Alex references January 2012 by ajizai


									                                                                                 Nairobi, 25/01/2012

                                        To whom it may concern

This is to confirm that Mr. Alex Nzomo Munywoki has worked for our family for the past 4 years as

In particular, Alex has accompanied 2 of our children (age 10 and 13) to school, every day in heavy
traffic (from Westland to Yaya) , he has often picked up our younger children (age 3 and 5) from
kindergarten and playgroups, paid bills, done shopping for the family as well as taken care of regular
maintenance of our vehicles. Alex has also been very helpful in taking our guest around Nairobi.

We all appreciated Alex good English, sense of humor and capacity to deal with children of different age.

At all times we have found Alex to be a reliable driver as well as an honest and courteous person.

We are happy to provide further information if required.

Yours faithfully

Roberta Frosi                                                                            Sergio Valdini                                                   

0728995563                                                                       0722803937

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