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Alex Wade


									    Alex Wade 

Microsoft, US

Alex Wade is Senior Research Program Manager for Scholarly Communications within Microsoft's
Technical Computing initiative (a part Microsoft Research), where he manages a variety of
research programs related to open access to research data, interoperability of archives and
repositories, and the preservation of digital information. Alex holds an Masters of Librarianship
degree from the University of Washington.

During his career at Microsoft, Alex has lead the Knowledge Access team – responsible for
intranet-wide hosted search and taxonomy management services, as well as the business
information and corporate intranet portals (MSLibrary and MSWeb); has shipped a SharePoint-
based document and workflow management solution for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; and, most
recently, served as Senior Program Manager for Windows Desktop Search and the integrated
Instant Search functionality in Windows Vista. Prior to joining Microsoft, Alex held Systems
Librarian, Engineering Librarian, and Philosophy Librarian positions with the University of
Washington Libraries.


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