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                                  Associated Students, Inc.
                                San Francisco State University
                             Personnel Committee Minutes

      Chair, Vanessa Allas, has called a meeting for Personnel Committee on Thursday,
      August 6, 2009 at 11am in T-153 of the Cesar Chavez Student Center.
             I.      Call to order at 11:04am
             II.     Roll Call
                     Committee members that are present: Vanessa Allas, Amy Guan, Rick De
                     La Torre, Brian Cole
                     Committee members that are absent: Kenneth Ma, excused Nate Dingler
                     ASI Staff present: Jamila Ali and Mayra Saldana
             III. Agenda
Motion to approve the agenda for August 6, 2009
Moved by Ms. Guan, seconded by Mr. De La Torre
Motion passed

             IV. Minuets
Motion to approve the minutes for July 20, 2009
Moved by Ms. Guan, seconded by Mr. De La Torre
Motion passed

              III.   Announcements (2 minutes each). Please submit literature to Chair when
                     meeting begins.
                     a. Mrs. Ali announced that she would be going on vacation and returning
                        on Wednesday August 19th

              VI.    Public comment (2 minutes each). Must pertain to jurisdiction of Board.
                     Please observe proper decorum. The board in not required to respond.

              VII.   Closed Session Pursuant to Education Code 89307 of the California Code
                     for the purpose of to consider the appointment, employment, and
                     evaluation of performance, discipline, or dismissal of employee.

              VIII. New Business
Mr. Koo enters at 11:10am
                      a. Review of the description for Programming Board
                            Mr. Koo informed the board that the Programming Board will help
                            the development of production, efficiency, and be consistent to
                            improve the structure of the organization of the events. The
                              Programming Board will assist the Performing Arts (Mr. Kenyatta)
                              and Board of Directors to match scheduling in all events. ASI will
                              develop the board this fall so that’ll be fully established and
                              operating by spring 2010

                     b. Welcome Back Week: Vanessa’s Day
Mr. Montgomery enters at 11:29am
Mr. Koo exits at11:29am
                            For this event the decorations need to be spectacular. Ms. Saldana
                            will order decoration and rentals (chairs and tables), she will also
                            print the blow up of the ASI’s mission statement. The band, Gropo
                            Da Sete, will be playing 12pm-2pm and the dancers come in and
                            out for 20 minutes throughout the event.
Mr. Montgomery exits at 11:32am
                            The game for this event will be the “ASI Scavenger Hunt.” There
                            will be eight program tables, and by asking at minimum of one
                            question to any program table the student will earn one stamp, by
                            collecting five stamps from five different programs the student will
                            receive free food and/or prizes. It is mandatory for every Board of
                            Director to participate in every event including Welcome Back
Mr. Amaya enters at 11:34am
Motion to suspend the rules to add Informational Items by Mrs. Ali
Moved by Mr. Cole, seconded by Ms. Guan

                    c. Women’s Center Applications
                          The Board of Directors needs to review the applications for
                          Director Position and make a decision on whom to interview.
Mr. Northup & Mr. Montgomery enter at11:49am
Mr. Northup, Mr. Amaya & Mr. Montgomery exits at 11:50am

                      d. Programs Orientation Thursday, August 20, 11am-1pm
                            From the Legal Resource Center, Ms. Van Doren & Mr. Reed will
                            be attending.
Mr. Koo enters at 11:53am

                      e.   Children Center
                              The head teacher and the program coordinator had resigned which
                              created promotions leading to no vacancies.
Motion passed

              IX. Old Business
                    a. Approval of Marketing/Publicity Director job description
Motion to approve the Marketing/Publicity Director job description
Moved by Ms. Guan, Seconded by Mr. Cole
                             Mr. Koo is proposing to start the position of Marketing/Publicity
                             Director from August 1st, 2009. This position is already within the
                             budget of Business Office.
Motion passed
                     b.  Approval of title change of Executive Assistant to the Executive
                         Director to Marketing/Publicity Director
Mr. Amaya enters at 12:00pm
Motion to approve title change of Executive Assistant to the Executive
Director to Marketing/Publicity Director
Moved by Ms. Guan, seconded by Mr. Cole
Motion Passed

             X. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn at 12:05pm
Moved by Ms. Guan, seconded by Mr. De La Torre
Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm

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