangers of improperly
designing a reactor. Brothers Kyle Kamischke and Ethan
Murnahan showed the scouts how to use Geiger Counters
by having them check granite rocks for radon. Brother          A couple of the regular attendees.
Richard Do and pledge Sarah Erhart talked more about
radon and helped the scouts with a crossword puzzle
containing words about nuclear science.
          Finally, the event was closed with a discussion
about people who made important contributions to the
atomic energy field. Several scouting parents expressed
great appreciation to Dr. McLean and were pleased with
how the event was carried out.

Fall 2006 Initiations

Iota played a significant part in Epsilon’s initiation in mid-November by supplying our local equipment for them to set
up a double-Hexagon ceremony for their gaggle of almost 40 pledges.

Iota’s own initiation was held December 16, 2006 in the Chemical Engineering department for 21 new brothers, one of
these being Iota chapter’s 500th member to be initiated. A number of Alumni were back including Bryan Bals, John
Becker, Angela (Waterman) Bridges, Harold Cowan, Jess Gunn, Mike Lindley, Mike Raffay, and Mercedes Reeder. The
chapter continues to enjoy strong faculty support with the following professors present for all or part of the day: Mark
Brandt, Peter Coppinger, Rebecca DeVasher, and Ed Mottel. Also of note, John O’Grady played the entire Hexagon
for Dr. McClellan, an event (to our knowledge) unprecedented.

Our new brothers have each been asked to share a sentence or two about themselves:

Jonathan Bott, freshman chemistry major from New Hampshire. Last year I attended the Clarkson School at Clarkson
University instead of finishing high school. As part of that program I took regular freshman classes at Clarkson

Evan Breedlove, mechanical engineer from St. Charles, IL. I supplement my polymathic studies by playing the piano
and trumpet.

Ashlee Brewer, sophomore chemistry major. I like to watch funny movies, read books, and talk. I am extremely clumsy.

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Fall 2006 Initiations
Continued from the previous page…

Bryan Do, sophomore chemical engineering and chemistry major. I enjoy playing tennis, watching drum and bugle
corp, and playing the drums.

Sarah Erhart, freshman applied biology and biochemistry major. I like books, video games, candy, and kitties.

Tess Fuller, sophomore chemical engineering major. I enjoy singing and dancing (but I’m not very good at either),
frolicking under the sun, flying kites, and playing with chinchillas.

Mandy Grantz, junior chemical engineering major from Rapid City, SD. I play tennis for Rose.

Elise Guzman, junior applied biology/biochemistry and molecular biology major. I love running, watching movies and
spending time with my friends! I am also a member of Chi Omega.

Ashley “Charlie” Hill, junior chemistry major. I have two of the sweetest kittens ever! They are Figaro (b&w female)
and Montana (black male). Both kittens are very loving, which helps explain why I didn’t get much sleep last night:
Montana always sleeps on me, usually my head. My parents say he is my familiar because he’s black. Figaro also keeps
me up at night because, for whatever reason, she never quite got out of the nursing stage and always purrs insanely
loud in my ear as she kneads my hair. Besides catering to my kittens’ whims, I spend most of my time doing
homework. If I didn’t have homework, I’d like to say I would swim and exercise, but I’d probably watch House.

Helen Kim, freshman chemical engineering major. I am a second generation Korean-American from Ava, MO. I
enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and taking pictures. I also work at the Homework Hotline.

Chandra Lesniak, junior applied biology/biochemistry and molecular biology major. I broke my axe getting into my
car this morning, but Kyle Kamischke fixed it.

Anita Mathur, senior chemical engineering major. Ever since I could walk I’ve been dancing. I used to do a classical
Indian dance called Bharatanatyam and now I do film dancing. I’m obsessed with Bollywood movies, even the really
sappy ones. My favorite store is Brookstone (yay massage chairs!)

Dr. Scott McClellan is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering.

Sarah Messmer, sophomore Chemical Engineering major with Biochemistry and Molecular Biology minor. I play on
the Rose volleyball team, and I enjoy oil painting, playing piano and guitar and designing/remaking clothes.

Ashley Montgomery, junior chemical engineering major. I like to spend my free time playing softball, fishing, and
riding my bicycle. Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.

Dr. Jennifer O’Connor, Assistant Professor of Applied Biology and Biomedical Engineering.

Emily Paris, senior applied biology major with Japanese minor. I enjoy fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. I love
taking roadtrips and spending time with my friends and fiancé.

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Fall 2006 Initiations
Continued from the previous page…

Sarah Rosbottom, sophomore applied biology/biochemistry and molecular biology major. I play golf for Rose and I
work in the Alumni Office. I enjoy reading and am a member of Circle K.

Levi Rupp, sophomore chemistry/biochemistry and molecular biology major. My two main interests are watching
and playing sports and outdoor activities such as backpacking, whitewater rafting, and canyoneering.

Erinn Sheridan, sophomore chemical engineering major. I am currently serving as a Sophomore Advisor on BSB 3. I
enjoy being outdoors and am a member of Chi Omega.

Mitch Wice, sophomore chemical engineering major with a biochemical engineering minor. I play euphonium at Rose
and am President of the Rose Pep Band. I also work at Washington University School of Medicine working in the
Endocrinology Department.
News about members

Angela (Waterman) Bridges, Iota 1991, and husband Levi Bridges announce the arrival of Noah Bridges on June 28,
2006, at 22.5 inches and 10 pounds, 6 ounces. He joins big brother Logan age 2 and a half.

Amelia Mae Huehls, Iota 2004, was awarded the 22nd annual E. E. Dunlap Scholarship for the 2006-07 academic year.

Bill Lewis, Iota 1995, and Ann Bruegger were married September 17, 2005, on Mackinaw Island. The couple
honeymooned in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and attended the 2006 Los Angeles Conclave together. They now
reside in Coatesville, IN.

Drs. David and Penney Miller, Iota 1989 and 2002, respectively, announce the arrival of Opal Caroline Miller on
December 13, 2006, at 21.5 inches and 7 pounds, 13 ounces. The chapter made Opal a miniature axe complete with

Laura Jean (Carlson) Noonan, Iota 2000, and husband Michael announce the arrival of Thomas Noonan on October
30th, 2006, at 21.5 inches and 8 pounds, 6 ounces. He joins an older brother Patrick “PJ” who was born July 13th,

John Becker, Iota 1986, left his position with the Fraternity National Office in December 2005, after almost 9
years(email me off-line if you want more info: Since then he has been free-lancing with all sorts
of projects including selling on Ebay. He is casually looking for formal employment back in the real world, although
he has enjoyed the temporary break from the rat race. It was nice to watch conclave as an observer this time.

Iota’s Centennial Celebration: 1909-2009

Iota Chapter is beginning to think about conclave 2008 and our centennial in 2009. At this time, both Epsilon and
Zeta chapters are gathering their local data and strongly contemplating bids for the 2008 national conclave with help
being solicited from Iota and the district.

Similarly, the first few inklings are beginning to surface about what to do for our own centennial in the spring of 2009.
Banquet? History publication? There certainly have been major changes at Rose in the past decade. Topmost are the
admission of women and the addition/expansion of several majors/minors within the curriculum relating to applied
biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and molecular biology.

Distribution of the Iota Informant

This issue starts an experiment to distribute the Informant primarily by email through the alumni office at Rose-Hulman.

Creation and Contact Information
This edition of the Informant was edited by John O’Grady, with John Becker, Kyle Kamischke, and John O’Grady
providing the content.

Questions or Comments on the newsletter? Feel free to email John O’Grady at

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