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Analyzing Campaign Ads

Directions: After watching each campaign ad, classify its type, tell me if you thought it was effective or not effective,
and why you felt that way.
Types: Backfire, Biographical, Children, Commander in Chief, Documentary, Fear, Real People

Curator’s Choice:
   1. Eisenhower:

    2. Johnson:

    3. Humphrey:

    4. Nixon:

    5. Nixon:

    6. Carter:

    7. Reagan 80:

    8. Reagan 84:

    9. Reagan 84:

    10. Bush 88:

    11. Bush 88:

    12. Clinton 92:

    13. Clinton 96:

    14. Bush 00:

    15. Bush 04:

Errol Morris:
    16. Eisenhower:

    17. Stevenson:

    18. Kennedy:

    19. Ford:

    20. Carter:

    21. Reagan:
   22. Bush 04:

   23. Kerry:

   24. McCain:

   25. Obama:

John G. Geer:
   26. McCain:

   27. Johnson:

   28. McCain:

   29. Humphrey:

   30. Obama:

   31. Carter:

   32. Obama:

   33. Dukakis:

   34. McCain:

   35. Bush 92:

   36. Bush 04:

Evan Tracey:
   37. Dukakis:

   38. Ford:

   39. Eisenhower:

   40. Johnson:

   41. Kennedy:

   42. Goldwater:

   43. Bush 88:

   44. Bush 92:

   45. Bush 00:

   46. Wallace:
Analyze (5 points each)
   1. Who do you think was the most effective candidate in terms of campaign ads overall (with both positive and
       negative ads)? Why do you feel that way?

   2. Which ad was the most influential in your opinion? Why do you feel that way?

   3. Comparing attack ads, which candidate(s) hit below the belt too often if any? Why do you feel that way? What
      elements in their ads did you not like?

   4. After seeing ads before the 2008 election and then during, do you feel that the 08’ election was dirtier in terms
      of negative campaign ads? Why or why not?

   5. Do you feel that negative ads are more effective than positive ads?

   6. Do you think that people listen to attack ads more than positive or the other way around? Why do you feel this

   7. How do you feel personally about campaign ads? Do you think they help a person win or lose a campaign?
      Explain why you feel this way.

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