Thank you for your enquiry into the chocabloc franchise opportunity by zM7F60w


									Dennis Elliott
Managing Director
Chocabloc Limited
68 Speedwell Crescent
01752 511436

                Thank you for your enquiry into the chocabloc franchise opportunity. I hope you will
enjoy looking at the business, and feel that this is something you would like to invest into.

                If you look around or listen to almost everyone today, all you hear about is the
recession and how it it impacting upon everyone’s lives. While that is almost certainly true, is it a
reason to give up and take whatever consequence as inevitable? No of course it’s not.

                On the other hand you can maybe take a little too much risk. So what is the answer?

                 Find a business that is able to make money from day one. A business that will not
have the need for a huge starting budget. A business that is easy to run, you delight customers every
time, and they refer you to others. Okay I know you have guessed my next line, but, chocabloc really
is that business. If you are a focused person, happy to put in the groundwork to start the business,
we can show you a perfect way of creating your own future.

                We supply you with the stock at our cost. ( at the intro level only )
                We design the wrappers for your customers.( at our cost )
                We email you the finished design.
                You print out the design and wrap the chocolate, then deliver to your customer.

              We have also just launched a new chocolate range, we have called
        “The Exquisite Range” which we know will be a valuable asset to our franchisees

                 On the 6th of every month you receive into your account 45% of the invoice value,
net of vat if applicable. Out of this 45% you pay your business associates their commission, normally
between 10% & 20%. Okay you lose a little margin, but you get orders far more quickly, and with no
effort on your part. And of course any orders you get are at full margin, so a good balance can be

               The initial contract will be for two years, fully renewable at the cost of just £295 per
year from then on. The investment to begin with is just £1,495.

                 We will show you how to build up an enthusiastic network of business associates
who will be selling the chocolate concept to their own customer database. Yes you have to lose a
little of your margin, but the net income is a passive one, with only a little friendly contact with your
associates every month, or when you or they feel you need to meet.
                 There are so many other ways of creating income, direct sales from your own
website at full margins, sales from your associates programme, sales from wedding fayres and
exhibitions, sales from local advertising and marketing, repeat orders, email promotions and many

                 We have sourced a company who will provide you a high end Hp printer for use in
the printing of the wrappers for each event. We are looking into providing these at no cost to you,
but with a cost per sheet basis from then on to the printer supplier. This cost will be much lower
than the normal cost per page. Helping you to hold your profit margins.

                Training will be on-going, as new methods are discovered they will be passed onto

                When you are ready, you can at any time, but we suggest when you hit the first
target ( on the cd-rom ). You can upgrade your franchise to “FULL”, you then start to purchase the
chocolate from us, and you make 56% profit on your sales. You then will be invoicing your customers
yourself. You will be designing yourself as well. (full training given) We estimate around 6% of this
new margin will go in direct costs of printing, still leaving you with an extra 10% margin.

The investment into the “FULL” franchise will be just £1,200. You will never be forced into taking this
opportunity, but when the time comes you we think you will see the sense in doing so.

Or of course you can go this route from the beginning for £1,995

                 We know you will have many questions to ask. We will do our best to answer all of
them for you. Just email me at or call me on 07730 768 063 any time you
like. If no answer, please leave a message for me.

                 You will find a cd-rom enclosed. Or download the file from our website. This
contains an excel file showing you the expected first years trading budget from each of your
associates, also on the disk is a word file outlining the associates budgeting file and how the figures
will be achieved, plus a copy of this letter.

                Thank you once again for your enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

                        All the very best,

                                         Dennis & Susan Elliott

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