Library Display Information by jjzN44


									                        Library Display Information

The library asked that the display be informative and should not contain
obvious advertising – ‘further information’ details were allowed.

Display boards
Mounting board. They were lovely to use but not strong enough. I rested
them on the floor and also suspended them from picture hooks using gummed
picture hangers which were completely reliable.

The content was printed onto card or coloured paper or in some cases blown
up onto A3 card at the local printers (£3 each for coloured copies). Card
provided a better finish for the pictures taken from STAT leaflets.

A lot came from the STAT website. It is necessary to obtain permission to use
the STAT logo.

The publicity leaflets available to teachers cannot be broken up due to
copyright issues. It is OK to enlarge the leaflets or the front page and display

All material was cropped using a guillotine so that margins on each side were
the same size.

Mounting spray adhesive was used. It was ideal for the initial fixing of
material to the display boards as it allows for readjustment. However during
the first couple of weeks that this display was on show bits kept coming away
from the board. In future I would make sure the entire paper was covered
with adhesive. It is important to have double sided tape available to repair the

The library window is on a main thoroughfare and receives a lot of sunlight.
The vibration from passing heavy traffic and temperature variation caused the
mounting board to flex and ‘ping’ off any material that wasn’t firmly glued
down. The display had to be visited every day during the first fortnight for
repairs. After that it was OK.

Window Floor in Front of Display
A list of books on Alexander Technique available from Kent Libraries displayed
in a picture frame (the library was also provided with a copy)
A few of my books on Alexander Technique propped up on ‘lying down’ book
ends so that the books were sloped upwards away from the window & also
Copy of the BMJ front cover showing ATEAM trial placed in front of the display
board carrying the results –mounted on card & propped up on a plate holder
my contact details mounted on card

The library requested a list of anything valuable for insurance cover.

Delivery of Display to Library
Delivering the material required thought – would large boards be difficult to
manoeuvre in the small window space, would they be damaged by wind and
rain in the walk from car to library and would I be able to carry them?

I informed the local paper who put the display in their ‘around the districts’
column and used the display as a reason for contacting the local GP surgery,
osteopaths and physiotherapist.

The display raised awareness of Alexander Technique locally. I received a
couple of telephone enquiries and the wife of a podiatrist I had not contacted
saw the display and he recommended me to one of his patients who is now a

On Reflection
Thinking time was vital. It was important to keep on walking away from it
when fed up and then the ideas kept on flowing.

                                                   Sian Rees MSTAT, June 2010

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