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					                                             Microsoft Dynamics
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Grooming Products Company Improves
                                             Efficiency, Enhances Reporting Capabilities
                                             with Business Management Solution

Overview                                     “Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 4.0 is very flexible and has

Country or region: India
Industry: Trading
                                             truly empowered our employees by giving them real
                                             time access to accurate, current, and relevant data,
Customer Profile
JK Helene Curtis Limited is part of the 14
                                             when and where it is needed most.”
billion Raymond group. The company was       Atul Dharap , Deputy General Manager Finance, JK Helene Curtis Limited
established in 1964 and is a pioneer and a
leading player in the personal care
grooming category.                           JK Helene Curtis (JKHC) manufactures specialized personal care
                                             items. Its products include styling gels, room fresheners, body
Business Situation
JKHC needed a business management            deodorants, eau-de-colognes, shaving creams/foams, aftershave
system that would improve the financial
                                             lotions, talcum powders, fragrances, shampoos, soaps and hair
and operational efficiency of its business
processes and keep pace with its rapid       dyes. The company was running a legacy system that required
                                             substantial data handling and repetitive data entry. With no
Solution                                     integrated business infrastructure, it was becoming time consuming
With the help of Microsoft® Gold Certified
                                             for administrators to report on group-wide activities and
Partner Blue Star Infotech, JKHC deployed
and customized a business management         performance. JKHC wanted to migrate to an integrated financial
solution based on Microsoft Dynamics®
                                             management solution to improve its business efficiency. Working
NAV 4.0.
                                             with Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, Blue Star Infotech, the
                                             organization deployed Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV 4.0 to create a
 Consolidate business processes
 Real-Time business intelligence            customized enterprise resource planning system that uses real time
 Faster reporting
                                             information to better manage business processes. The new system
                                             presents consolidated, company-wide business information to
                                             managers, helping them make better decisions and focus on
                                             customer needs.
                                       Situation                                            Implement calculation of excise (on MRP or
                                       JK Helene Curtis (JKHC) Limited, established          PO rate)
                                       in 1964, is a part of the U.S. $ 300 million         Receive materials at multiple locations
                                       (INR 14 billion) Raymond Group. It is a              Implement mapping of three discount
                                       pioneer and a leading player in the personal          schemes (primary, slabs and consumer
                                       care grooming category. JK Helene Curtis              offer)
                                       brands are of international quality on all           Transfer goods from depot to mother
                                       parameters – ingredients, packaging and               godown and vice versa
                                       brand image. It has a varied portfolio of            Track material at depot level
                                       brands (procurement and selling) that span           Integrate finance with sales, purchase and
                                       across the personal grooming and home care            inventory
                                       categories namely Park Avenue, Premium,              Apply Indian taxation on transaction
                                       Monarch and Tru Tone.                                 documents
                                                                                            Visibility of the depot data to the regional
                                       JKHC has earned an enviable reputation in             offices
“The functionality of                  the marketplace. Its brands enjoy a strong
Microsoft Dynamics®                    equity among customers and the company
                                       has built, over the years, capabilities to meet
                                                                                         The company wanted to replace the legacy
                                                                                         system with a business management
NAV 4.0 was invaluable                 the ever-changing customer wants.                 software solution. It needed a solution that
for meeting our                        Currently the company markets its brands
                                                                                         could provide integrated information, and
                                                                                         streamline processes.
company’s local                        through 571 towns, four regional offices
requirements. In                       which controls 2 mother depot , 22 Depots
                                       /C&F agents, These C&F Agents service668          Solution
addition, the scalability              stockists who in turn service 1,60,000 retail     JKHC analyzed a number of technologies in
of the solution made it                outlets.                                          the market and eventually decided to
                                                                                         implement Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV 4.0.
ideal for meeting future               JKHC was using custom developed legacy            The solution integrated business data and
demands as the                         applications at its multiple locations. This
                                       made retrieval and collation of data done at
                                                                                         was highly customizable.

business grew.”                        the end of the month from different locations     With the help of Microsoft® Gold Certified
                                       a huge task. In addition, duplication of data     Partner Blue Star Infotech, JKHC deployed
Atul Dharap , Deputy General Manager
                                       entries led to reconciliation issues.             Dynamics NAV 4.0 as its new enterprise
Finance, JKHC
                                                                                         resource planning (ERP) solution.
                                       Multiple other key business issues that
                                       needed to be improved in JKHC were:               “The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics™
                                        Increase efficiency of core business            NAV 4.0 was invaluable for meeting our
                                         operations especially, planning and             company’s local requirements,” says Atul
                                         procurement, pricing, transfer process,         Dharap, Deputy General Manager Finance,
                                         dispatch and invoicing, online balances,        JKHC. “In addition, the scalability of the
                                         and accurate financial MIS                      solution made it ideal for meeting future
                                        Improve document archiving with version         demands as the business grew.”
                                        Achieve authorization (posting) control at
                                         document level                                  Blue Star Infotech suggested Microsoft
                                        Centrally manage master data                    Dynamics NAV 4.0 as it is one of the
                                        Implement centralized account closing           integrated ERP solution which addresses
                                         activity instead of location wise closing       issues relating to various departments and
locations. It supports the company’s business    “The solution has streamlined our business
processes and addresses most of its issues.      processes. The consolidated, single view of
                                                 data saves employee time” says Kiran Nabar,
The solution helped in centralized database      General Manager Sales.
application, which finally lead to better
control over transactions and thus eliminated    Real Time Business Intelligence
data duplication. In addition, employees were    With immediate access to real time
able to witness or view available stock across   information, JKHC employees can quickly
locations/warehouse.                             respond to issues, eliminating inventory
                                                 backups and accumulated holding costs.
Initially the implementation was done at the     Says Kishor Deshmukh, Deputy General
Mumbai location and at the warehouse             Manager, Value Chain
located in Bhiwandi. Later the solution was
rolled out at 24 more locations.                 Faster Reporting
                                                 Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables JKHC to
With the new solution there has been             automate more of its financial information
sizeable involvement of top management           cycles, which makes for speedier reporting.
governing the overall implementation, which      It has given the company a new level of
includes cutting down on customization           control and reporting across its entire system,
leading to development. The rigorous and         thereby ensuring operational efficiency.
painstaking testing helped close many of
critical processes or customizations well        “The efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV
within timelines.                                4.0 is really the greatest benefit for us,” says
                                                 Atul Dharap, Deputy General Manager
                                                 Finance, JKHC. “With this solution, the
Benefits                                         company can easily accommodate the
Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV 4.0 helped JKHC         reporting needs of its business. We can now
keep its competitive edge by providing real-     prepare accurate and speedy reports.
time access and insight into store inventory.
It has streamlined operations and directed       Better Use of Human Resources
more attention toward fostering efficient        “The Centrally deployed Microsoft Dynamics®
workflow. Moving from a legacy system to an      NAV 4.0 has provided for use of underutilised
online integrated solution has enabled JKHC      human resources located at distant places to
to increase its sales revenue and improve        their full potential” says Atul Dharap, Deputy
efficiencies throughout its company              General Manager Finance

Consolidate Business Processes
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0, a fully
integrated business management solution,
has enabled JKHC to control all business
processes through one application. This has
eliminated redundant processes and helped
the company to automate time-consuming
processes to reduce workload.
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                                                                 Software and Services                           Hardware
                                                                    Microsoft Dynamics                             Storage DELL PowerVault MD1000
                                                                     − Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0                   HDD - 73GB x 12
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                   July 2008
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